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Javier Bastardo @Jbastardov@mastodon.social

Purism Partners with Cryptography Pioneer Werner Koch to Create a New Encrypted Communication Standard for Security-Focused Devices


v2.3.1 is out! 🎉


- Bug fixes
- Button to open all CWs in a thread
- New cute default avatar

People at Google sure do weird stuff. Here's an AI synthetizer which mixes sounds to create new aesthetics: youtube.com/watch?v=iTXU9Z0NYo nsynthsuper.withgoogle.com

My approach to software development (and creative processes overall) is being insanely sane. Go out of your way to make the best stuff out there. Publish the least so you can publish the best. Hopefully it'll work out.

@ntnsndr Surveillance Capitalism, that is. From what I hear, it’s raking in hundreds of billions and hugely successful (where “success” is defined as corporations farming people). Every year they party to celebrate at SXSW and Burning Man.

Sometimes I delude myself a little but #SXSW is a needed reminder that capitalism is alive and kicking and shiny (when it feels like it)

CopperheadOS — Secure(-ish), Non-Google Android.

Including my recommendations for getting the most out of Google-Free Android.


This episode of the #LundukeShow brought to you by PogoLinux, System76, LulzBot, & Nerds Like You.

Just subscribed and unsubscribed to Lunduke's YouTube channel in less than a couple of minutes. I still like his coverage and passion for the Free/Libre/Open tech world, but geez on some of his... views, to say it some way.

And this is coming from someone that follows ThuleanPerspective, the channel by Vark Vikernes.


After much trying I finally got a job. I'm officially another cog in the food-service modern-slavery machinery. It is actually my first time in this area, I just hope I can do a good enough work and they hire me after my "probation period" since I really need the money. Wish me luck!

v0.15.12 and v0.16.8-unstable are out with bug fixes. Get it now on F-Droid and Play Store!

We just did a makeover of Surveillance Self-Defense, EFF's guide to security and privacy online -- let me know if you catch any bugs (especially in different languages) ssd.eff.org/

I'm preparing to tag a release candidate for Mastodon 2.3.0, if there's any rough edges that you know of that I've forgotten about, let me know.

How Nations Make Up National Identities
#Nationalism #NoBorders #IdentityPolitics
The New York Times #Video (5mins)
– 'Nationality feels powerful, especially today. But the idea of identifying with millions of strangers just based on borders is relatively new. We explain why it was invented — and how it changed the world.'

series of @submedia are theme-centered videos made to seen in groups and spread awareness, tips, tools and experiences from activists.

This episode #8 is called "Hack The Planet: The Internet As A Battlefield" and has info on , , , and includes the apprearce of Jeremy Hammond (freejeremy.net/).

The video is free/libre to stream, download and share, but if you can be sure to donate to the team.


El Libertario (VE): **La farsa de los CLAP y su leche pirata que embasura a las familias venezolanas**

"Eduardo Medina La caja de los Comités Locales de Abastecimiento y Producción (CLAP) está compuesta en su mayoría por productos de importación, especialmente mexicanos. Se trata de un programa de subsidio de alimentos, que tiene …"


#anarquismo #bot

I've been trying to cut on my usage of some social networks.

Among them is the Birdsite that as of a few days back I was using on the app, along with Mastodon.

Few weeks back I decided I wanted to ditch the Birdsite on my phone, and I would start using @Tusky as my client for @Mastodon, but sadly the latest version of isn't supported by my current phone.

On a similar subject, Dandelion, the app, isn't supported either... Ugh.

We plan on releasing our updated Android app on F-Droid. Another step forward in getting rid of Google services! 😎


Privative/Closed-source apps that I can't scape on my phone:

Bank app
Device Management Tool (using G's Find My Device)
Messenger Lite (phone isn't compatible with Messenger Bypasser)
Carrier app
Opera Mini (alternative browser, I use Lightning by default, device isn't compatible with Firefox Focus, Firefox works slow)
Play Store
Life Insurance company app
Twilight (phone is not compatible with any open alternative)

All else is covered by something out of

Awesome News:
- TPM by default & included for free
- German keyboard now available
- FREE international shipping on all orders