New tea and teaware arrived today. Normally I drink a lot of Chinese tea but it's good to get some variety. Sencha, genmaicha and gyokuro.

A few months ago DHL failed to deliver a package; rather than trying again, they returned it to sender... in Germany. Now they've failed to deliver my fiancee's dress twice despite us being home both times. No issues with UPS, Fedex, USPS or Amazon. Only DHL.

Just spent an hour debugging my build, wondering why the docker orchestration wouldn't startup. Went back and forth between my branch and master trying to rollback to a last-good working copy...

And then I realized I forgot to re-launch Docker after I rebooted my machine.

My Switch crashed RIGHT after I took this screenshot, so this is the only evidence I have that my hours of farming for my greatsword meant something. Back to the grind T_T

So Godzilla vs Kong is kind of ridiculous but one doesn’t go into a movie named Godzilla vs Kong expecting deep character development. It is exactly what the title implies and if you’re okay with that it’s pretty good.

Realizing that the two felyne drummers in the Gathering Hub in MH:Rise are named Badum and Tish has made my night.

These are not words I expected to see in relation to the final dungeons in FFXIV, but having literally played them *hundreds* of times each, I suspect I may be biased.

Me: *sneezes*

Me in my head: "Oh, it's probably just some dust or cat hair."

My fiancee who works with COVID patients at the hospital:

My path to software engineering was more of a sideways jump rather than a "demotion" but this still strongly resonated with me and my career path:

Played a game of Go remotely with my dad today and got destroyed. I blame having to deal with this and not my terrible game sense and play.

Normal brain: "Avengers is the cultural crossover of our generation."

Big brain: "Smash bros"

Galaxy brain:

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