Lo de UNESCO y el Prado es una puta falta de respeto al Medialab. He dicho.

what my girlfriend thought dating a software engineer would be like: "honey, I got an AI robot maid to do all our cooking for us"

what dating a software engineer is actually like: "if that microwave connects to the internet we're heating all our food with a blowtorch from now on"

Dear friends attending @sotm@twitter.com: I need to drop a couple of things to the venueless chat during my lightning talk, but my arch-nemesis @gregorymarler@twitter.com won't let me. Anyone that can help, *please*?

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If you missed our latest report launch yesterday "The coproduction of open source software by volunteers and big tech firms" you can download the report at doi.org/10.25916/r8vg-hd09 @mathieuoneil @XiaolanSharon Laure Muselli @sociographie @zacchiro @UniCanberra

You know what, @MapboxSupport@twitter.com, it would be nice to be able to cap API keys at 200k tiles/month. Otherwise I'm going to give as many fucks about VectorGrid+Mapbox examples as I did in 2017.

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Apparently some devs are doing stuff with Leaflet.VectorGrid in localhost, making the API key go over the "free tier" 200k tiles/month.
Which means that the VectorGrid examples using Mapbox tiles wills top working soon.

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The peer match-making algorithm is crap, there's no request queue, and everything is a mess of spaghetti code. But it *works*.
Looking forward to the point of view of @OSM_Tech@twitter.com folks about this.

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Holy f*ck the proof of concept works. It's possible for browsers to exchange @openstreetmap@twitter.com map tiles without a tile server.
(And with days to spare until the @sotm@twitter.com needs me to do a recording about this)

Mecagüenlahostia, mi config de milter-greylist es demasiado agresiva y creo que estoy perdiendo correos que no son spam. cc @jdelacueva@twitter.com

I want to send my regards to Aaron Newell from @J_A_Kemp@twitter.com attorneys, who surely is both reading this and working overtime today.

De esto que intentas mandar un mensaje súper serio a una lista de correo de OSGeo, y te confundes en el apellido, y en vez de decir que estás chocado / «en shock», dices que estás calcetinado. Ese es mi nivel hoy.

Bueno, pues hoy me han avisado que una amiga ha muerto en la planta COVID de un hospital saturado. Vuestra mañana qué tal.

Me pregunto: ¿Cuántas cosas de nazis tienen que hacer un grupo de nazis para que se les pueda llamar nazis a la cara?

@RealIvanSanchez@twitter.com I guess I'll have to spawn an extra texture+framebuffer and juggle them around? Dang, manual compositing in @WebGL@twitter.com is weird.

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One of the perks of reviewing talk submissions for @foss4g@twitter.com is being the first to know that we'll have a surprise visit from @wtfpdf@twitter.com

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