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Kea Wijkstra 🐝

Finally the documentary about #Microsoft monopoly on the public sector has been published in English, maybe someone wouldn't mind publishing it also on #PeerTube so that it will survive a likely take down?

@aral Pur.ism will install Epiphany/Gnome on the Librem 5. I think they have changed their mind about the browser.

@aral You are right: Google is even present at Firefox Focus. GDPR is a flop until now. Only a few companies do it right. What I dislike: to opt out from Google services you often have to have a Google account. 😑

Enabling Better Blocker in Gnome Web

@gnome Web is an ethical, simple, elegant, and beautiful web browser. And, since I switched my main development machine to one running Gnome Shell, it is now my default browser.

To get Gnome Web to use Better’s blocking rules, all you need to do is to enter the following command in terminal:

gsettings set org.gnome.Epiphany adblock-filters "['']"

#trackers #adtech #gnome #betterblocker

Facebook is soooo nice. Keep using it people.

Here Are 18 Things You Might Not Have Realized #Facebook Tracks About You -

πŸ“Ί Pour finir ce lundi, nous vous conseillons ce documentaire Β« Le web, un peu, beaucoup, Γ  la folie Β» d'Arte. C'est le dernier jour pour le regarder alors profitez-en πŸ€™