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I'm no genius, but I'm just a wee bit skeptical that Hauwei will do anything worse with my data than US companies and government.

Think history will prove me wrong?

If you like bacon, DO NOT listen to anything about pig farming.

@klaatu Now we're coworkers of a sort. Got my, userid and password, and laptop arrives tomorrow.

I'm going to say this one more time. After this anyone I hear saying this is getting a stern look.

Most of the data I care about on my system are accessible by normal users. Specifically, ME!!

So it's stupid to note, "Linux is safe because most people aren't logged in as root."

Stop saying that! You've been warned for the last time.

US Politics/Cardi B 

I use PIA and get a 403 at wiki.debian.org. :(

Dang! Teachers earning less than $25k per year.

Thought of the day...

For one person there is no one worse off.

OMG I'm watching a spot on all the stuff that's deep fried on a stick at the Iowa state fair.

We've got to be in late stage capitalism

I haven't looked at the news today. How many were shot in today's mass shooting?

Facebook has been listening to us? I'm shocked!

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@Jason_Dodd there was someone with a knife in sydney yesterday who tried. he was stopped by a good guy with a milk crate and a wicker chair.

I wonder how many mass killings there have been in the US this year which didn't involve guns.

So if finally get fed up with alternative search engines and make google the default. now googles hanging and not returning results :)

I slammed an open sources choice to use slack because of it's 10,000 message limit before it wants you to pay.

Was that unjustified?

When I watch movies and the witness gets axed or commits suicide, I'm inclined to believe they'd be better protected and watched in real life. Jeffery Epstien begs to differ.

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