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learning statistics foundation Versus learning implementation in languages

The fog outside fits today's mood

The more internet-comments I read on the upcoming the more I lose my faith in humanity

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Watch our video, it explains Public Money #PublicCode in 3:47 https://vimeo.com/232524527 with subtitles in DE, NL, EN, FR, ES, ZH_TW, IT, PT #fsfe
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- ironically enough, this movie didn't make use of the topic's full potential

The clouds are looking pretty nice this evening

How's that there are so many file-sharing/file-storage applications out there, which really feature-rich and amazing looking user-frontneds, yet they all fall short compared to a simple (S)FTP setup? at least as long as we talk about personal use...

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♻ @digiges: Heute 16:10 Uhr stellen wir den Digital-O-Mat bei #IdG auf @FluxFM vor. Livestream: http://www.fluxfm.de/stream/ #btw17 http://l.fsfe.org/BnxDSz #fsfe

Homeserver gets a new HDD at the end of the year. Good opportunity to also replace the current OS on it (Debian 8).
I'm thinking Slackware, NixOS or Debian 9

I'm somewhat tempted to buy a clown mask and a tiny bike :)

It's that time of the year again, huh?