TFW when you spend way too much time in niche privacy and security subcultures online and are confronted with a completely unironic "if you don't have anything to hide you shouldn't be concerned..." and realize 9 out of 10 normal people probably feel the same.

I use "y'all's" in professional emails because it is objectively the best inclusive plural possessive there is.

My biggest holiday accomplishment.

Cleaning these was a lot more work than I'd planned for, but they feel brand new now.

Rednecks are going to be VERY upset if they hear Dr. Peterson calling these city folks rednecks.


Life in Nashville. Kid Rock's. Nary a mask in sight. Praise the Lord and bless the rednecks.


"We have to have blatant disrespect for your privacy so that we can keep the app free for you to use."

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Just experienced ad inception listening to a podcast.

An ad for a podcast during a podcast, and the advertising podcast spends half the ad plugging their own advertisers.

If you're not writing emails with the expectation that they'll eventually be in the public record, then you're doing it wrong.

"The primary role of mainstream economics in our society is to provide an apologetics for a criminally oppressive, unsustainable, and unjust social order."
- Jeremy Rudd, senior Federal Reserve economist

It seems like every small-time South Carolina politician is a personal injury lawyer in their regular life. Is this true in other states?

Now imagine stuff like this happening behind every single political issue in our country... on both sides.


NEW: Last week, 12 former intel officials warned Congress that cracking down on Big Tech could benefit China.

The twist: every person who signed the letter has ties to the major tech companies. Seven of them work for a PR firm that represents Google.


Every time someone asks me what I think of the new cool tech thing...

Blame those who begged for more regulation in the name of . has lost it's revolutionary potential. Almost everyone in the community is solely interested getting rich for doing nothing.


Coinbase has inked their largest deal with the Feds yet, signing a $1.36M contract to provide ICE with financial surveillance software.



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