Reminder for aspiring artists: It is totally OK to stand on the shoulders of giants and use pre-made instrument presets, reference photos, someone else's technique, pre-made materials etc. You should learn how to make your own so you can create things you can't find but nobody should shame you for expediting your process to get to a goal you are satisfied with

The #LibreMusicChallenge for December has been decided: make a lullaby for 2-month-old Louise! Any open-source DAW and synths allowed, but the catch is no effects. I'm in.
@unfa @rghvdberg @draco

Well... I signed up for NaSoAlMo... Then, I proceeded to not get anything worthwhile completed... However, I have spent this month deep-diving into learning jazz chord melodies on guitar - So... this month has actually been productive in an unintentional way.

We've suddenly lost Geonkick today 😢

All of the project's repos have been suddenly archived with a note added stating that the project is no longer developed or maintained.

This is very sad news for the Linux audio community, as Geonkick is the best drum synthesizer that we have, and it has been developing rapidly in the past year, only to suddenly crash without explanation.

I hope the developer is safe and sound.

And then it happened: matching EQ for Linux. "Capture" the sound of a track and apply it to your own. It's only for Linux.

Give it a try. I bet the dev would love some feedback.

Here's a musical challenge: write, record, produce and release an album entirely in the month November!

OMG, am dying!!!

Someone used the bug GitHub refused to fix, that allows you to add a commit to a repo you don’t control... to upload YouTube-dl to the DMCA request repo on GitHub.

Some participants already uploaded their tracks for this month.
Get some inspiration, watch the astonishing Patroneo in action!

MyLoFy - Fritz The Creepy Goldfish

nilshi - The Witch, the Skeleton, and the Alien from Zorblax IV

@unfa - Halloweiner

#LibreMusicChallenge #Halloween #music #foss

You can still submit tracks until the end of this month for the running #LibreMusicChallenge
This months theme is of course Halloween, but as always, there's a twist.
You have to use Patroneo for generating the midi data.

Read all about it here:

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