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"We are all selfish, we all seek self satisfaction. But the anarchist finds his greatest satisfaction in the struggle for the good of all, for the achievement of a society in which he can be a brother between siblings, among healthy, intelligent, educated and joyful people. But the one that adapts, the one who is satisfied to live between slaves and gains from the work of slaves, is not, nor can be anarchist."

- Errico Malatesta

FYI anyone with a lewd tumblr thats going to get nuked, you can go right to the bottom of your blog settings and slam that export button to get a .zip with all your posts and images

The #FreeMusicArchive is facing a funding crisis, and at this point, will be shutting down on Dec 1. If you, or your organisation, can help keep the #FMA alive, please contact them today! While their full collection and an archive of the site will be available on, it would be a real shame if the live site, and its community of curators, was lost to the web:

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We cannot pretend that we do not see the armed policeman who marches up and down beneath our window to guarantee our security while we eat our luxurious dinner, or look at the new piece at the theater, or that we are unaware of the existence of the soldiers who will make their appearance with guns and cartridges directly our property is attacked.
-- Leo Tolstoy

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I am not a political man and I have no political convictions. I am an individual and a believer in liberty. That is all the politics I have.
-- Charlie Chaplin

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If you are affected by motion sickness like me and Destiny 2 is one of those games that you would like to play but can't, I can recommend you try Warframe.

Don't know about it? Is a pretty solid game, similar in style but you play mostly in third-person view. Your character is a cyborg-ninja with powers and you can use guns, swords, bows, kunai and more. Plus you have powers. The game is a bit overwhelming at first, many options.

Is free-to-play:

In case this happens to you:

Was trying to remove a game from the Blizzard app (Windows duh). The uninstalling process didn't go through.

I had to Ctrl+Alt+Delete, find the Agent process, force-close all those little-f$%&@ and THEN re-open the app and it worked...

By the way, hello fediverse, it has been some time. ❀️

Ugh, just gonna leave it while I take a shower and try to get the sickness feeling out of my system.

It's 2018 in the year of our lord (Satan of course, in case you were wondering) why the actual F%&$ is it so hard to get a simple app uninstalled?

No progress bar, percentage or anything, no obvious way if the process is actually taking place, just a dialog box that tells me to wait, it should not take this long.

"Gotta have Windows for gaming" my ARSE!

I like FPS and this does not always happens. I've managed to play Medal Of Honor and Call Of Duty without any issue I can remember, both on console and PC. I do feel like it gets worse while on PC than on console.

It's a little bit frustrating, I've missed out some nice stories and classic content over the years...

Oh well, gonna have to stick to classic RPGs, third-person adventure games and the like.

Noticed that Destiny 2 was free on the app.

Played the Intro mission and everything went OK.

Today I tried to play the normal game, after about 10 or less minutes of play, started to feel dizzy. Motion sickness kicked in an I was reduced to hurting ball on my bed containing the feeling of throwing-up.

Right now I'm uninstalling the game... This sucks, I've been suffering the same issue since the days of Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Heretic.

One who pays some attention to history will not be surprised if those who cry most loudly that we must smash and destroy are later found among the administrators of some new system of repression.
-- Noam Chomsky

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If you are interested in examining the privacy implications of Android apps, there is google chrome extensions Exodus Privacy is a great tool. For example, it reveals these 19 trackers in Deezer and 9 trackers in Spotify (it seems you are tracked even if you pay €€€)

Yesterday, October 31, I heard about the passing of Teodoro Petkoff Malec.

He was a Venezuelan politician, former guerrilla, journalist and economist who began as a communist but gravitated towards liberalism in the 90's.

Not without flaws, and my ideas today are different from his, but that can't prevent me from recognizing a figure of conviction and pragmatism.

It was his literary work that made me explore my political side in the first place.

More information:

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