I'm happy to give a keynote at the Univention Summit in Bremen at the end of the month. univention-summit.com

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Don't miss the keynote of @fkarlitschek@twitter.com on the and take the chance to learn more about the file share and communication platform . Register now. 01/31/ + 02/01/ in Bremen: ow.ly/DJTb50kcR1J

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Cool to see 4K-5K (unique) views of our newsletters, a 40-45% open rate. That is twice what's typical in email newsletters so I'm glad to know people like our newsletters.

If you're not subscribed yet, do so on newsletter.nextcloud.com today!

Feedback welcome!

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Wow. Did you know that executives of the Amazon Ring company can get unfiltered, round-the-clock live feeds from the customers who have a Ring camera at home? theintercept.com/2019/01/10/am This kind of centralized storage and processing of video feeds of all customers is a huge problem

Jopin is a nice open source note talking app for Android, iOS and Desktop. It even has Nextcloud syncing. opensource.com/article/19/1/pr

Happy to be on FLOSS Weekly for the third time yesterday. twit.tv/shows/floss-weekly/epi We chatted about software licenses, business models and Nextcloud news.

Google removed a photo I took from Google+ because of ‘Spam’. This centralized services need to be replaced with true distributed and federated services.

I'm very happy to speak at FOSSC in Oman in February. fossc.om/2019/ This will be fun.

Just watched RBG. An awesome documentary about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Very inspiring woman.

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Open source decentralized and federated solutions - let’s win the internet back! I couldn’t agree more! Let’s do this! twitter.com/fkarlitschek/statu

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@fkarlitschek@twitter.com Indeed, one of the greatest gifts of working on free software is the amazing friends and colleagues and the good we can achieve. I never met so many inspiring and wonderful people before. Here‘s to an amazing 2019!

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Great to see that the EU investing their money in the right way. A bug bounty program for Free and Open Source Software juliareda.eu/2018/12/eu-fossa-

We have a Nextcloud migration guide and a very convenient migration tool if you still run ownCloud nextcloud.com/migration/

A wonderful 2019 to all of you. The thing I'm most grateful about is that I can work with awesome people on something useful that makes the world a little bit better. I hope 2019 will be the same!

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