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Endure the winter and journey into a mystical forest to find your missing cub in This Dead Winter an indie game currently on Kickstarter (Ends 10/25).

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I'm trying to learn how to paint proper backgrounds, starting small by using photos as reference. Critique welcomed and encouraged.

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Fresh, shiny, and 8 gems worth of indie game finds from the second week of October. ♥

Full video of all 8 games 💙


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Remember when you were a kid pretending that everything on the ground was lava? Relive that memory in Hot Lava! Parkour through environments alone or with friends and avoid melting your feet off in Klei's new indie game.

Find the game and pretties: ♥

And just like that another month is upon us! Here are some amazing indie games to get excited for coming out in October. ♥

Full video 💙

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