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I hate the comments section on webcomics

I believe growing stronger from the ordeal serves as justice in itself. If you learned to prosper despite the pain, great. That's what justice means to me on a personal level.

Justice can feel so ironic. When you're wronged, you're desperate to see some retribution to the other side. Most of the time it never comes when you need it, but only after you've gotten over it yourself, at which point is just sad. If you find yourself relishing it, it speaks to your lack of growth than anything. Nobody wins by wishing harm on another.

I'm trying to think why I'm so sad about my age. I feel like I don't have a lot to show for the 3 decades I'd have lived by the end of this year. I still feel like a child. I still don't understand a lot about the world. I still feel so confused about living and what I want out of life

my body's literally been forcing me to rest. 2018 is going to be a slow year

What's dumb is that I already know that my family's opinions don't amount to anything. Their esteem isn't going to make me a better artist or give me success. I'm very grateful for all the support I do get from everywhere else. Maybe I needed to know this kind of rejection to keep my ego in check, so I could appreciate all the love and support I get now.

I'm glad other people can experience what I couldn't though... I'm sure it's one of those things that help them to keep going

I get very envious of people who get proper emotional support from their family. The most I can expect from mine is their resignation. I've made peace with the fact that I don't share my art with them but I just wish they wouldn't drag me anymore. I wish their opinions didn't matter to me anymore

I personally don't think /not/ sharing about yourself makes you an interesting person. People aren't mysteries to me and they stop being interesting the less I can learn about them

I never imagined that my baptismal name would be a big part of me. It was one my bible group leader picked for me because I didn't know which to choose at the time. But nowadays when I'm alone in the dark in the silence, my given name feels foreign and my catholic name feels right. I'll likely never use it out loud, but it really does feel like the name I was reborn with. Spirituality is strange.

I've noticed that twitter personas are more truncated and comedic than ones on more remote platforms because everything has to be a punchline for the larger audience. I'm calling myself out


update!! I can't believe I'm finally at the green logo!!

I can't believe I drew that 4 years ago... what in the world

I found this in my folders
My favourite volleyballs

I am a sad potato tonight

When I was a teenager I always rued the fact that my anger was so easily roused, not knowing what kind of burdens I was carrying. I wanted to be a more temperate person because I hated both feeling angry and the consequences thereof. I'm still striving to heal and change so I can be someone who is gentle and kind. I hope I can get there ok

My boyfriend packed my lunchbox ;-; (he built me a brand new computer and we've just been calling it the lunchbox)

I have been decorating it 😊