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This is a tweet to remind myself to write about caste and tweet it :3

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I'm seeing some serious confusion about caste in premodern India. If there's something you want to know, put a question here, and I'll answer what I can.

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Neeraj Bishnoi: Aayega to Modi hi

Bishnoi's Father: Beta, bahar police aayi hai.

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Another man dragged out of his house and lynched to death in broad daylight in the middle of a market in Jharkhand. His body was then set on fire. All for allegedly cutting a 'holy tree'. For 'hurting religious sentiments'.

Over a 100 people did this to one man. Just yesterday.

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Remember the police shooting Basava claiming that it was in self-defense & he was trying to steal sandalwood? Well, turns out that the FIR they have filed doesn't explain how he was attacking them + there is no sandalwood tree in a 10kms radius.

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18 and 21 year olds are pretending to be Khalistani fake accounts to harass Muslim women online. Wow.

Sudhir Chaudhary uncle must be proud. His hard work is showing results.

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happened in Haridwar because there was NO ACTION against Yati Narasinghanand earlier cases.
happened because there was no action against people behind
You know who's at fault.

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Standing in IIT Kanpur, established in 1958 - 59, Narendra Modi speaks the old trope of β€œ70 saal main kuch nahin hua”.

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Hindus of the country are not responsible for what Hindutva gangs are doing in their name.

But Muslims are responsible for what Aurangzeb did 350 years ago.

Let that sink in.

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There was 2 days of pin drop silence by Hindutva loudspeakers and OpIndia toilet paper on .

The BJP IT Cell came up with an old plan: Whataboutery, through Owaisi.

RW literally has no response. They can't [yet] openly embrace their own genocidal creatures.

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A Thread with **TRIGGER WARNING***
A three day hate speech conclave was organized by hate monger Yati Narsinghanand. At the event, multiple calls to k!ll minorities and attack their religious spaces were made.
Thread πŸ‘‡

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Dr Kafeel was slapped with NSA and jailed for making harmless speech during CAA protest

Yati Narsinghanand and other hate mongers gives genocidal speech and still walks free.

Two India perhaps !!

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Ninety-six civilians, 81 security forces personnel and 366 terrorists were killed in Kashmir since the repeal of Article 370 till this November: Minister of State for Home Nityanand Rai informs Rajya Sabha

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