@klaatu I had a smile on my face the whole time listening to the GNU World Order episode on GNU COBOL.

The reason for the errors when the code didn't start in column 7 is that COBOL was originally done on punch cards with column 1-6 used for line numbers, column 7 is used for the continuation/comment character, column 8 - 11 for the start of paragraph and other things, and columns 12-72 for the 'normal' program statements.

One of the reasons I prefer The Hybrid Editor XE.

using the pinephone as my daily drivers reminds me of the early days when i switched to linux as my daily driver and it felt a bit like 'nothing works' instead of "just works".

but i'll keep on as i did with linux so that one fine day linux phones will be as good as linux desktops are today.

however, if you try to call or text me, i might not receive them :)

i'm using my pinephone more and more. it's kind of painful. mobian was the best distro i found. but i'm soldiering on.

I slept until 10am today. I usually get up between 4 and 5am. I feel a little bit human compared my more normal zombie state.

I'm setting up my laptop for my new employer. I think this is a test. They'll fire me if I can't figure out to set it up with all this security stuff I have to go through.

Not sure I'm going to pass this test.

US Idiocracy 

It's almost as if the only people dying from COVID now are people who aren't vaccinated. What a coincidence!

I'd like to see some of the "We didn't get vaccinated so I caught covid and passed to my parents who died. PLEASE get vaccinated I now know it's not fake news" stories with some "We did get vaccinated so the whole family is alive and well" stories.

I'm kinda excited Haiku is getting ready to release R1/B3

i think i might freak out my indian coworkers. i already watch bollywood movies and listing to hindi songs.

today i stumbled upon atube. I had no idea.

Crude - Overheard 

I just heard someone telling his buddy, "I'm going to run home real quick and eat crunchy bearded taco for lunch.

Then they laughed and laughed.

I'd go so far as to say, the $1 store iphone 7 plus case is better than the pinephone case because the pinphone case has these split corners that catch on things.

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For those with pinephones and don't want to spend too much on a case, the iphone 7 plus case fits well enough in my opinion. Might need to shave a mm off the camera hole on the case and, depending upon the case you get, and personal tolerences, might need to do a bit of modification for the buttons. I got one form the dollar store and coupled it with a stick on ring holder on the back and think I got a serviceable case for $2 usd.

if i'm considering likely something but notice the create asked me to "smash that like button", i'm definitely not going to click 'like'

Cosby Joke 

I have just one questions...

Can I resume eating JELLO puddin' pops?

The new phrase for today is, "Work work work"

Ok, i'll stop.

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I think I've coined a phrase: Work work. For when your job is so messed up one four letter word isn't enough to describe how bad it is.

i'm still asking myself and anyone else, "does the pinephone work now?"

Show of hands:
Who uses cardboard they cut into squares for coasters?

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