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Updated , part 2.

I am a fan of most , especially and .

Other interests include , especially walks, , , , , and , and .

I am not here for dating or sex. You will be muted or blocked.

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It's Spring Cleaning season, and there seem to be many new users joining the Fediverse, so it's time to update my pinned toots, which go back to 2018 when I joined Mastodon.

I have a BA in and enjoy and . I , do a little writing, and enjoy .

My professional career has been spent providing support to . I am also a serial .

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@Joshi I just don't care.

Anatomically I'm a woman.

I was born late in the Baby Boom (early 1960s) and commonly refer to all people as "guys."

I've been called "dude" by a Gen X woman and "mami" by a Hispanic woman. I was once introduced to someone as my brother's brother, which puzzled but did not offend me.

I've thought about using "it."

The only gender word that ever offended me was when someone called me "sir."

I've put that in my bio: Please don't call me "sir."

It's fifty years since M*A*S*H first aired, and it's stood the test of time.

As far as I'm concerned it's the best television series ever--funny, touching, well-written and well acted.

Hab mal wieder eine Frage an euch:

Wenn ihr Menschen vom #Fediverse und #Mastodon erzählt, erwähnt ihr dann die Möglichkeit von #Crossposting mit manchen Diensten?

Hintergrund: Ich halte bald einen Einstiegs-Workshop angepasst an verschiedene Gruppen über das Fediverse und habe mich nach sehr langer Überlegung dagegen entschieden, das Thema von allein anzuschneiden und nur auf Rückfrage darauf einzugehen.
Jetzt nachdem ich das auch aufgeschrieben habe, wollte ich gern wissen, wie ihr das da draußen so handhabt, wenn ihr über das Fediverse sprecht.

okay let's put this to rest once and for fall:

It's Vikki's birthday again, and that means I'm remembering the crazy conversation in which we found out we'd both been invited to join the Nazi party... and we both said "No."

#askfedi : How many pins have you saved in your #pinterest profile?

Create something for no practical purpose such as a song, a poem, an essay, a painting, a drawing, a comic strip, a collage, etc.

The plural reflexive form of "they" is "themselves". What do you prefer for the singular reflexive form of "they"?

(boosts okay)

I'm up unusually early (it's 6:30 in my time zone) and apparently only are awake on Mastodon.

Timmy Trumpet is welcome in Citi Field any time. What an adrenaline-charged end to the game.

Not sure if this is the time to admit this, but I was quite heartbroken when the Mets got Edwin Diaz. Nothing against him personally, but I knew an Edwin Diaz in college and he died very young. Every time I heard the name it was like a small stab in my heart.

Now when I hear the name I also hear trumpets.

Cop 1: I am proceeding on foot! Call in a Code 8
Cop 2 (using the police radio): We need fettuccine, repeat fettuccine!


Memphis, TN police say a tractor-trailer spilled Alfredo sauce all over I-55


Hej #mastodon :mastodon: how do you organize your #bookmarks 🔖 and/or store content for later consumption? I'm currently inclining towards the first option. #archivebox #raindropio #wallabag #askfedi

A hot dog is

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