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Iván Sánchez Ortega @IvanSanchez@mastodon.social

I'm taking a shot of my reading pile just so @bengoldacre@twitter.com knows where I stand.

I'm taking a shot of my reading pile just so @bengoldacre knows where I stand.

RT @bengoldacre@twitter.com: The privatised address system being promoted by the Guardian here is such a bad idea it's created a world of parody sites twitter.com/cartocalypse/statu

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RT @underdarkGIS@twitter.com: @MobileHarv@twitter.com @floledermann@twitter.com Already done, thanks to @RealIvanSanchez@twitter.com, see vimeo.com/181130514 and of course what3fucks.com

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RT @jonobennett@twitter.com: This thread will make your day. If it doesn't, you're dead already. HT @lucysherriff@twitter.com twitter.com/JUNIUS_64/status/1

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RT @pwramsey@twitter.com: Step by step explanation of @komzpa@twitter.com's brilliant @postgis@twitter.com polygon dividing trick blog.cleverelephant.ca/2018/06

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RT @ebaerbaerbaer@twitter.com: Me: We might need to take a full sprint to take care of a bit of technical debt.

Business: That would slow us down. Full speed ahead!

Me: Keep paddling team!

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Gotta say I really enjoy SvelteJS and the promise of "disappearing frameworks." toot.cafe/@peter/1002432099784 (via @peter)

RT @pwramsey@twitter.com: I'm working up a blog post about it, but just look at this final image and marvel.

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RT @Multimaniaco@twitter.com: Necesitamos una escala para medir los dramas. ¿Qué unidad utilizamos? ¿El Hamlet? «Esto son 50 miliHamlets (mH).»

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"In the EU, like in the US, two competing views of the internet and its possible futures are at stake. Cory Doctorow, Tim Berners-Lee, Jimmy Wales, Vint Cerf, and others might still believe in an open web of smaller competing platforms that keep information flowing freely, but legislators everywhere seem to have accepted the status quo of a digital landscape that’s dominated by a handful of giants with self-perpetuating silos."

RT @TimGrierson@twitter.com Being angry all the time is exhausting and corrosive. Not being angry feels morally irresponsible.

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Me encanta que puedo darle la vuelta a esto: "Ahí mismo te indican que parte del vicio de los sistemas de salud no cubanos es persuadir a las mujeres a que no aborten en mayor medida que en cuba"

¿Sabéis esta típica situación cuando viene una persona de derechas haciendo un comentario sobre el aborto (legalizado, accesible), y no sabes si interpretarlo como una crítica o como un halago?

RT @juanrallo@twitter.com @LaikaOrbital@twitter.com @Flor_uy@twitter.com @RealIvanSanchez@twitter.com Ahí mismo te indican que parte de la virtud del sistema cubano es persuadir a las mujeres a que aborten en mayor medida que otros países occidentales.

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Estimado @neonigmacdb@twitter.com: Por muy morcillona que se te esté poniendo, me defino como estrictamente heterosexual. Gracias por tu comprensión.

I'm having a very strong suspicion about doing very weird things with the reported region at low zoom levels. Almost as it didn't use spherical mercator.