Unpopular opinion: recruiters think that «passionate about technology» means «I like to do it» but all of them go into shock when they discover it means «I have strong feelings about it, including anger»

...this is the kind of stuff that I'm very wary of when it comes to any kind of reactive framework (even @sveltejs@twitter.com): debugging this stuff requires *a lot* of knowledge about lifecycles and events and whatnot. Learning curve looks gentle enough, then it steeps up to brain damage.

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- Linking the CSS in the <svelte:head> is async and leads to race conditions
- Doing an import of the CSS requires that the consumer uses some rollup-plugin-css stuff
- Embedding the Leaflet CSS in the component might not be doable and requires an extra build step

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No srsly why. This is triggering one of those bugs from hell where the horizontal offset of a L.Popup depends on the offsetWidth of a detached DOM element before the @leafletjs@twitter.com CSS is loaded async'ly.

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Why am I doing this. What am I doing. gitlab.com/IvanSanchez/svelte- @leafletjs@twitter.com @sveltejs@twitter.com

Me he visto un playthrough the , así que voy a dar mi HOPINIÓN. Es la peli La La Land (2016) pero con zombies: sobresaturación de trama, drama y recursos narrativos. Agrada a la crítica pero abruma a quien no se haya doctorado en Bellas Artes. Fin de la HOPINIÓN.

I'm conflicted. On one hand I don't really like @GitHub@twitter.com because ICE and MSFT, but OTOH @meowtree@twitter.com does know about her stuff. surveymonkey.com/r/GitHubSI-CO

Hostia tú, que @wikiloc@twitter.com está cometiendo una violación de la LGPL con código mío.

OK, time to investigate the heck out of @emilywselwood@twitter.com's TIFFhax. Hopefully that'll shed some light on why my @cogeotiff@twitter.com and geotiffjs were not playing nice last week. github.com/emilyselwood/tiffha

In , Jo Cook reminded everyone that «there's always a person at the other end of the screen». Obviously she forgot about our dear @shapefiIe@twitter.com

Come to @foss4guk@twitter.com this wednesday and tell me how to interpret sentinel bands, because I have no idea what I'm doing.

Fuck, I forgot «-co NBITS='16».' Time to redo all the files. Strangely enough, files are 1/16th smaller this way.

it's so fucking wild to me that people who don't work for a multinational corporation think that copyright law protects them at all. like no independent artist has the resources to *actually* go after copyright infringement. copyright is mere security theater for "intellectual property," a phrase so cursed i cannot believe we have normalized it

for i in 10m 20m 60m TCI; do gdal_translate SENTINEL2_L2A:S2B_MSIL2A.SAFE/MTD_MSIL2A.xml:$i:EPSG_32630 tmp.tif -co TILED=YES -co COMPRESS=DEFLATE; gdal_translate tmp.tif S2B_MSIL2A_$i_cog.tif -co TILED=YES -co COMPRESS=DEFLATE -co COPY_SRC_OVERVIEWS=YES; done


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