RT @mourner@twitter.com: Incredibly relieved to see today's decision by the OSMF board to revert the disastrous DWG resolution on Crimea. Thank you to everyone who listened to our side. I'm sure we'll find a common ground on this as a community going forward. ❤️ lists.openstreetmap.org/piperm

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RT @aurynn@twitter.com: Software developers: Free software is a political movement to shape how people have access to and are able to use their software and computers!


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RT @candeira@twitter.com: Righteous and correct, but also the most entertaining "pay the FLOSS piper" rant I've read so far. twitter.com/stdlib/status/1071

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...except that politics is quite literally choosing your friends and foes in a given social group. Geez.
RT @unclebobmartin@twitter.com When you lose friends to politics, they were never your friends to begin with — because: politics just ain’t that important.

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RT @Guillastroso@twitter.com: Yo normalmente: "Qué orgulloso estoy de mi colección de libros"

Yo en una mudanza: "Fingiré mi muerte para que alguien herede toda esta mierda inútil es que quien me mandaba a mi ser tan imbécil uy no, no quiero un ebook me gusta el olor a libro tontopollas que eres un tontop

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RT @awoodruff@twitter.com: Laying down a few lines of code and seeing something cool on the page is what got me into web mapping years ago, but I guess tying together like 30 modules and running a server before seeing any result is fun too.

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RT @BeatrizAlbir@twitter.com: Quiero contaros una cosa.
Hay una persona muy cercana a mi familia, amiga de mis padres, prácticamente "hermana no biológica" de mi padre. Yo siempre la he llamado mi tía, aunque no haya lazo sanguíneo.
Es una mujer con estudios, ha trabajado en una rama de la medicina.

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RT @simongerman600@twitter.com Land to sea ratio by latitude. Beautiful animation morphs a map into a chart. Fantastic piece of work. will love this! Source: reddit.com/r/dataisbeautiful/c

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RT @Anonymaps@twitter.com: How some companies credit OpenStreetMap
(via @harry_wood@twitter.com and @jeff_dunn@twitter.com)

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RT @brenankeller@twitter.com: A QA engineer walks into a bar. Orders a beer. Orders 0 beers. Orders 99999999999 beers. Orders a lizard. Orders -1 beers. Orders a ueicbksjdhd.

First real customer walks in and asks where the bathroom is. The bar bursts into flames, killing everyone.

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*coge aire*

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RT @geowolf@twitter.com: "But then you can’t be bothered to check the license, understand the software you are running and still want to blame the people who make your business a possibility when mistakes happen, while giving them nothing for it? This is both incompetence and entitlement." Priceless!

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Ya verás cuando @Barbijaputa@twitter.com vea ese hashtag
RT @loreal_es@twitter.com Ya son 17 los científicos que han adquirido un compromiso para la promoción de la igualdad de las mujeres en todos los niveles de la , a través de un Manifiesto que contempla aspectos como la obtención de becas y el acceso a oportunidades

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