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👉🏿👉🏾👉🏽👉🏼 Muslim 👈🏼👈🏽👈🏾👈🏿
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The state of Indian Muslims after the Babri verdict.

Feeling solely othered

Feeling solely alienated

Feeling solely responsible for maintaining law & order and peace

Feeling solely patronized

Tough times for Indian Muslims

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Salaam Alaikum,

We are in process of building up a community network for Indias Muslims which focus on social, economical & educational empowerment. Kindly request all to join the movement by sending us a DM or Reply to this tweet or Follow us. Help us by Boosting this toot.

Allah Hafiz

In contrast to Varanasi & Mathura, Ayodhya was in a desolate spot with little human habitation. Also Muslims had already lost de facto possession & there was already a functional temple – it was just that devotees needed to be allowed entry

By Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay

Peek Into Bulli Bai Accused Niraj Bishnoi's Views on Hindus, Tech & Sunny Leone

Niraj Bishnoi's interactions reveal his belief in Hindu superiority, expertise on tech & a hint of misogyny!

Aditya Menon & Abhilash profile the mastermind of

Media is replete with claims that Kanpur Court has convicted a Muslim man named Javed under UP Love Jihad Law

𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐲: Javed wasn't even charged under Anti Conversion Act! The case is of 2017, whereas UP law came into being in 2020!!!

Outrage As Muslim Women Listed On App For "Auction" With Pics Again!

The app appeared to be a clone of which triggered a row last year by offering users a "Sulli" - a derogatory term used by RW social media trolls for Muslim women!

Uttarakhand: Thousands of Muslims protest genocidal calls outside police headquarters!

The protest which was led by Muslim residents demanded immediate arrest of Hindu monks & Hindutva leaders who urged Hindus to armed fight against the country’s Muslims!

Temples destroyed by Portuguese need to be rebuilt to preserve Hindu culture: Goa CM Pramod Sawant:

He said, “I ask you to once again preserve Hindu Sanskriti and Mandir Sanskriti. I ask you to give us the strength to rebuild these temples.”

How Ghaziabad’s Loni has become a laboratory for Hindutva politics

Delays in issuing licenses to Muslim meat traders is just one part. "Vigilantes” often aid the police in cracking down on those who trade in meat, particularly cattle!

By Akanksha Kumar

Ayodhya and AAP: How Kejriwal Is Normalising Hindutva as a Way of Living!

AAP took out a Tiranaga yatra, to pay homage to Ram Lalla virajman at Ayodhya. AAP wanted to marry nationalism with ideology of Hindutva which worked through metaphor of Ram temple!

After Ayodhya, Kashi, Mathura Will Hopefully Get Grand Temple: BJP MP Hema Malini!!!

"After the restoration of Ram Janmabhoomi and Kashi, naturally Mathura is also very important," Hema Malini told reporters on Sunday!!!

"Reconvert & pray in temples": Hindu outfit to Muslims on Gurugram namaz row!!!

Ancestors of a majority of Haryana Muslims belonged to Hindu community, said Mahaveer Bhardwaj, chairman of Sanyukt Sangharsh Samiti, a body of 32 right-wing Hindu outfits!!!

Jamia Millia Islamia Achieves Another Milestone Gets A Grade From NAAC!

This is highest grade given by coveted NAAC to an institution based on various parameters, including research, infrastructure, learning resources, evaluation, innovation & governance!

Muslim youth beaten to death in Haryana’s Palwal district!

Rahul Khan died after being beaten up by 4 men! Main accused, Kalua, was a close friend! His wife Shaheena said, “While dying he kept saying I should ask Kalua why he thrashed him so mercilessly"!

Supreme Court asked Delhi High Court to decide on a writ petition seeking registration of FIR & investigation against BJP leaders Kapil Mishra, Anurag Thakur, Parvesh Verma & Abhay Verma who allegedly made hateful comments to incite the 2020

NCM Claims 'No Religion-Based Atrocities Against Minorities in India'!!

Iqbal Lalpura: “Jis desh mein hum rehte hain diversity me unity hai. Jahan diversity hai…thoda bahut chalta rehta hai.” (‘Some things are bound to happen when there is diversity’)!!

‘Just ridiculous’:Owaisi slams Centre over proposal on legal age of marriage

Asaduddin Owaisi said both men & women should be allowed to get legally married at 18, the age at which they can choose lawmakers & are treated as adults by law for all other purposes

Gauhati HC orders release of Muslim woman first declared ‘Indian’, later a ‘foreigner’!

“She was already declared Indian in 2016, but same court put another bideshi (foreigner) case on her in 2019…made us run around, spend a lot of money and harass us”!!

Justice Nanavati, who probed 2002 Muslim genocide and 1984 Sikh genocide, dies

His commission, appointed to probe Gujarat Muslim genocide of 2002, had given a clean chit to the then Gujarat government & the council of ministers, as well as to the police!!

Akbaruddin Owaisi acquitted by Hyderabad court in 2004 hate speech case

A case had been registered against him over a speech at a public meeting in Hyderabad during election campaigning in 2004.

Court on November 16, found Owaisi not guilty of offences.

Asaduddin Owaisi slams Rahul's ‘bring back Hindus’ speech; says, ‘secular agenda in 2021’!!!

Congress fertilised the ground for Hindutva and now they are trying to harvest majoritarianism, Asaduddin Owaisi tweeted reacting to Rahul Gandhi's Jaipur speech!!!

“For our livelihoods,” Tomar continued, “we are ready to make a compromise with anyone now – even Muslims”!

“We haven’t even received full payment for sugarcane we sold last year. On top of that, electricity has become exorbitantly expensive”!

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