@meneer Heb net een XA2 gekocht en voor Sailfish betaald. Toch weer. Maar wel een avontuur. Jolla moet echt een flash service instellen zodat non-technici het ookkunnen gebruiken.

Paris is now running its own data center. From a data control standpoint, this seems pretty smart. The city should not have to migrate locations again for the next 50 years, meaning certainly not before collapse. So, long enough.


Remember that #google itself (the search engine) is #malware because it is technically a keylogger that will never forget anything you typed 'into' it. The address bar in #chrome and #chromium is also a #keylogger

@paolo Microsoft announced that it will stop with Health Vault. Perhaps the NHS will regret that they did not choose for Nextcloud.

I notice @aral pointing out more unethical ethics conferences. I think the sad reality is that many of those conferences are places for Facebook and people like Peter Thiel to ethicswash their agendas. This works especially well if they can get selfies alongside speakers who have genuinely done good work.

Alternative os's should not be eager to hug Huawei since Google/Trump banned this company. What difference does it make, being bitten by a dog or by a cat?

I asked him what will happen if Google combines this data with medical data and sells it to insurance companies. "Impossible" he said. When I told him that our medical data are stored on Google's cloud in he at first did not believe it, for " this would not be right'. Then I showed him and he said: "that's a shame." Yet he still is a big fan of Google and its projects. This whole project was created without the knowledge of the city council and citizens didn't know it either. How stupid. ☹️😡

The it-boss of Amsterdam municipality is stupid. Google offered 1 millio euros to the city because it wants to measure air quality with Street View. Civil servants 'are allowed to sit in the car too' the it boss told me. He is a big fan of this data, especially because Google promised to share the data with the municipality.

Google just invested 1 million euros in a project to measure air quality in Amsterdam with Street View. Amsterdam and Copenhagen are the first cities and others will follow soon, a civil servant has told.. The municipality ‘is allowed to sit in the cars too’ and the data are shared with the city. So this is the way Google operates: ‘charity’ and making governments dependent.

Israeli espionage firm hacks WhatsApp. Can install spyware with missed call.


My advice: dump WhatsApp today and start using Wire (wire.com/en/products/personal-). Tell your friends and family to do the same. (It’s a simple, free download on all app stores. Easy to use, doesn’t require your phone number, and their business model is based on charging for commercial use and for pro accounts.)

You can find more alternatives on @switchingsocial (switching.social/ethical-alter)


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