Experiencing severe butt hurt that yet another of my lovers stuck his dick in crazy(er than me), I did a survey. Apparently no one is having the talk (about the consequences of bad selection) with young Israeli men. I asked dudes of varying ethnicities between the ages of 22 and 70. None of their dads warned them of anything. The important thing was finding someone the "right" ethnicity. Misery <3 company.

"- A young Nigerian lady who was trafficked to Lebanon has been freed - A few days ago, Omolola Ajayi cried out for help via a viral video that got the attention of the Nigerian government"

A woman who has been selling oranges in the market for 40 years says that she is grateful as it has helped her feed her family well, but her children, lacking opportunities, are still somewhat dependent on her. So even "millenials" outside the west are having the same issue. The cost of living is artificially inflated.

"Between 1940 and 1942 Charlotte Salomon, a young German-Jewish artist, created a sequence of 784 paintings while hiding from the Nazi authorities. She gave the sequence a single title: Leben? oder Theater? (Life? or Theatre?)."

"More of that Christian love: Authorities in Panama report 10 evangelicals have been arrested for the murder of six children and one adult, and the torture of 14 others, during violent exorcism rituals."

"A look at women’s involvement in the 1920s Klan reveals that racism is not episodic, but is institutional and can take wide ranging forms from seemingly benign statements about “social welfare” to horrifying hate crimes."

"It comes charging in on its moral high horse, enforcing its beliefs that veganism is the only way forward, overlooking the truth: that the white popularisation of plant-based consumption is only shifting unethical food production from meat to plants."

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I'm surprised that this whole #Nikkie coming-out as #trans thing, bypassed the Fediverse. Or do people still refuse to use hashtags? Probably the latter.

Here in the territories occupied by the Dutch state, it was even on the evening news yesterday (she's from the province of North Brabant). And she is still trending in the bird cage today. Fortunately a huge majority of people support her. Only a tiny fraction of frustrated men (read boys) had a short circuit in their underdeveloped brains. They 'feel' themselves betrayed or worse. 🙄

Here is her video for context:


BTW: Personally I don't like her video's that much. This has to do with her exaggerated American accent and performance. It somehow triggers me. But my opinion is completely irrelevant and I support her of course completely regarding this coming-out.

#NikkieTutorials #comingout #LGBTQIA #transgender #transsexual

Finally finding some use for some old batteries. The GoMax disposables will work at 40w.

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hey peeps
this is my passion project! You can support it and get exclusive art and development participation. You can also include you, your pet or your house in the game

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"Survival of the fittest". Yeah, the thing Darwin wrote about the competitive nature of the jungle?

Wrong. The phrase was coined by Herbert Spencer, a English "liberal" who wanted to justify an-cap tendencies. He's the same guy that contributed to scientific racism and Social Darwinism.

He was also, of course, "the single most famous European intellectual in the closing decades of the nineteenth century".

Leroy Moore's presentation on the issue of being Black and disabled in a police state. He talks about some of the problems one encounters like being targeted due to physical vulnerability and social invisibility, and about art.

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This is hilarious!

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The pizza joint I went to framed a hole in the wall in the men’s washroom and called it “Fragile Masculinity”


After an absolutely shitty PMS, I would like to extend my official welcome to those of you beginning feminizing HRT. That y'all do this on purpose shows true commitment. Not sure if enough afab people say that.

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The Open Structures website is back online after a large overhaul! It's looking great :)

Open Structures is an open source modular system that allows you to build anything from shelving to a recumbent bike to a table lamp to stool, using modular, replaceable parts and standard hardware. This means you can repair and redesign any item that fits the standard, and build new parts using designs freely available online.


#making #DIY #solarpunk #modular #hacking #OpenStructures #RightToRepair #repair

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