So far I've got 43 students in my online class this fall and only 5 students in the face-to-face section.

Pretty wild how big our online programs have gotten.

i don't want to "generate content" i want to tell you about my cat

Every time I'm sad lately @APS sends me this photo & it always makes me laugh so I thought you all might like it too:

I'm the editor of WEREWOLVES VERSUS, an ongoing collaborative digital anthology.

Each issue contains fiction, comics, art, music & poetry all about werewolves confronting a new conceptual / ideological foe. So far: The 1990s, Romance, Music, Space, Hollywood & Fashion.

It's pay-what-you-want (including $0), and the creators earn royalties.

We've made six "regular" issues so far. You can download them here:

And you can learn more here:

Apropos of nothing, I want to show off this map of my school I made a few years ago.

I didn’t have any special software—I did all of it in Microsoft Word. Every line, curve, symbol, and label was placed there as a textbox or lineart in Word.

It was pretty absurd. I had to do this for four floors.

But the resulting PDF blueprints were all vectors, with no bitmap stuff, so they could be blown up infinitely and still look good. I was proud of myself for my dumb Word maps.

bowel movements 

Hope everyone’s coffee poop was good this morning.

I'm taking my advisor's office while he's on sabbatical. I've never had an office before, so I feel like a real adult now.

ŏ̷̳͈p̴̳͛͘e̶̗̎͝ǹ̶̳̳͈ ̷͈̅y̶̖͚͖͊ō̷̮̗̟̂ȗ̵̡r̴̻̘͑͊ ̷̲̠͋m̸͓̑͂̋o̶̜͋ǔ̶̹̅̆t̸̘̊̄h̷̪̉

a three-word horror story 

unexpected phone call

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