What if the 'drinking tea with smallest fingers extended' is the last vestige of an ancient ritual combat in which tea is merely the metaphorical 'one hand tied behind one's back' that stops the true lethal power of the rest of the fingers coming into play.

Allen, to the tune of Roxanne 

o/` oh, Kane / you don't have to look in the big egg / should've just ignored it / but you didn't, and now you're dead o/`

I intend to not even get out of bed before noon tomorrow. Maybe not even after it.

Whatever could I do with all that downtime!

not actually Predator 2 spoilers 

Having proper duffed up Mr Predator 2 in the ancient game of Interspace Fisticuff, sergeant Harrigan has tea with Predators 3 through 7, during which they bestow upon him 'mad props'.

*frumple* DOES be *round* yet also *lumpy*!

It is so, so bad.

*quiet, perky smile because some things just make the day better*

Okay, it's fuck work o'clock, who wants to dance and make out


Waking up between ordering your dreamfood and having it delivered.


Ancestral Night refers to Sagittarius A* as 'the saga star' and that's just the most wonderfully poetical name for it while not losing any of its descriptiveness.

SOAP, where a ratio of 66 characters of text to one character of data is not uncommon.


Dancing around the living room to various music on the TV to loosen up after Too Many Works.

Video has two people touching hands.

Immediate visceral sense-memory of lacing fingers, followed by rush of meh because it's been faaaar tooooo loooooong.

book quotes 

Most tellingly:

"Anger can also make you sick if you're exposed to it for too long [...] Feeding it can be your only goal. In the end, you'll feed yourself to it to keep the flame alive, along with everyone around you."

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book quotes 

Elizabeth Bear's 'Ancestral Night' has a lot of good writing in it, but there are a few bits meditating on anger and forgiveness that stick out.

"Forgiveness is an obligation you take on not to act punitively on your anger. To interrogate it when it arises, and accept that you have made the choice to be constructive rather than destructive."

Then, a moment later, "anger is an inoculant. It gets your immune system working against bullshit."

There's a lot of good stuff in this book.

hot take? 

You are not defined by your worst moment. If a person loses their temper and does something bad that isn’t their true self coming to the surface. That’s not what a human is. A human is a system that responds to inputs. Load enough trash into the intake and the motor will kick. The idea that a person is just a bunch of layers of obfuscation on top of a core of darkness is Freudian pseudoscience.

i don't know who needs to hear this right now but

if you fucked up, instead of trying to make excuses, cover it up or smear and discredit the person you wronged to avoid losing face, why not try: suck it up and apologise, accept the loss of face, and move on

you'll feel better in the long run

If anyone wants there to be a reprinted Silicon Dawn tarot deck for purchase ( egypt.urnash.com/tarot/ ), please reply to @anthracite at this thread: dragon.style/@anthracite/10441

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