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: "manchmal macht Europa den Eindruck als ob es nicht an sich selbst glaubt" [das sollte sich ändern].

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<< People: Oh my goodness, look at what Cambridge Analytica did with Facebook’s data – they undermined democracy, swayed elections, and enabled Brexit!

Also, people: Oh, I don’t mind if Facebook has all my data, I have nothing to hide.


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<< Freue mich rieeesig!! Am 27. April erscheint mein Buch „Die Daten, die ich rief“ bei @bastei_luebbe. Ihr könnt es ab sofort beim Buchhändler Eures Vertrauens vorbestellen: luebbe.de/bastei-luebbe/bueche t.co/ProUW4Lqn7 >>

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<< Telegram loses Supreme Court appeal in Russia, must hand over encryption keys 9to5mac.com/2018/03/20/telegra by @benlovejoy t.co/7GOTcxrFBk >>

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<< That's why we need instant messaging with actual E2E encryption, federated servers and Free Software clients and servers, which are still easy to use, offer common features, and have a low threshold for new users. Currently, none of the existing solutions fulfill all of that IMHO twitter.com/9to5mac/status/976 >>

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<< : This week, 12 to 18 March, various sections of @JEF_Europe spoke up for those who are silenced in Europe. Belarus, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Turkey are sadly all cases where democracy is endangered. Stand up for them and ! t.co/9Xju2gJXI3 >>

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<< ! Democracy and Rule of Law are under pressure in many European countries. We will not let corruption and nationalism take away our values. Care for those who are silenced and raise awareness as JEF Saarland did @Uni_Saarland t.co/Ql5ZlJZ6BV >>

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<< Wir suchen Lehrer*innen aus Berlin, die Interesse an "Freifunk in der Schule und OER" haben. Bitte RT und tragt Euch zur Terminfindung für den Auftakt ein: dudle.inf.tu-dresden.de/Freifu >>

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redesigned / simplified my website again and also made it compliant

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<< As I am often asked about it: this should still work. "Testing without Google account - k7r.eu/testing-signal-without- >>

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<< muss nun ein -Fahrzeug mit gefälschten Abgaswerten zurücknehmen und gegen einen Neuwagen austauschen. Es könnte ein wegweisendes Urteil sein ndr.de/nachrichten/hamburg/Aut t.co/zomWFVo0zC >>

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<< Developers: EU policymakers need to know why upload filters for code will break builds and make software ecosystems more fragile. Tell MEPs to exclude software repositories from . Read blog.github.com/2018-03-14-eu- and contact us (DM OK). >>

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<< Wir retten – gemeinsam mit @DiEM25_DE, @EuDemLab und vielen weiteren Europäer*innen. Am 28. März in der Sophienstraße in . Unser 6. Planungstreffen für die 😎 Europa-Kampagne. facebook.com/events/1071476000 >>

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<< New app added to : Coquelicot!

You can use Coquelicot for one-click file sharing. Now, you don't have to rely on third-parties to share files with your friends and colleagues. Just use Coquelicot on your personal .

t.co/RHeiiGpTKc >>

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