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Estamos buscando (o backenders con tiros pegaos y ganas de llegar a serlo). Si os interesa curro 50% remoto en Madrid (entre €55-65K) o conocéis a alguien que pueda estarlo, tengo los DMs y el corazón abiertos :P

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This is approaching @Anonymaps@twitter.com' territory

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Andy Burnham has apparently announced for a Greater Manchester Combined Authority Death Star.

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Raspberry Pi 4 is here! A new version of the $35 computer features a 1.5GHz Arm chip and support for dual-HDMI 4K displays, Gigabit Ethernet, and much more. opensource.com/article/19/6/ra

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1999: you can't write real software without types
2009: types are the worst. We can code faster without them!
2019: types stop all the bugs!
2029: you don't need types when ML can figure out the types for ypu
2039: developers are dead due to climate change

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It's been like 5 years since I made this tool for creating color palettes with @chroma_js@twitter.com. now it's time to give it an update: gka.github.io/palettes/
(added quick-editing of input colors, new charts for saturation+hue, and fixed url serialization bug)

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Will you be the one to help..? Or maybe someone you know..? Please get in touch with @OSM_tech@twitter.com or spread the message - thanks! blog.openstreetmap.org/2019/06

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"Si a alguien no le suena @gitlab@twitter.com, debería. Es como @github@twitter.com pero open source, de verdad"

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Y ahora, tras la absolución de los administradores de Series Yonkis, llegará la horda de especialistas en derecho penal y en la retroactividad del principio de legalidad.

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No puede faltar en el Congreso hablar de @openstreetmapes@twitter.com en una. Conferencia sobre Mapas por parte de @delawen@twitter.com y @RealIvanSanchez@twitter.com

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Estoy viendo lo de los bots de en , y echo de menos inmediatamente a la capacidad botera de @buenapava@twitter.com

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Comenzando en el salón de actos de la @ETSIIT_UGR@twitter.com. Abre el acto el director de la misma D. Joaquín Fernández Valdivia hablando sobre la importancia del en la sociedad actualmente.

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When Google, Microsoft and others started developing web mapping applications, the EPSG (an agency that maintains map projection standards) initially refused to give it a standard code.

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How many seconds does it take a reset a GE lightbulb? This is insane enough to be joyous.

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It is with great happiness that i can report that my sticker has survived three laptops and going on the fourth for the joy of all the people in the meetings it will attend in the future.

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Valencia es la única comunidad autónoma de España donde se obliga a estudiar un idioma inventado y se obliga a conocerlo a funcionarios y estudiantes cuando resulta que no lo habla nadie ni es materno de nadie. Encima lo llaman “la nostra lengua” (cuando es mentira)

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