Just saw an fb ad claiming fb is all about privacy. Think anyone's gonna believe them?

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I'm shocked!

Juul halts sales of some flavors—but not the ones teens use most

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Spent the wee hours of the morning visiting graves.

Only I didn't find any. Instead, things I'd heard died are alive and well.

Myspace, Digg, Diaspora, Identi.ca, Orcut, Rocketboom.

Ok, those last two are dead.

But wait...
Rocketboom, yea!
Coming again soon, in 2020...

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I feel dirty. Just got my work phone in the mail. Iphone.

My favorite teacher told me.

"Most people are good.
Most people you consider ''different' are fantastic.

Try to prove me wrong and get to know them.

You'll have the time of your life."

I really HATE any webmail clients. The all suck. Even your favorite.

I don't like twitter and don't much at all there or have an account.

But this feed has sent me down the rabbit hole.


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