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Daikatana, Fallout 3, horse armor DLC,
Timed exclusives, shoddy ports, women playing e-sports

Concept: We Didn't Start the Fire but about gamer outrage

selfie, eye contact 

So, @PhoenixTril and I went Lucky Friends as I was in the bus to meet up with them for the last opportunity in a good while c.c

Lucky indeed!

the "throw flour onto an invisible person to reveal them" trope but it's thrown on a regular visible person, revealing a dozen horrifying phantom appendages

I am apparently hooked on Tetris again.

From this we can deduce that foxes are just the worst. :|


on holding friends accountable 

Gah @kauko is so cute and it shouldn't be allowed.

Gonna eat her until she's sorry.

o/` learn to forget / learn to forget / learn to forget o/`

'lounging on a window sill drinking tea and watching the fog' is an extremely dragon aesthetic, I feel.

The 'listening to Queen' aspect is optional but encouraged.

some thoughts about "OK Boomer" from a GenX perspective 

ex stuff 

ex stuff 

slight gushiness, happy 

The air conditioning unit in @Verdigris' window keeps making incredibly loud peeing sounds c________c

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