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Hello everyone!

If you want a Open Source GPS that works offline and doesn't track you, then I do have a choice you might like. ;)

Name: OsmAnd / OsmAnd+

Features: Can get very detailed, Maps from OpenStreetMap, Wikipedia POIs, Download offline maps.

Note: You can get the paid version for free on F-Droid. It's called OsmAnd~

Site: osmand.net/

:android: , :apple_inc:

I hoped you maybe learned something and Stay Safe!


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Neue infektiösere Mutation, Immunität hält nur wenige Monate, immer neue ätzende Langzeitfolgen, ... jedes Mal wenn ich neue Berichte über den Stand der COVID-19-Forschung lese, bin ich danach einfach nur unendlich desillusioniert. ☹️

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So, someone recently pointed out that there really is only 1 photo from the and as a Saarländer myself, I do believe that person has a point...

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"(...)[Es wird] erneut den Eindruck vermittelt, die Justiz habe beim Fall Jalloh etwas zu verbergen."
Fall #OuryJalloh in Sachsen-Anhalt: Justizministerium verweigert Ermittlern Gespräche mit Staatsanwälten spiegel.de/politik/deutschland via @derspiegel

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Gleich geht´s los. Ich diskutiere beim Landesbeauftragten für politische Bildung Schleswig-Holstein über das neue Buch & Verschwörungsmythen. Es gibt einen Live-Stream (18-19:30Uhr). 😊

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Nothing makes me want to start building guillotines quite like cutesy news stories about $1000 plates of chicken wings coated in literal gold dust.

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Someday, the 21st century will be a cautionary tale to all of humanity about the absurdity and futility of mindless wealth acquisition. A time when billions were struggling with poverty and food insecurity, while an obnoxiously privileged few had so much wealth they were literally eating it to show off.

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Good to see more public reports by university teachers about using () for remote teaching of their classes during .

Here by Gerald Jay Sussman at the MIT: gnu.org/education/teaching-my-

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@senfcall Senfen kann mensch besser konjugieren:

ich senfe
du senfst
er/sie/es senfen

wir senfen
ihr senft
sie senfen

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The German city of Bühl created "Palim! Palim!" as a platform on top of . The feedback they received is encouraging:

"Many citizens express their personal thanks to us and we have stopped counting how many municipalities have approached us with great interest. I believe that Free Software is currently experiencing an incredible boost and that the sensitivity for data sovereignty is growing rapidly."



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Bis spätestens 2038 steigt Deutschland aus der Kohle aus. Die Entscheidung im Bundestag fiel per Hammelsprung - denn einige Unionspolitiker hatten dagegen gestimmt. Die Opposition sprach von einem "schwarzen Tag" für das Klima.
Bundestag beschließt Kohleausstieg bis spätestens 2038
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@sir I think the worst is that people are speaking about:
- ActivityPub based on Mastodon UX
- git based on GitHub
- email based on epicly broken shits
- web based on (Firefox|Chrome)
- Matrix based on Riot+matrix.org on a powerful machine

But once you figure out how to "deactivate" the account AND go the extra mile to request a deletion of your data, these companies usually don't make much trouble.
Thanks / !

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