Had a good time off work to rest and fo some needed self care. Looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow.
Support and love each other.

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"The only people who get upset about you setting boundaries are the ones who were benefitting from you having none."

Marloes de Vries

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Fourth of July meta 

America ain't worth celebrating, especially not these days. Let's just make July 4 a quiet self-care day, to make ourselves stronger for the fight ahead.

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2020, general 

a reminder that it's okay if almost everything or even everything in your life is a gigantic mess.
fuck this year. fuck all the BS that has contributed to making this year so much worse than it needed to be.
be kind to yourself. be kind to each other if you can. hug your peeps.

Trans humanism 

I hope this doesn't come out as offensive to anyone, but I spent a lot of time in my own head last night contemplating tge concept that hopefully in the near future through technology, medical advances, and universal acceptance of others. People will be able to conform their outer self with their inner self 100% and it just being known as okay.

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Everyone saying that pride month was cancelled, but it actually feels like the most genuine pride month in a long time.
No corporate floats or rainbow branding. Just people angry and pushing to change the world.

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The kids (13yo, I think) on our very-communal multigenerational Minecraft server have decided to start selling things and running for "mayor" and the adults have been using it as very subtle social-studies lessons on types of governance, capitalism, etc.

Current lesson: one kid wants to use an teleport gateway to farm an otherwise-difficult-to-get item, which will make the gateway unusable for travel. We're now talking about the ramifications of a public good being captured by industry.

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Take a breather and remember we're able to shape this world but we can't do it when our mental health are on the frays. Work together and keep fighting the good fight, but if you're forcing yourself to stay involved everyday without break, you're gonna burn out hard. Take care of each other and yourself.

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@aldersprig you are generally boosted by another person I follow. Would you mind if I followed you?

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I just blew a well-meaning but somewhat oblivious friend’s mind by suggesting she make gender a text field on a survey

you do what you can with the spoons you have

Remember everyone matters so to yourself and others:

Be kind

Finally got the chance to get a small start on a butterfly garden in my backyard. Not much but it's more than nothing.

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@DialMforMara Kindest Smile and Most Likely to Have a Secret Library

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Spotted these benches made from old pallets today, looks like a really simple design n thought folk might find it useful

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She got a pep talk from a Robin Hood type anti-villain about how this was all about fame. And she looks dramatically at our team Star - a playbook about a superhero chasing fame - and she said "well, I don't care about fame. But she cares about fame and I care about her. So I'll do it for her."


Venting household, financial 

I come home from work yesterday and my fiancee tells me they ordered 200 dollars worth of random cleaning stuff. This is a day after they asked me for 200 dollars to pay down their credit card. I'm trying to rebuild our savings so we can actually move the rest of our stuff here from Wisconsin. Am I wrong for feeling angry at this?

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