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El Gobierno debe entregar a @maldita_es@twitter.com el listado de bienes inmatriculados por la Iglesia Católica según una resolución del Consejo de


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Map of minoxidil prescribing rate. Apparently hipsters have been rubbing it into their chins to grow their beards. Might tidy this up for @geohipster@twitter.com calendar entry...(vecteezy.com/free-vector/image Image Src Vectors by Vecteezy)

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Follow @mourner@twitter.com for the maps, stay for the performance-focused agile machine learning innovation solutions

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My most innovative, excellence-driven, mission-critical open source project finally got the return on investment it deserves 😂 news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

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I worked super hard (10-11 hour days) for ten years without burning out. And then I see people new to the industry burning out. I think this is the reason why — I was building something for the future and had control and agency in decisions. twitter.com/andreasklinger/sta

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@madridsalud@twitter.com Cafeterías, bares y restaurantes son los establecimientos más revisados por seguridad alimentaria, más de 3.900 locales inspeccionados en este periodo. Casi 2/ superaron sin problemas su última inspección, pero más de 1.200, no. Aquí puedes localizarlos👇


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Cars and trucks are America's toughest climate problem. We mapped their emissions, road by road.

See driving-related CO2 in your area in our latest @nytclimate@twitter.com @nytgraphics@twitter.com project: nytimes.com/interactive/2019/1

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Challenge accepted! Here is a transition between surface area of US counties and their associated population. This arguably provides a much more accurate reading of the situation. @observablehq@twitter.com notebook: observablehq.com/@karimdouieb/ twitter.com/LaraLeaTrump/statu

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Want to get up to speed on the ? Now's your chance with this month's Bundle of Holding. Today through Oct. 28 get in on one the two bundles:

Delta Green RPG Bundle


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Realtime Tokyo 3D train map using open API nagix.github.io/mini-tokyo-3d/ cc/@RealIvanSanchez

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One of those threads that I enjoyed until the end.

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Here's a break from my irregular health policy babble to give you all a short thread with a quick reality check on some cool sounding technology



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La Federación de Padres y Madres presenta una demanda colectiva contra el cártel de los libros de texto. Y luego, que si somos piratas.


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I'm on the lookout for opportunities to consult on and create beautiful vector tile styles. Extensive experience with OSM and Natural Earth Tegola configs as well as mapbox gl js code for very complex, global styles incl for Microsoft and DG among others. Thx for passing along!

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Calle rica, calle pobre: las fronteras invisibles de Madrid elpais.com/ccaa/2019/10/02/mad vía @el_pais@twitter.com

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Update: I have Deemed It Appropriate To Request The Arbitration Center To Deny The Deadline Extension.
Which is Legalese for "you already had enough time to do the thing you are now asking to do, don't try to buy time".

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