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Ok, anyone out there got any favorite time travel tv shows? What do you like? (trying to figure out what's out there I may have missed).

Still behind and totally off the rhythm, but I have a to share tonight.

"The Whalebone Parrot" by Darcie Little Badger from Issue 29 of The Dark.

It's a kind of ghost story (perhaps?) with an older feeling style done well. I was reminded reading this of the way I often feel reading a Shirley Jackson story - like entering a room where everything feels off by just a bit, but you're not completely sure why.

So, I'm thinking again that I should move over to It's not like I have a lot of followers built up here to ask to follow a new account there, and I'm wondering if the local timeline function, and my contributions to it would fit better there.

Need to catch up on story recs! I've been off my game as the flu bounces around the house, but I've got the 1st for you today.

From the latest issue of Nightmare Magazine: "Which Super Little Dead Girl™ Are You? Take Our Quiz" by Nino Cipri.

The story is what it sounds like, using the form of those omnipresent 'Which _____ are you?' quizzes. I love short stories that play with format and this one does it with creepy, disturbing fun (or maybe "fun"?).

I've been loving all the short science fiction / fantasy / horror reading I'm getting done by committing to this rec-a-day and weekly roundup project. There is so much good writing going on out there.

Yesterday over at the blog I put together last week's daily recs and if you are looking for things to read you can find them all

Hmm, behind on photos and story recs now. Will have to get all caught up tonight.

Sometimes I just need the healing power of 6 or 7 2Cellos videos in a row.

Today's rec is a great way to end the weekend. It's longer than most of what I share, but it's a fun, fast-paced, wacky, wild, pulpy space adventure.

If there are more Kango and Sharon adventures I need to read them. I also want an ongoing comic series and an animated television series on Netflix. This is what I need more of in my life. Hope you all enjoy it too.

"Cake Baby (A Kango and Sharon Adventure)" by Charlie Jane Anders from Lightspeed #90.

For tonight's second recommendation we're going with a flash piece about AI and the uncanny valley and a creepy tech guru.

"Mirrors in the Valley" by Kendra Sims from Fireside Fiction

Ok, tonight's first is fairly dark and gruesome that needs to be flagged upfront. Much more so than most stories I would recommend for this project, but it fits my mood and it fits the year in how it explores the costs on our humanity in living within dehumanizing systems and the costs of ignoring the lessons of the past.

"The Wind You Touch When You Run" by James Beamon from Escape Pod #596

So apparently I was exhausted and feeling terrible last night because I was being hit with the flu. Haven't done much of anything today but try to sleep, but I'm feeling a fair bit better so it's time to track down some stories to share with you. There'll be 2 recs tonight.

Ok, I had a good day including one of my favorite traditions of the holiday season. But I’m feeling exhausted and awful right now. So no story tonight. I’ll double up tomorrow. I’m going to bed. Have a Christmas tree instead.

I just accidentally made Siri (which i don’t even use) read a toot at like 3x speed. I don’t know how. It just started ranting at me like I’d slipped it some cocaine or something.

Getting today's photo of the day out early! Even though these things are common as dirt around here, Mallards are really beautiful ducks.

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Tonight's I'm sharing with you is, I think, such a perfect story for 2017 that I almost wish I held it till the 30th or 31st, but you never know when someone might need just the right story. Maybe that's you tonight, maybe this is it.

"Mercy" by Susan Jane Bigelow from Glittership #39.

Hate and vengeance and grief and mourning and love and knowing that sometimes you just carry on.

So who else is very happy with the idea of Jordan Peele and Krysten Ritter becoming leading forces in entertainment (esp. horror)?

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Your occasional reminder that my photography is available on my website

Need to take a break from your workday? Go take a look at photos from my numerous adventures.

This is the Quadriga on the Minnesota State Capitol.