Hello for anyone following me, I've made the move over to @JXilon@wandering.shop

Tonight's is from Apex: "The Best Friend We Never Had" by Nisi Shawl.

This one is brings us some gritty near(ish) future scifi that feels all too possible with corporations & corruption & exploitation of workers & prisoners & the sense of hopelessness that all gives wrapped up in some comprehensive worldbuilding. But, at it's core it's about going home & the sometimes bitter experience that can be when home both is & isn't what we remembered.


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Aaaah, it’s out there finallllyyyyyy.
We're so pleased and excited to publish Thunderstorm in Glasgow, July 25, 2013, a poem by @tithenai , illustrated by @mollycrabapple — firesidefiction.com/thundersto

Day off coming tomorrow, and I think one thing on the to do list will be checking up my current options for moving myself over to an instance more specifically geared to the conversations I'm looking to have/listen to. Probably wandering.shop

For anyone looking for a to read: I collect all my (not quite daily right now but getting there again!) story recommendations in a weekly post at my blog and I collect each of those posts in a master list here: jeffxilon.com/weekly-fiction-r

Tonight's recommendation is from one of my favorite authors (I have a lot of favorite authors). I wasn't expecting to see a Tobias S. Buckell story when I decided to check out Clarkesworld's latest offerings, but there it was and I couldn't pass up the chance to check out "A World to Die For".

This story starts out very Mad Max like...and then it gets funky and even *more* scifi. I don't really want to spoil anything so I'll leave it at that for now.


Hey folks, I'm looking for opinions on Kindle Unlimited. Anyone use it? Try it? Like it? Hate it? Know if it is awful for writers getting paid?

Who's looking for a to read tonight? Because I have today's recommendation.

This one is for anyone looking for a quick read (it's flash length) and something deliciously (OK, I might be a terrible person for using that word, but I'm going with it) creepy. Beware! Spooky kid in this!

"Those We Feed" by Layla Al-Bedawi from Fireside Fiction.


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This is a #GlitterShip appreciation post! Because GlitterShip is fucking awesome, okay? Do you like #sciencefiction or #fantasy or whatever other variety of #speculativefiction with awesome #lgbt characters and storylines? Did you only just realize now that I mentioned it how much you might want that?

If yes, GlitterShip is the #sff #podcast and #anthology for you, my #queer frendos and queer-friendly folks also.

Spread the word: GlitterShip is great #ownvoices in action.

Tonight’s rec is set in a fictional historical Italy & is largely about the relationship between a Duke’s right hand man and the Duke’s powerful, mystical mistress. It spans years and I could easily see it as the basis of a limited run prestige TV series. It would be a lot fun to fantasy cast such a thing.

“The Little Duchess” by Julia August from Kaleidotrope


Tonight's rec comes from the newest issue of FIYAH.

"With These Hands: An Account of Uncommon Labor" by L.H. Moore

It's one of those stories I often like (when done well) which feels like it could have been written in a different era, which suits an issue dedicated to "Ahistorical Blackness".

POV character recounts to us strange things he witnessed while helping build the White House and how they relate to the lengths people will go to to be free.


Tonight's story rec is...well, it's a bit of a punch in the gut. For me at least. At this moment I can't imagine a better story to kick off a new year. This is a perfect January story. Especially if, like me, you're feeling a little lost, maybe a little down looking back and forward and not 100% comfortable with it all. It also has the most wonderfully creepy, weird creature creation I've read in a long time.

"Black Fanged Thing" by Sam Rebelein from Shimmer #41


Going to restart my daily short fiction recommendations tonight. Holiday season was very busy for both family and work so that put things on hold for a couple weeks, but it's back to reading some great stuff!

First time poking my head into Mastodon in 2018. How the heck are things going in here?

Hey mastodonians, anyone got some good Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror audiobook suggenstions? new audible credit coming in tomorrow. I have a couple ideas what I want next, but always open to suggestions.

Here's a late-night (for me anyway) rec that's a much different tone than many I put out there, but that is an enjoyable read if only to see a truly well-deserved, if not too serious, comeuppance visited upon a complete jerk of a character.

"Low Bridge or The Dark Obstructions" by M. Bennardo from Beneath Ceaseless Skies #240.


Trying to get a couple more recs in before I do my roundup. This excellently titled story is:

"Shadow Man, Sack Man, Half Dark, Half Light" by Malon Edwards from PodCastle #495

A machete wielding girl with a clockwork heart confronting monsters on the streets of a grim fantasy Chicago. Good stuff.


Here's tonight's share. It's a piece of flash about the end of the world that really nails the ending the way a good piece of flash *must* nail an ending.

"Seeds" by Margaret Wick from Strange Horizons April 2017


Ok, anyone out there got any favorite time travel tv shows? What do you like? (trying to figure out what's out there I may have missed).

Still behind and totally off the rhythm, but I have a to share tonight.

"The Whalebone Parrot" by Darcie Little Badger from Issue 29 of The Dark.

It's a kind of ghost story (perhaps?) with an older feeling style done well. I was reminded reading this of the way I often feel reading a Shirley Jackson story - like entering a room where everything feels off by just a bit, but you're not completely sure why.


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