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I play a lot of fighting games, mainly Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +R on steam atm, but I have some others like Melty Blood Type Lumina on PS4.

I'm down to talk video games, music(mostly hip-hop), anime & manga(usually Shonen Jump manga and Gundam), and Tokusatsu(mostly Garo/Kamen Rider/Ultraman).

Out of all of these, ZZ is the only one I wouldn't re-watch on my time. Got a lot of love for these shows. .

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So far, my Gundam experience goes like this:
Build Fighters
Build DIvers: ReRise
G Gundam

That DNF patch in December sounds fun, but I'm REALLY not looking forward to any buffs on Striker, Hitman, or Dragon Knight. Their shit better just say " .00001% damage increase on 5a" or something or may God help us all.

Okay, I think I'm approaching the part where ZZ Gundam becomes a good show now.

Chainsaw Man is really good, so I'm really glad the anime adaption looks like it'll be fire.

They didn't hit Mystic Mine, but the banlist today did hit some problematic cards.

It kinda sucks to see the style of an artist you enjoy start to go into a direction you don't like as much. Obviously, their stuff is still great, but it's still kinda unfortunate on my end.

A comment I read on the birdsite that was really good was(paraphrasing) "The next time you go 'no nerfs, only buffs' in regards to fighting game balance, please go play a card game competitively for a couple years," and after playing YGO for almost 9 months now, I can confidently say that that motherfucker was onto something.

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