Pro tip for getting out of judy dute: where a t-shirt that says, "eff the police"

US Politics This is only a half joke. 

Never thought I'd be saying, "Kenye is a far sight better than the other two idiots in the race." with a straight face.

Ok. Lenovo is only whitelisting internal wifi cards, which is still enough to make me look for a more open hw platform. The don'gle issue is me not knowing how to install the effing driver.

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lenovo has very much pissed me off. i'm not going to buy lenovo again.

i swapped out wifi cards and got a message that made me laugh thinking about unauthorized bread. my wifi card wasn't authorized so it wouldn't boot. so i removed the card figuring i'd install a usb dongle. however it will not run that either even though the correct driver is installed.

the redskins are thinking about changing their name? yep, i agree. protests don't work.

I bought two model Ms. that' really over my budget.

2 things the US has proven to be impossible.

1) Controlling the virus.
2) Reducing mass shootings.

Interesting how 1) is helping with 2).

The EU is banning, us, US.

Can't says I blame them.

exactly when was america great to all its people?

you do get to paint the whole police department with that brush when the incidents have lots of officers standing around when the person is being murdered and don't intervene. and then reported are falsified or simply made carelessly.

and the department takes no action until the public cries out.

yep, you are definitely painted with the same brush.

i just saw a commercial showing various women spreading their legs and holding various objects up to their crotch: a fan, mirror, ointment, just looking intently there.

i think i had the same feeling as someone back in the day who saw the first TP commercial.

I stumbled upon Apocaltypto. I'm about halfway through. A bit intense.

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