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Just a heads up for those of you who followed me for my art: I will be using this space mostly for my personal rambles. You can find my art on other social media sites or you can follow me at:

thank you for following me on either account 🌼

a wip of a watch series because I really want my dream watch someday #creativetoots #mastoart

I'm seeing ads these days with the phrase "luxury rent living" and I'm just like y'all out of your minds, pretending rent life is great at all

I got to dance with world-class dancers last weekend and I honestly wished I was well past beginner level so I could do more with them 😭

✨ Preorders for Book 1 of Cut Time, along with some of the neat rewards are open for preorders!✨

I have been learning swing dancing this year and I got to try a little bit of balboa #dancing #mastoart

a feature shot of my character Jiao, whose lovely form gets lost in the full illustration ;o; #mastoart #creativetoots



oops sorry... I think I missed an update message or two here haha... I've been updating every week!

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