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Just a heads up for those of you who followed me for my art: I will be using this space mostly for my personal rambles. You can find my art on other social media sites or you can follow me at:

thank you for following me on either account 🌼


#mastoart #creative #inktober

(a little bit of inkwash to show off the pretty ink sample I got... and lost by knocking it over... LOL)

I've been trying to adjust my diet for a fibromyalgia diagnosis so it's gluten-free, red meat free, and nightshade vegetable-free... I've managed to find things to eat for a week, continually wondering what I can eat anymore LMAO... hoping it makes a difference to my illness because I'm so tired of not being able to do anything anymore...

An ink of my friend Rem's character Hitomi from her webcomic Devil's Candy!

We're going to be streaming the countdown soon for the kickstarter, so come join us! #mastoart #creativetoots


Countdown Stream:

I got a table commission to draw a hot OC in a suit and IDK what else I'd rather be drawing #creativetoots #mastoart

a marker commission (of my character Rel) I did at a local con last weekend #creativetoots #mastoart

throwback thaturday to 3 years ago, the one time I drew an FE character, for my good friend #creativetoots #mastoart #fireemblem #fe:if

a wip of a watch series because I really want my dream watch someday #creativetoots #mastoart

I'm seeing ads these days with the phrase "luxury rent living" and I'm just like y'all out of your minds, pretending rent life is great at all

I got to dance with world-class dancers last weekend and I honestly wished I was well past beginner level so I could do more with them 😭

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