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RT @tortondo@twitter.com: Sería una putada que este extracto sobre Alfredo Bea Gondar, alcalde de O Grove, por el que ha sido secuestrado el libro tuviera miles de retuits.

RT @mundo_torpe@twitter.com Se han hecho muchas cartografías sobre música, pero este creo que es el trabajo más completo que he visto nunca musicmap.info/ @_musicmap@twitter.com

RT @lukastaegert@twitter.com: @kellyselden@twitter.com from ember-cli has been working tirelessly on a batshit crazy @RollupJS@twitter.com feature: Tree-shaking+module format conversion without bundling! You can test it today with "npm i kellyselden/rollup#preserve-modules-2"

Trying to maintain a status quo which is built on racism, misogyny and homophobia is only beneficial to those who hold those values.

There is no 'keeping politics out of tech' tech is not apolitical most of our job constructing models based off our own world view.

You can't "both sides" an issue like this Google. A politely worded letter stating that women should not be in tech is more violent than the most vitriolic retort.

There is no middle ground where one person is arguing that you should not exist.

🚨 a new lawsuit against Google. A former engineer claims he was fired for criticizing James Damore's memo and for posting politically ~liberal~ content wired.com/story/ex-google-…

RT @AndaristRake@twitter.com: So I've written best practices for JS package publishing (more coming soon!) using @RollupJS@twitter.com & @babeljs@twitter.com , use them to make your libraries smaller 🚀 developers.livechatinc.com/blo

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RT @opengeospatial@twitter.com OGC seeks public comment on ‘SensorThings API Part 2 – Tasking Core’ Candidate Standard for use in the Internet of Things go.myogc.org/2sHJ1dl

RT @captbaritone@twitter.com: Holy moly. You can write a key logger in pure CSS. I wonder if @reddit@twitter.com custom themes would be vulnerable. github.com/maxchehab/CSS-Keylo

RT @MetaThis@twitter.com: Code is like poetry; most of it shouldn't have been written.

I love it when I see mastodon terminology used on twitter! Boost this toot if you agree.
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RT @Rich_Harris@twitter.com Dev Twitter, are there any alternatives to node-canvas? I need to draw simple graphics in Node, preferably without all the non-JS dependencies like cairo and pango. Jimp *might* be an option, though it doesn't really have a drawing API AFAICT

RT @howardbutler@twitter.com: @mapnikproject@twitter.com dropping Windows support going forward due to lack of outside developer contribution github.com/mapnik/node-mapnik/

Esto, pero con la música de la peli de Torrente.
RT @CamaradaBakunin@twitter.com Aprende, Marta: youtu.be/JGd5DViAHHg

Estimados : ¿Tenéis un datacenter y os gustaría alojar a @openstreetmap@twitter.com ?
RT @openstreetmap@twitter.com If you are in a position to propose new datacenter arrangements, the OpenStreetMap Operations Working Group would like to hear from you: blog.openstreetmap.org/2018/02

«Leaflet necesita menos líneas de código que la librería de Google para hacer lo mismo.»
RT @nosolosig@twitter.com Primeros pasos con la API JavaScript de Google Maps mappinggis.com/2018/02/primero en @MappingGIS@twitter.com

Gotta love those VT escape sequences. cc @FakeUnicode@twitter.com

Checkmate, vi/vim users.
RT @jpmens@twitter.com Emacs users don't have to feel left out: Deldo is a sex toy control and teledildonics mode for Emacs github.com/qdot/deldo (See also: buttplug.io/)

RT @helveticade@twitter.com: “As design has become commodified and weaponised, the response from designers has largely been to arrange chairs on the Titanic.”

‘On Weaponised Design' – an essay I wrote for @Info_Activism@twitter.com’s 'Seen Through Machines' – is out today: