In #openstreetmap very nerdy stuff: 2022 might be the 1st year, because of the final demise of flash, that there will be no edits with Potlatch 0/1 since the beginning of modern OSM. ...

Kinda happy to keep working in my little WebGL reinvention of web maps. Still, I still need to do a OOP wrapper over more obscure WebGL things like instanced rendering and texture arrays. Encapsulation is key to me keeping the architecture understandable.

As the tooltip points out, it's because #OpenStreetMap is powering Apple Maps (in lots, but not all, places), and #OSM is actually pretty good.

Come join us, and help make a map of the world for everyone.




🧐EU study shows #EuropeanPublicServices need to nurture and sustain individual developers and inadequately funded, vulnerable, small, #opensource maintenance projects.
Learn more: 🔗

54% off Yubikeys when you purchase 2. If you haven't made the plunge to 2FA, today would be a good day to start.

The joy of testing bugs in microsoft web browsers is realizing that microsoft web pages don't display on microsoft's own web browsers.
I have sudden urges to grab those "we have standards" promotional materials from a few years ago and suggest microsoft folks a bodily orifice to store them in.

Nostalgic for early Twitter (2008-2012).

Let's recreate (and improve on) it here!

La UE lanza sus propias instancias de Mastodon para noticias de las instituciones europeas, y PeerTube para vídeos informativos de la Unión:



Open Tech Will Save Us is starting in 10 minutes, join us to explore open standards with,
and Hookshot!

🎥 Live stream:

📹️ or YouTube Live:

💬 Join the chat:!AnacGSwlCZcUuAfcE

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It seems that competition is tight on the workshops. Having room for only 40 of the 95 proposed 'shops means that my plans to go full-on nerding about WebGL will have to wait.

Today, in "reasons I hate WebGL": allocating more textures than GL_MAX_COMBINED_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS will silently freeze my browsers. No warning, no errors, just a GPU+OpenGL stack that needs a full computer reboot.

Doing some work on raster fidelity. Having arbitrary scale/zoom factors is awesome but there's a need to round up/down to a 1:1 raster/screen pixel ratio. Which works.
Besides, having Moiré artifacts due to unmipmapped pixel interpolation is always fun & trippy.

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