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"One of the things the German's did very right was to walk away from their initial app."

CEO of @openuk_uk@twitter.com Amanda Brock explains how we initially weren't the only country to go with a ...but we were the only to try and stick with it!

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The latest 4.3.0 release of the @only_office@twitter.com app supports direct document editing during a chat or video call in Talk! Time to upgrade if you haven't already!

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Did you know that there is a face recognition app for Nextcloud? This is impressive. All Open Source and running locally apps.nextcloud.com/apps/facere

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Four years of @Nextclouders@twitter.com: a brief history of the Nextcloud snap, Nextcloud Box, all to way to the current day version 19 and the @ubuntu@twitter.com appliance portfolio.


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Nice. Apple and Microsoft will also support WebAuthn. Nextcloud Hub 19 introduced WebAuthn support. So you can now log into your Nextcloud without a password. engadget.com/safari-face-id-to

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I'm pleased to announce that the @Nextclouders@twitter.com snap has been updated to v19.0.0. Looking for a maintenance-free Nextcloud?

$ sudo snap install nextcloud


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In der aktuellen c't gibt es einen spannenden Artikel über Nextcloud Talk. 'Reden ohne Wolke. Private Videokonferenzen mit Nextcloud Talk' heise.de/select/ct/2020/14/201

Just in time for WWDC Nextcloud is launching the brand new version 3.0 of the Nextcloud iOS app. Coherence is coming!

Built-in PDF & image viewer
Live photo support
Curated view for media files
Quick Look for files
UI improvements and a lot more! nextcloud.com/blog/nextcloud-c

Open Source and the Open Technology Fund are under attack by the Trump Administration. Please help by signing here: saveinternetfreedom.tech

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So, Mal wieder @Nextclouders@twitter.com Werbung laufen beim CCC Vortrag über die Corona-Warn-App ;-)

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We are delighted to share a new initiative – the Ubuntu Appliance portfolio. Together with @Nextclouders@twitter.com, Mosquitto, @plex@twitter.com, @openHAB@twitter.com and @AdGuard@twitter.com, we have created a new class of Ubuntu derivatives. Learn more about this exciting initiative here!


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Happy to have @openHAB@twitter.com as one of the featured appliances of this new Ubuntu initiative! twitter.com/ubuntu/status/1272

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Happy that Nextcloud is part of this new Ubuntu Appliance Portfolio initiative from Ubuntu/Canonical ubuntu.com/blog/the-ubuntu-app

Nextcloud Mail introduces Machine Learning for Priority Inbox. I'm happy that we are able to do all this machine learning as open source and on premise in a privacy aware way!! nextcloud.com/blog/nextcloud-m

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The recent release of Nextcloud Hub v19 introduced an easier way to install without Docker or proxy configuration in your web server! ⭐️
Read on to find out how!

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