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After some thought, I've decided I can call myself a "software developer". I'd previously been disqualifying myself, but I've made some small pip-installable packages and contributed to a handful of projects... so might as well stop gatekeeping myself

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i'm sitting in on my first mainframe installation. h/w and s/w. wow!

redhat is now free for the little guys. tell me again that @klaatu isn't awesome!

now that we got rid of trump, can we free brittany?

Seriously, why do I have to reboot after every upgrade of Ubuntu? Who do they think they are? Windows?

You know you're old when 2 slices of pizza is enough.

Remind me again, why does ubunut mate have to reboot boot after every blasted update? trying to be like windows?

What is the best episode of any Star Trek ever? 

Season 4 Episode 1 of Black Mirror

Since I'm NOT a slob with an unhealthy diet, I had 3 McDonald's bags here from today's breakfast and two previous ones. I reached into one and ate the hash browns.

After finishing it, I grabs all three bags and headed to the trash can.

I then noticed one of the other bags had an uneaten hash brown.

Now I don't know if I ate the hashbrowns from today's breakfast or one of the previous two's.

Should I be worried that I'm not that bothered by this?

I saw an ad that says, "Seniors born before 1969..."

How dare they!? I was born in 1967 and I'm not a senior.

as if google doesn't know.

"Element says it is working with Google to "explain how Element works and get the situation resolved.""

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Note to content creators: If you want me to consume your blogs or articles, you need to put a date on them. Otherwise, I'll dismiss them out of hand.

i bought a galaxy j1 for $5 at a return resell place. to use as a remote etc. i read the messages it had on it. basically the guy and his friend steel metal from houses and other places to sell for scrap. the last message said the scrapyard was closed so he has no money.

he finishes with, "i can return this phone to dollar general and get $40.

i think he did and that's how i got it.

now that I've been using ubuntu martin for couple weeks, i think i'm going to go back to debian. ubuntu martin hides too manythings reminding me too much of windows.

still a solid distro though. just not for me afterall.

I've improved my station in life since school. When I was in school I'd eat ramen with a slice of Kraft American Cheese.

Now I eat ramen with a slice of Kraft American Deluxe Cheese.

holy smokes! kitkat mocha + chocolate is awesome

Youtube put interviews of people on the street answering the question, "Is ok for a biological male who identifies as a woman to plan in woman's sports?"

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