Fedi meta 

So apparently people are being dongs and .social is being set adrift in the verse. As such I need to find a new fedi home with decent people. What is a good place willing to adopt a poor lone account?

Is there a word (probably german) that describes the complete loss of faith in every facet of one's life until you are left as nothing but a cold husk wanting to only exist in a dull black void?

I'm pretty sure this show is giving me an existential crisis.
DRAMAtical murder
It feels like a cross between Angelic Layer and Serial Experiment Lain with a setting I can only describe as bubblegum netpunk
I'm here for it but so confused

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It's done.

And it could be yours if you tune in to Desert Bus this November! More details as they become available!

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Seattle Area Friends 

Job offering prioritizing queer folk and POC, $24 an hour, full time, medical, dental & vision benefits; monthly paid trainings; training allowance; paid leave; life insurance; retirement contribution.

it's a housing advacay agency, helping domestic abuse survivors find housing.



Does anyone on the west coast near the Seattle area know good resources for a teen interested in getting resources and supports regarding being transgender?

support groups
Vocal training
Locations to get information on hormone or surgery
And general information on places that are to be avoided

Boosts appreciated

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Hills seem bad.
People complain about the struggle of going up hill.
It is also considered bad when things "go down hill"
And hills are places on which people choose to die.

Avoid hills, just go around.

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BLM/racism NPR interview 

I want to link amn NPR interview with Tyler Tynes that ended on a powerful sentiment.

"[Black people] do not need allies. They need accomplices."


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For the person out in the void that needs to hear this today:
You are accepted.
You are valid.
You are loved.

Possibly political 

I am a wide eyed idealist. I want a world that realized post-scarcity. I want a world with readily available and accepted transhumanism. I want a world where we all lift each other to higher heights. I want a world where the only reason you compare what you have with others is to ensure they have enough. I won't see this world. But every day I work to push closer to it being realized.

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I commissioned art for another of my favorite Orc microfics. Written by bibliovoreorc and illustrated by letsongakemi on bird site.

Alt text:

“I used to think that — if I got stronger, if I got older — things would start to make sense,” Chandra said. “But it doesn’t, does it? None of it does. None of it makes any sense.”

Chandra felt a small touch. She looked down. Nissa was holding her hand.

“This does,” Nissa said.

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Fuck cops, but not in the fun way. Bash the fash. Return stolen land. Listen to people who don't look or sound like you. Remember the paradox of tolerance. Check your sources. Unionize your workplace, and strike if the bosses try to stop you. Learn to fix your own things instead of buying replacements.

People only need jobs because survival is a subscription service under capitalism and actually living is downloadable content with microtransactions. Compost the rich. :anarchy: :gay_communism:


Please world. Just stop. Just for a day so I can recover at least a little bit. Maybe only an hour? Please...

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magical girl team show except it's about their moms, former magical girls themselves, some of whomst gay, some of whomst know each other from previous teams, parenting styles ranging from helicopter to tiger to free-range, but by the season finale battle, they all eventually pull together to get their disaster daughters through in one piece. while they watch from a distance. sipping rosé.

"Were we ever that free with mana usage, Bianca? When we were their age, the damn cat wanted an accounting of every parajoule."

"Steph, I remember you transforming and firing off a Doki-Doki Heart Fire Helix just to light a cigarette."

"Filthy habit. Glad I quit. And Hailey knows damn well not to smoke."

"Can't help but notice Hailey holds her staff the same way."

"Yeah, well, you know. You try to pass down a thing or two, especially when you know how much it smarts if you burn your fingers holding it wrong—"

*a massive explosion, glowering dark clouds backlit by glittering sparks*

"Oh damn. A Shadow Spider Duke went down. To Cadence, I think."

"Blue-green sparks? Yes. That's my Cadie!"

"Weren't you deep blue? Power of the sea and all that?"

"Power of being depressed all the damn time. I don't think I could pull off an Abyssal Crush Vortex now if I wanted to. Thank God for escitalopram. Fortunately, Cadie seems to take after her dad there."

"Still can't believe you turned out straight, Abby."

"I married a guy. _Not_ the same thing, you know that. Also, that's the first Dark Noble, so you all owe me five dollars. Pay up, ladies."

*another explosion, pink lightning and yellow stars*

"Oooh, big one. You know, I missed this. Not enough to keep doing it, obviously."

"I'll drink to that."

"Me too."

*clinking of glasses*

"Was that Avery and Jas?"


"Nice team-up."


"You know what _that_ probably means."

"Oh, I absolutely do, Bianca. It means I knock before I open my kid's door. Don't worry, it's mostly holding hands and blushing. And I've had the Talk with Jasmine."

"Hah. What did you tell her, _exactly_?"

"That I love her and support her, that her flame will burn twice as bright on the battlefield if she truly lets her feelings shine, and that her allowance disappears if I so much as hear the words 'matching tattoos' before they've been together at least a year."

"Mom of the year, right here."

"You betcha." □

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✨ Fat is beautiful. Fat is round and soft and cute and smooth.

💪 Fat is strong. Fat is lifting and carrying and muscles and weight.

🌱 Fat is natural. Your body wants to be this size.

Fat is not ugly. Not unhealthy. Not shameful.

Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

Thanks to a typo at work I now have a new dream job. Where do I go to become a spychiatrist?

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