Every Biden supporter I know thinks Biden will easily win and Trump can only win if he cheats.

Every Trump supporter I know thinks Trump will easily win and Biden can only win if he cheats.

What could go wrong?

Have to wonder why they aren't offering this for β€―. I guess there's no need when all the BTC fiat on-ramps are gleefully complying with kyc/aml regulations.

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The IRS doing God’s work marketing Monero

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Wow... looks like @joplinapp@twitter.com now supports themes to change the look of the entire app. Game-changer for me.

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OH MY GOD. YES, every European website, I accept your cookies. I accept that you use a fundamental web technology to remember me. Give me all of your cookies, they are delicious. Jesus. I finally feel protected. Thank you, European Union.

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The city of Prague 7 did not allow us our annual banner for the Hacker Congress Parallel Polis), because it was said to be an unsightly advertisement.

So we decided to put something really aesthetic at the building.


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Bitcoin lost @stoolpresidente@twitter.com because he realized it wasn't a scam he could make immediate profits from like the stock market.

This is a positive. Not a negative.

Ellen should take a lesson from the tech world and get badass ping pong tables and kegs on Fridays.

South Carolina Department of Natural resources out here posing with fish like it's a mountain of drugs and guns.

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