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Just a heads up for those of you who followed me for my art: I will be using this space mostly for my personal rambles. You can find my art on other social media sites or you can follow me at:

thank you for following me on either account 🌼

We've pre-sold more than 500 books so far, and we're now less than 5k away from getting dat RED FOIL ON ALL THESE BOOKS 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

A mid-term thank-you from Rel and Fugue. We can hit 30k!! #kickstarter

this is what my computer looks like from my side of the view ;-;

my friends' art all over this cute lunchbox

I acquired a new skill just to show this off for my KS

IT WILL BE SHINY AT 30K!!! There's about 6k to go! 🔥 🔥 🔥 ✨

ever since I got a private twitter I've had to make a separate folder for saucy drawings

I busted up when I found out my French publisher straight up took my 6x9" files and printed them into letter size books asdfas THEY'RE HUGE. LIKE LEGIT BD... I'm dead asdhgasfads

the readership for Cut Time has been smol for a while so I really hope more people find it and give it a chance ;-;

i'm so happy we got our hour back, I sorely needed it LOL

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eyebrow privilege is not knowing what an eyebrow pencil is



"if I get a private twitter, I will either get too bitchy or too horny"

2 days later:

"okay it's too horny"

feeling notably less depressed today! maybe I just needed a cry. I don't know. It's beautiful outside

I... finally made a private twitter account. I just wanted a safe place to play with my friends ;-;

ah... I think my care package to my friend in russia has been lost... I'm super sad......

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