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Ek onkar satnam... Japji sahab
Mom's been having a tough time sleeping ever since her BP crashed on Thursday night. The mool mantra is something we have grown up with, it gives immense peace to the listener; for the last 2 nights she has been drifting into an easier sleep with this playing on my cell by her ears... and so it is today, i can hear the mool mantra playing while she drifts off...


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An all-Canadian mix of indie rock artists with songs from the last decade for a feel good soundtrack fit for a road trip across the provinces. Mixed and edited by John Early.

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It's time for music to be shared, but I can't for the world of me drum up enough enthusiasm, so you will excuse me if i dive into old favorites.

I have always found Enya to be soothing, some of her numbers more than others... I share with you an eternal fav, it has always lifted me out of the dumps... sometimes needs to be played repeatedly, but it works

Enya, The River Sings:


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I learnt this way back in school, must have been class 4 or 5. It resounds even today:
खुद जियो और को भी जीने दो
यही तोह है ज़िन्दगी का वास्ता
हमारे अमन की शांति का रास्ता
यही तोह लिखा गीता और कुरान में
यही तोह वाणी नानक और कबीर की
इसीलिए तोह गांधीजी ने जान दी
की समझे दुनिया बात उस फ़क़ीर की
जो लड़ना है तोह मिलके लड़ो झूठ से
जो झूठ सारे देश को जला रहा
मिटाओ जाती-पाती लड़ो फूट से
जो फूट सारे देश को गाला रहा
खुद जियो और को भी जीने दो
यही तोह है ज़िन्दगी का वास्ता
हमारे अमन की शांति का रास्ता

When co-contributors lead, it's best to follow
Sometimes the gems shared are really mellow
Vibrant pinks, oranges and reds have come forth
In full unrestrained glee, they share their growth

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Watch out 4 mails 4m unknown servers but seemingly sent by people U know asking 4 payments 2b made 4 them 2 vendors. 1 domain identified: Name vs. that on Gpay/Phone pe won't match. Cell +918421722059 & +917083941023

Interested in learning Mandarin, my niece teaches it
More details below or here:

Since @VivekT is missing from here, posting so that all can share, his joy, his pride, the apple of his eye

My most beautiful thing
Life had so much to offer, So many beautiful things. They got supplanted all

And Covid-19 just doesn't stop... Experts warn coronavirus may cause 'wave' of neurological conditions including Parkinson's disease

Monday is a slow day, but it seems to want its say, who are we to hold it back, we just ask it cut us some slack:

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I have missed posting since Friday, but in my defense am unwell, so 3-in-1 is today's deal, enjoy it while it lasts..…/a

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New Proverbs likely to be included in the English language...

1. A sneeze, in time... infects nine !
2. All that sniffles has caught a cold !
3. Home stay is the best policy !
4. One man's mask is another man's poison !
5. An unmasked guy is the Covid's workshop !
6. As you spray, so shall you reap !..
7. Don't count your chickens before next March !
8. Every cough has its spray !
9. Rome was not
infected in a day !

To change things a lil bit, I made a request, which got responses that were the best, Tuesday changed its game plan…/t

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