the only people strong enough to break the mouses century spanning iron hold over copyright: the gays

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Anyway. Can recommend reading through the Kaoru and Tomoe routes if you like BanG Dream and understand Japanese

The Misaki route... Eh, I guess it's alright, but it doesn't quite do it in the same way for me. I guess it's because it's less in character

I guess the two routes I have left will be even more like that. I'll get through them next weekend before the game goes offline!

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Are there just so many people playing this game and wanting to look up the Japanese in it that these suggestions are common on Google Translate now? Or is Google Translate targeting me somehow???

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Then I went on to Misaki's route, and it perfectly predicted the title of the option 立ち止まってジュースを買う (stop and buy juice) after I had typed just 立ち止まって (stop)

On its own, perhaps innocent, but when combined with what I had seen before...

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But then I noticed... In Google Translate's suggestions was the phrase 幼馴染の巴

I had never entered 巴 into Google Translate

Somehow it knew this game well enough to know the name of the specific childhood friend I was thinking of 🙀

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After wrestling a little with the handwriting feature, as is customary, it turned out that 幼馴染 was "childhood friend" (osananajimi). Alright, fair enough

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Today it was time for Tomoe's route

This game basically has a choice at the start where you get to pick which girl you want to try to ask out. The option for Tomoe was titled 幼馴染の巴. I had figured out that 巴 was Tomoe from earlier, but I had no idea about 幼馴染, so I went to Google Translate to look it up

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I read through Kaoru's route back around when the game was released. But the game is all in Japanese, and I'm just at the level where I can *kind* of understand it, but need to look stuff up every now and then to properly understand. Kanji especially

So it took kind of a long time to read through! And so I took a break... Until now, because this game is scheduled to go offline in May (rip)

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The short game that BanG Dream released for Japan for April Fools 2022... I like it

Yes, it's another one of those "we turned this into a dating sim for April Fools". But I'm gay, and when I see these characters I know and love actually try to form relationships with each other, I can't help but feel a bit warm inside

Just found out that Noo-Noo was pronounced /nuːnuː/ and not /noʊnoʊ/ in the original English version of Teletubbies. How could the dubbers have lied like this to me my whole life

Imagine if schools properly taught you about pronunciation. Like, just letting students know which phonemes exist in the language they're learning

I took Spanish for four years (and never really used it since), and the whole time I pronounced both ⟨r⟩ and ⟨rr⟩ as [ʁ]...

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Would I have learned this eventually anyway... Hmm, who knows...

I did start learning a bit about how English uses /z/ as a side effect of me learning katakana

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I think I've started being able to tell when Swedes say /s/ instead of /z/ when speaking English. This is the kind of cursed knowledge you get from having a native English speaker as your girlfriend

Oh yeah, Metroid Prime Trilogy is going to revert from being cheap and easily available to anyone who has a Wii U to being a rare and expensive collector's item

The same fate will probably befall other popular games too

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Well, time I guess it's time to buy that external hard drive for my Wii U that I never got around to buying, and stock up on Wii and GBA and DS games


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I had hoped that the Wii Shop Channel shutting down just 6 years after the Wii U launched would be a one-off thing. Surely the eShop infrastructure must be more similar between the different systems and thus easier to maintain. I guess I should've known better

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For fuck's sake, Nintendo

Do they just not care about old games?

Shutting down the Wii U and 3DS eShops will get rid of not just the ability to ever buy digital-only Wii U/3DS titles again, but also the only modern way to buy GB games, GBC games, GBA games, DS games...

Oh, and the rhythm gameplay is good too

It's just... I really didn't expect this kind of normally rather lighthearted casual game to be this serious about depicting trauma, and that's even though I had heard a bit about that aspect of the story before I started playing

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(The Nightcord at 25:00 story in particular, but the other stories also depict a bit of trauma)

This is normally where I would tell you to check out the game, but... it's a gacha game, so I can't in good conscience say that. But the game is out there (iOS/Android) if you want to check it out, and you can find the story on the internet if you just that

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Two months ago, back when it had its English-language release, I started playing Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage. I figured I would probably like it since it was like BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! but with (more) Vocaloid songs, both of which I already liked

And it was, and I liked it! But what I wasn't expecting was that the game contained what might be the best depiction of trauma I've ever seen in a video game, if not any form of media

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