There should be a word for that feeling of sadness you get when one of your favourite songs starts playing, but there isn't quite time for it to finish before you have to join a work call.

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"So you want to be an assassin? Do you have sharp weapons?"
"Oh yes"
"Can you move about undetected?"
"Oh yes."
"Can you get into places you are not meant to be?"
"Oh yes."
"Can you kill without remorse?"
"Oh yes."
"Without toying with your victim?"
"Um," said the cat.

The mighty hunter has struck again! Spiders are less tasty than flies though, it seems.

Lessons from watching my cat: Dreamies don't need to be chewed, but flies do.

Inexplicably, I woke up with the Rainbow theme tune stuck in my head this morning.

Sometimes, when sleeping hard, it's important to hold your face on.

Hill repeats in the dark, in the pouring rain. Running, what have you done to my brain?

Sometimes running gets you empty roads and Suffolk sunsets


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