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Nine days left on this 🐝:
Sign up if you want universal basic income 🤷🏻‍♀️
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Here‘s something cispeople can and should do in public places that have gendered facilities like changing rooms, showers or toilets.

Approach the personell and ask them about how they think about trans people in those places. If they are inclusive, ask them to put up a notice or sign that the place is a safe space for us. Also, it creates awareness in other cis people that might be reacting in surprise or panic otherwise, putting us at constant risk.

For you, there’s no risk in doing this.

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Asking for donations after an accident to afford urgent healthcare, please boost 

Hey fedifriends,

I've had an accident this morning, you can read about it in my last posts.

I'm disabled and fell in the street, my tibia may be broken.

I need a medical checkup asap but my doc is on holidays. I have to pay for electrods, medical appointments, and my fiancee has an important one planned too.

PayPal and explanations below:

My physiotherapist told me to use my TENS many times a day, but my


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Hi! I'm going to do my #introduction. I'm a 21 yrs old guy from Argentina that made this account to specifically talk about #plantbased (for instance #vegan ) recipes, but also topics related to this such as impact of the change of diet in terms of helth (whether it's individual or ecological) and animal exploitation.

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Which messengers do you use?

Count only those you actually use somewhat frequently for private/personal use.

Multiple choice poll, boosts and replies welcome.

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A question for #FLOSS folk out there: do you audit your dependencies? Do you do it each time you update your dependency?

I'm *considering* using an external dependency to build a time-constrained cache of information that is not strictly sensitive, but I've got a gut feeling that this cache could make my project vulnerable if things went wrong in a specific way.

All hints and advice welcome.

Also: please boost!

#infosec #DevSecOps #FOSS
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Nous, les geeks, nous bloquons les pubs et nous n'y pensons plus. Mais d'autres vivent au milieu du vacarme publicitaire. Quelques solutions.

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If you livestream on a Fediverse platform such as #PeerTube or #OwnCast, send me a message if you want me to advertise your stream 👍

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📢 Le Capitole du Libre revient les 19 & 20 novembre à l'INP-ENSEEIHT pour une édition 2022 après deux ans d'absence!
Nous avons hâte de vous retrouver! 🤗
L'appel à participation ouvrira au début de l'été!

#cdl2k22 #logiciellibre #opensource

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@devinprater Introducing FossAbility! This project seeks to gather a community who can work together to make accessibility central to free open source software! #a11y #foss

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I stumbled across this article when reading about anime. Its not something I ever questioned, but it is interesting none the less.

Tl;dr: The question is leading. The short answer is they dont. Its a perception phenomena.

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La surveillance de nos villes est devenue totale.

Elle combine vidéosurveillance et fichage de masse, reco faciale et détection automatisée de comportements.

Pour y mettre fin, rejoignez notre plainte collective contre le ministère de l'intérieur.

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Looking for help on how to get and set up a server I can run things like Matrix on, very beginner friendly 

So I would very much like to run a Matrix and Mastodon etc instance and some other things etc. However, I've never really understood where to find these things and what providers are good in terms of like privacy, how much storage space, RAM and CPU I will need and what I need to pay etc. If somebody could either help me out or point me to a very beginner friendly guide I would be most appreciative. Thank you!

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🎉 We just launched #WhatTheFutureWants, an interactive exhibition that empowers young people & invites them to think about the digital world they want to live in.
This experience includes:
🧰 resources
💡 interactive activities
👀 workshops
Explore 👉

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If you face extreme threats, or even if you are just looking for a high-security operating system for peace of mind, it’s hard to beat QubesOS. You can request it to be pre-installed on your Librem 14.
While it’s not as easy to use as the default PureOS, it offers advanced security features when combined with the advanced hardware and firmware security features of the Librem 14, makes for one of most secure computers out there, says @kyle. Read the full post here ➡️

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📢 Job opportunity - I'm looking for a colleague to join me at in a position of junior please send directs for deets & boost. @info_activism

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If you're wondering about the status of the project, it hasn't gone anywhere!

We're having a little discussion about it here, if you're at all interested in helping out:

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Hi fediverse! Boosts appreciated on this one.

I’m part of a co-op building a platform for artists to sell art without getting exploited. I’ve been working on it for a while but there’s a lot of work to do and I could use some help. A ton of the main features are in place, but there’s still some big gaps and a lot of polish left before it can launch.

The platform is fully open source and developed in the open. It’s built on Phoenix/Elixir and Tailwindcss. Our co-op is already incorporated and established and it’s open to members that want to actually commit but you don’t need to be a member to contribute or help.

Does this sound interesting? I’d love some help! I’m also happy to answer questions. And no, you don’t need to know Elixir already. It’s pretty easy to learn for the things you’d be using it for. Even some design help would be welcome. Feel free to reply here or DM me!


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It is in 3 days!

Get ready to meet our team and ask anything you wanted to know about Murena & /e/OS and privacy!

{Save the date}👇


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