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Has anyone else noticed that McDonald's coke changed taste changed in the past few weeks? Or is it just me?

Been enjoying your work for ages. Figured I might as well follow you.

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If there is money enough to pay for Florida's teacher arming scheme, why isn't there enough to raise their salaries?

I'm thinking there's got to be a project with an sbc, an ereader, ducttape and hotglue or a 3d printer, and keyboard of your choice, which would result in the version of Freewrite you want.

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Guess I'm on a roll. What about the phrase 'A well regulated militia'? I don't get confusion. Arms of the militia were in the actual arms of the people, not in the corner armory.

Many people these days interpret that as the right for militia's to keep arms in the corner armory shall not be infringed.

About as disingenuous as claiming the issue is mental health after reversing the regulation to add people on govt assistance for mental health issues to the background database.

My general view is supporting the 2nd amendment but logic needs to be injected into US gun laws and discussion thereof. There are examples on both sides but the one that's currently on my mind is the seemingly contradictory actions of stopping legislation to prevent people receiving govt assistance for mental health from owing firearms while also claiming the main issue is that the mentally ill can get guns. I'm scratching my head trying to resolve that.

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LeVar Burton is Doc Greene?! I didn't notice, will listen closer. He's doing an old man's coarse voice thing.

Has anyone else noticed this wire clamp tool seems to be the new mousetrap?

Not that this isn't the least important topic in the world, but I liked Fergie's rendition of the Star Spangled banner.

The question I have for those who don't think the robots are going to take our jobs :) is, "In the past we always knew that the thing was that was replacing the old thing that we didn't need to make any more. And we knew we'd need to make as many or more of the new thing as the old. But this time around the new thing is the thing that will make the new thing. So what will we be doing?"

For some reason gwo shows a date of 01/01/1970 in my catcher. I sort by date so I was missing them.