The people behind GNOME really should fix the "x is not responding" box when games are loading. Sooo many people on Linux think games are broken, but no it's just GNOME.

What extension should Zrythm projects have?

Just released the new version of the B.SEQuenzr LV2 step sequencer plugin. Now it has got new pad properties (gate, note pitch) and randomization. Also new presets.

#BSEQuencer #LV2 #linuxaudio

New #LibreMusicChallenge is up.
If you feel like making bad music and feel good about it, follow this link :

Thanks to @ics for the inspiration ;-)

Thanks for making this stream. A bit spontaneous. And thanks to @rghvdberg for the idea and organization of #LibreMusicChallenge #BExcellent. There were really interesting and inspiring tracks. Especially the top 3 were really *wow*. Congratulations to the winner MyLoFy.

Google removed @k9mail from the Play Store without prior notice because they objected to the following text in the app description (that has been the same for more than a year):

(People sometimes call K-9: K9, K9 Mail, K-9 Email, K9 Email, K9 E-Mail, k9mail or k9email.)

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