Hades, weaponsplosion 


So, Exagryph with Deadly Flourish.

That's a Thing c.c

Who's making fish finger sandwiches?


This dragon ☝️

mutter mutter work? 

Waking up at 6 so I can spend an hour trying to talk myself into getting up and doing more of the frustrating, draining work project that never ends, and also have an extra hour to work on it before official work hours.


🎵 neon lights and lipstick marks upon my neck / take me home 🎵

(Seriously the vocal tracks from Transistor and Bastion are some of my very favourite game music, purrrr)

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*humming along to Paper Boats, rearranging furniture*

(relatedly, if anyone would like occasional raid invites let me know!)

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I am missing having a local pokego raiding group. I can get @chalcedony and @verdigris@dragon.style to airdrop in but taking down mega charizards with three players is a bit of a challenge c.c

Sometimes, sun time is just welcome to night vale and trying to befriend crows.

('with a book' because there is an insufficiency of foxes and/or dragons)

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It's Saturday night and I'm going to bed early with a book. <3

One of those 'keep being reminded of the absence of my tail' kind of evenings. 9.9

tired: "Punishable By Fine"

wired: "Legal If Rich Enough"

inspired: "Transactional Legality"

On the 23rd day of the month of September in an early year of a decade not too long before our own the human race suddenly encountered a deadly threat to its very existence. And this terrifying enemy surfaced, as such enemies often do, in the most innocent and unlikely of places.

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