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: "manchmal macht Europa den Eindruck als ob es nicht an sich selbst glaubt" [das sollte sich ändern].

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<< Malu Dreyer (SPD): "Wir brauchen einen starken öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunk im Netz." >>

'News as short-video' does have its place, but it can not be all that's there.
We can not have a pure commercially driven media 'market' that's focused on advertisement, throughput and number of views/clicks. We need some services under public law!

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<< Do you want to do yourself something good over the festive season? Then phone and remove as much non-free software as possible! We show you how: fsfe.org/campaigns/android/and

@LineageAndroid t.co/830khzoJBh >>

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<< @seqilol It injects "PermitRootLogin" into their ssh config. Downloads my ssh key, then uploads their IP back to my server >>

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<< I want to shoot myself right now.

Is humanity the dumbest thing on earth

I just infected a bunch of servers with my ssh key and enabled root login via a shitty meme t.co/4YAP7KB63z >>

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<< [exchanging xmas gifts]
me: "if you dont open it you can never be disappointed can you?"
schrödinger: "i feel like i brought this on myself" >>

Ever since I found out Android can actually split the screen and show multiple windows at once (apparently, for quite a while now...), my morning routine drastically changed t.co/yvOi4H4hAk

Any privacy advocates out there?
What search-engine do you guys use? Any opinions about ?

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<< Die Benennung der Wochentage stört mich schon mein ganzes Leben und jetzt hab ich mich einfach drangesetzt und das korrigiert.

Es wird ein bisschen dauern, bis sich jeder dran gewöhnt hat, aber das ist kein Grund ein fehlerhaftes, sinnloses System zu unterstützen! t.co/qICgWfCrOs >>

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<< Nach Unruhen: Israels Verteidigungsminister fordert Boykott arabischer Geschäfte to.welt.de/lGx6IzO t.co/mjPpZerooL >>

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<< Does your elementary school student really need a toothbrush with location tracking? nyti.ms/2y9gyuv >>

Interviewed expert specifically defines worker's knowledge and experience as human capital (generally, capital invested in workers).
in the topic's summary:
workers = human capital

* shakes head in disbelief *