I am sorry: now I get other ads when searching for Tutanota in iTunes, but Google's ad has gone. What is Apple doing?

CEO Telegram claims that Apple asked him to shut down channels used by protesters in Belarus.


At first I got that Google ad in iTunes, when searching for Tutanota. Now it is gone! By making noise at Vestager and Tim Cook?

Searching for the Tutanota app in iTunes in order to reinstall the app on my ipad I get this and ik makes me angry on Google:

Can we watch Youtube with an app from Aurora Store? What does Google collect when using Aurora Store? All apps do pass one gmail account, but what more?

So annoyed that Youtube doesn't work without a Google account. Even with Sailfish clients it is impossible to watch something on YT, because Google changed its api key.

Yes, we need an alternative to the
Play Store. Or make it more open @Google

I'm fully supporting this kind of initiative and we will probably put something in place in the next months too.


Thank you. Sailfish is not 100% open source, but almost. I like the Finnish design and interface. Unfortunately banking apps are not possible at the moment. Together with an ipad I can manage.

No Google account, so Google prohibits me watching Youtube on ipad. Get a pop up each time with request to create an account.
In a Guardian article Google puts a ReCapcha in place of a picture with link to Youtube. Bastards.
No fan of Youtube either, but if I really have to watch something, I can make use of a YT client on my Sailfish device.

If you want to know what trackers and permissions Android apps have: take a look at
Exodus Privacy, 'reports'

What's the connection between Signal and Google?
Does anyone know?

The lockdown is over and the 'feeling of unity' is gone.
Complains and a competition 'who suffered most'.
With climate crisis some will have to give up their luxury. Complains, complains.

Unless we act now, the climate crisis will be tomorrow’s central scenario and, unlike Covid-19, no one will be able to self-isolate from it.

The world must seize this opportunity to meet the climate challenge | Andrew Bailey and others


Do not generalize
Do not stereotype
Persons deserve better

What is the difference between PinebookPro and the Librem 13 or 15 ?

@BartG95 Ik heb PKN in A'dam geschreven met vraag of ze hun website GDPR-proof wilden maken. Hebben ze gedaan, maar wel Google Analytics. Heb donatieapp GIVT even via iOS gedownload om in review te zeggen welke onaangename trackers er in zitten (Zie Exodus Privacy site). Ze reageerden tamelijk positief. Er is ook de app Chrch, die staat nog niet in Exodus Privacy. De kerken Zoomen en Youtuben en hebben soms sites met fingerprinting, hopeloos.

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