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Kea Wijkstra 🐝

@gael Hello GaΓ«l,
I saw the announcement of exciting Eelo and posted it here. And I saw your letter to Musk. Now I wonder what you think about Musk's plans with Neurolink. I have fear for this kind of tech. And Paypal: I refuse Paypal because of its background and because it is a huge spying organisation. You will not like this too of course. And why addressing Musk, who is a transhumanist too, like Zuckerberg, Page and others?

I am beginning to think that the slogan 'Tech makes our lives better' is not true, because of the many downsides it also has. Tech makes our lives different. Only in some cases it is a real improvement.

"The activist whose case against Facebook transformed European privacy law is launching a new organisation to fund data privacy lawsuits, getting ready for a new regulation that could see huge fines for big technology companies." Pledge your support for Max Schrems' They at

I now use an Xperia X with Sailfish. Got the Sailfish flashed by a kind person from Jolla. It has some flaws, like the camera, but it is a quite nice device. No way to stream to tv, however, some apps need Playstore, which I refuse, Sailfish apps are sometimes brilliant in their simplicity, sometimes crappy. So to some degree you have to withdraw......

"The powerlessness many people feel in the face of new technologies may have something to do with the undemocratic nature of their development": (via Twitter)

A new star on the sky: Eelo, an android smartphone without Google,based on LineageOS. GaΓ«l Duval tries to get some funding on kickstarter now.
Once it will succeed: tech without surveillance.

The truth about Facebook that you don't want to know:

I wonder why many developers are flashing alternative OS'es on smartphones for themselves, while nobody starts a business of flashing, in order to give other people the opportunity to use an alternative OS.

Ethiopia: Closure of β€œtorture chamber” could signal new chapter for human rights #amnesty #international
We wish you all !FreeSoftware supporters a happy New Year! Let us dream for a moment and then work the rest of the year to make this dream come true. Please share the Public Money #PublicCode video and ask people to sign the open letter: #fsfe #FreeSoftware