I'm super happy that Nextcloud keeps on growing fast. Last year our revenue grew by over 75% and the userbase 10x nextcloud.com/blog/nextcloud-k

Die Vergabekammer in Baden-Württemberg hat entschieden, dass die Übermittlung personenbezogener Daten in Länder außerhalb der EU nicht mit der vereinbar ist.


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Great to see @fkarlitschek@twitter.com speak again.. he’s one of the passionate that has always been consistent in his public communication

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I'm excited to listen to @fkarlitschek@twitter.com talk about why the GPL is great for business here in the Carmel room at ! youtu.be/lsdlp8jMFiY

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Le PDG de @Nextclouders@twitter.com, @fkarlitschek@twitter.com dénonce le "faux marketing" employé par , qui fait, à dessein, un mauvais usage du terme de .


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Nextcloud will be at the 19th edition of @socallinuxexpo@twitter.com in Los Angeles from July 28-31!

Swing by our booth or join the Speaker's Spotlight session by @fkarlitschek@twitter.com: Why the GPL is great for business?

We can't wait to see you there!

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The next major version of Nextcloud Hub is shaping up really nicely. Stay tuned for an awesome release.

The Register quotes me about the false marketing of Microsoft. Digital Sovereignty has some clear requirements and can not be redefined. theregister.com/2022/07/20/mic

By the way. If you are part of an underrepresented group then you can apply for travel support to attend the Nextcloud Conference. Nextcloud is an inclusive and diverse space where we collaborate and develop world class software. nextcloud.com/blog/youre-invit

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Kudos to @Nextclouders@twitter.com for refusing the 🍪
You’re running an important case with @OVHcloud@twitter.com & Co: which practices of bundling are creating competition issues in the cloud era?

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The Call for Speakers for the cool Nextcloud Conference 2022 is here: nextcloud.com/blog/nextcloud-c Join us in Berlin in October!

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How-To: One-click visualization of raw data

Do you need a quick and simple data visualization?
The open-source app for is your solution


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