After someone has been using for a while, being able to say, "by the way, you've been using the whole time" seems like a great way to convince people of its utility.

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I don't mean this as a criticism. My hunch is that this was a deliberate decision to draw in people who aren't crypto ppl already.

We need apps that "just work."

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Just downloaded after seeing all my bitcoin ppl talking about it. Had to go back and double check to make sure it was a project since it's mentioned nowhere in the app or on their site.

Last morning on this porch. Best quarantine home I ever could have asked for.

A significant portion of Twitter seems to have become these "gurus" whose entire existence revolves around harvesting your email address so they can spam you their online courses.

Lost my view tonight, but the sound of this rain is worth it.

Weird how people's epidemiological opinions about always line up with what would most benefit their political party of choice.

To goad you into putting a camera and microphone in your house, Facebook will emotionally manipulate you during a global pandemic.

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