It seems that the issue is with the current firefox-esr version. If I don't upgrade it, things are fine. Will continue trying to build up the installation to see if I can have a serviceable image for the things I might want to do in windows.

Is 'cordage' hipster for 'rope' in the same way 'rain event' is 'rain' to weather forecasters?

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> Word processor pioneer dies aged 93

Evelyn Berezin put the Data Secretary on sale in 1971, creating a new industry.

I don't understand what's so hard about Brexit.? I have brexit almost every morning.

Since i sort of read up on those things, they aren't so 'new' to me.

So far, I'm not impressed to the point I'm considering going back to just reading science fiction I haven't read before.

I'm trying to make my way through roughly 100 or so of the 'Best Books EVER' based on my looking at lists and plucking out ones that are multiple lists.

I'm about 15 in on books I haven't read before from those lists and I've come to believe there haven't been that many good books.

Not according to my tastes. It could be that it's because many of there were considered 'best' because they brought societal mistreatment to the fore of people's mind. Some form of base mistreatment of people...

Breaking NEWS!
The EPA is lifting the ban on leaded gasoline.

Hello from k-meleon on reactos on virtualbox on debian on lenovo thinkpad edge 15

Did the newly famous 'idiot' search and Trump is lower on the ddg results :)

Almost makes me want to embrace the borg.

I'll keep my Hauwei phone for years and years. I don't use my phone enough to buy a new phone every couple of years

this carnivore just ate and all herbivore meal.

i think i'm gonna be sick.

gawd duckduckgo never gives me decent results. not even when i'm hoping for results that i don't typically look for

i did a 'here, let me google that for you', to my wife.

she replied in all seriousness, "ok. thank you."

guess she didn't know that's a thing.

Next time I'll take a snapshot so i have something to fallback on.

so i set up reactos in virtualbox with the idea of using it if i needed windows for a one off application. and more so to see if it's progressed to the point it was stable enough for this purpose.

Installation and setup went pretty smoothly. I guess I used it for about 5 hours including surfing the net without a crash.

Then I figured I'd install some applications from the package manager. Chose firefox-ers. BAM! BSOD and upon reboot freeldr.sys not found. Can't even get to a repair mode.

For the first time I've watched some videos of Doug Engelbart.

All I can say is, "Wow!"

If you haven't seen any videos of him speaking, you should make time soon. The Mother of All Demos is simply jaw dropping.

Holy smokes! Now that I can see the files in the folder...

Where is the magic button to play them in order?

If Android is where it's at, I'm never going to be there.

Holy smokes! I'm using kindle file and see files in ES File Browser. Clicked on the path so I see the path of the files. I go to the path, it says it's empty.

However if I click on the path from that same properties location I see files.

I'm not a genius and sometimes new fangled interfaces don't seem logical to me. But I have been a programmer for a couple of decades, just on on Android. WTF am I missing?

EDIT before I posted: Holy, Holy smokes, I had to click Analyze from within the folder!

When I die I'm going straight to hell. Picked up a copy of MS Office 2007 Standard edition for $2 at goodwill.

Installed it to a thumbdrive via playonlinux so it's portable. Now I'm going all in on MS Office!!!

Ok. This isn't really for me. It's for someone who claims they just CAN'T manage without MS Office.

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