*Hospital gets new patient information software* "Gee I wish the programmers had talked to some nurses and doctors instead of just other programmers"
*School gets new student assessment software* "Gee I wish the programmers had talked to some teachers and students instead of just other programmers"
*Construction company gets new materials tracking software* "Gee I wish the programmers had talked to some installers and estimators etc"

Just a trend I've noticed

Adblocking isn't unethical. Covering your website in trackers, spying on users, and compromising their security to make a buck is.

Interested in #CircularEconomy? Enrol in the new free online course: Circular Economy - Sustainable Materials Management. #CEMOOC @IIIEElund@twitter.com
Starting 14 Jan > coursera.org/learn/circular-ec

I've been working on some articles about today's online social networking nightmares, how we ended up with them, and what we might want to do next. Here's part one:


All 9 climate datasets with their 30 year centered average (different reference periods) in one graph:

β€œIn a virtual world like the one in our study, we have perfect control over the conditions of the experiment. This enables us to alter individual parameters and measure the associated effects…”


In case you were wondering why #Facebook invests in VR.

FIDH: **Turkey: Şebnem Korur Fincancı from HRFP sentenced to 2,5 years in prison**

"TUR 001 / 0119 / OBS 001 Sentencing/ Judicial harassment Turkey January 4, 2019 The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, a partnership of FIDH and the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT), re…"


#humanrights #news #bot

Last year, FacebπŸ‘€k got, uh, PR issues. This year, it should be GπŸ‘€gle's turn.
Hopefully, both go bankrupt before the next decade.

This is a statue located in Berlin, entitled "Politicians Discussing Global Warming."

Meanwhile, on French television, endless numbers of car commercials. None of which advertise electric cars, only gas-guzzlers.

My village is a pathetic example of French citizens having bought into the luxury offroad vehicle syndrome. Most European countries have bought into it, in fact.

If Macron wants to make a dent, he should cut out that car advertising on television. Speed up the timeline to electric in factories. Build more trains.

But, car capitalist corporations are too powerful.

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