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@Joshi I just don't care.

Anatomically I'm a woman.

I was born late in the Baby Boom (early 1960s) and commonly refer to all people as "guys."

I've been called "dude" by a Gen X woman and "mami" by a Hispanic woman. I was once introduced to someone as my brother's brother, which puzzled but did not offend me.

I've thought about using "it."

The only gender word that ever offended me was when someone called me "sir."

I've put that in my bio: Please don't call me "sir."

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fan & fan (we're about to change seasons). Hate football.

I used to work in and still love to visit them. Occasionally I .

As you've probably guessed, I'm kind of eclectic. Follow me to learn more. (But, please, I'm not here for dating or sex. I will mute or block.)


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I'm new here--joined yesterday. Here's my

I've spent most of my professional providing support to organizations. Also with various organizations, including Alternatives.

Earned a BA in & am currently doing some . I at Mostly read these days.


I washed the windows yesterday afternoon, and this web appeared outside in this morning's mist. This must have been quick work from one of our Banksie the spiders.

Hired a part-time office manager for my home office. #catsofmastodon

Productivity level: -8
Cuteness level: +11

I just searched the birdsite for . There are tweets *about* microfiction, but almost no tweets *of* microfiction. So I will be making more time to visit Mastodon in the near future.

On the other hand, there have been no toots about (Wednesday) or (Thursday) on Mastodon, so I still need to visit the bird site occasionally.

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The princess gently buffed the whimpering dragon with a wide, soft brush; removing dull, loose scales.

"Darling, try to eat something. To keep your strength up."

The dragon shook her great head, "I'm too stressed, I'm just not hungry."

"I understand, but you'll get shaky and light headed if you don't."

"I just want a bath," the dragon sighed.

"Alright, but try to eat at least one knight afterwards. It's hard work luring them out here!"

r u boy or girl?

Are any , or other folks doing Day here on Mastodon?

I've been checking out the early (Australia & New Zealand) questions & answers on the birdsite.

The official date is September 16, so it will be "tomorrow" for museums in my time zone.

Just curious: Do you delete old calendar entries?

wondering about something, please vote and share. clinical diagnosis not required. clarification questions welcome.

are you—?
1. autistic and do get stress nosebleeds
2. autistic and do not get stress nosebleeds
3. allistic (not autistic) and do get stress nosebleeds
4. allistic (not autistic) and do not get stress nosebleeds

Are you a human?

Pals - if you are trans, intersex, and/or nonbinary and are a grad student or postdoc in STEM
there is a scholarship for you!
Deadline is September 30

People say free software community is divided into two. So, in which one do you belong?

a) I hate Mac, but I really really hate Windows.

b) I hate Windows, but I really really hate Mac

(Boost appreciated for better result) #freesw #gnu #linux #windows #mac #losedows

Well, the weather improved a bit and I spend most of the day so far outside, working in the neglected garden (cutting a hedge and pruning some roses, among other things). Which reminds me: Have a nice afternoon. And a #rose of sorts. 😉

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/ \ / \ \
\ \ / /
-\\ ____
\\- / /
____ \\/___/
\ \ -//
\__ _\//-

Uh-oh. Lutefisk (@thor) is following me.

My grandmother used to make lutefisk and my Dad has warned me about it.

In your opinion, the most comfortable sounding way to pluralise the word metropolis is:

(Metropoles here is pronounced MEH-trop-o-LEES not metro-poles)


1 out of 2000 US residents have now died.

If you told me "if you step through that door there's a 1 in 2000 chance your heart or lungs will give out entirely"

I would not walk through the door.

If you told me that if I walked through the door and lived, that X people would be compelled to follow me and take that chance on their own, and then their X would follow them?

I would put boards over that door and stand outside it, screaming for people to choose a different door.

In other news, two more colleges went to remote learning today AFTER large numbers of students tested positive...

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