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My computer locks up shortly after I watch porn. Almost every time.


Imagine if Trump and McCarthy and Trump were in office at the same time!

Maybe we dodged a bullet there.

Think I'm going to watch all the Bond movies. I've never done that.

* my mower broke
* it's been raining a ton
* been working 12 hours a day
* got the parts in to fix the mower but my fix failed.
* called a guy who said my lawn is a $40 lawn
* in other words, i'm not mowing this year

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i fell behind on podcast listening and just now listened to the show from reply all on the pj and sruthi leaving the show. interesting.

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Why hasn't the extra click for optimal column width in Libreoffice been eliminated by now?

Tell me again why I'm wrong when I say the US Independence Day is a day to celebrate the horrors of the stealing of the USA and then some.


If you're not careful, you could spend a whole Sunday morning just surfing the net.

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i've said this before but i'm saying it again.

we've reached nirvana of choices when it comes to no monetary cost for video entertainment.

i'm sad to say today i'll be looping the humpty dance today.

tried gorf. i'm not as good at gorf as i remember being.

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just played jungle king thanks to the internet archive. i must say, i still have it!

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