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Kea Wijkstra 🐝 @KeaW

Google says they don't scan your mail for personalised ads anymore, but they still target you with your profile, distracted from your behaviour in all the other Google products that you use.

UK Parliament under "cyberattack" or, as some say, somebody is just trying to get into their email accounts and that is screwing up the lot.

It may have made no difference in this case but many (most) told the Parliament's CIO that it was a very stupid idea to move sensitive communication to #Office365.


Liberal Ibn Rushd-Goethe mosque in - Moabit led by women's rights campaigner to remain open despite fatwa from Egypt and threats from Turkey (Guardian article in English)

@mkwadee Indeed. It seems someone wants to teach them a lesson.

An elephant in Artis, the zoo in Amsterdam, got a swimming poole and swam for the first time last week. But still many cows in Holland don't have trees for shade where they can rest .

"#Uber has no conceivable path to profitability. Its business model has been based on a massive internal contradiction: using a ginormous war chest to try to achieve a near-#monopoly position in a low-margin, mature business that is fragmented geographically and locally."

#PlatformCoop #VC #SharingEconomy #GigEconomy #startups

@mattcropp Uber's aim was to disrupt the cab market. They succeeded partially but not totally. Silicon Valley investors are continously looking for disrupting possibilities on a glabal scale, because it makes money and because they really think that this is the future of mankind.

@stefanieschulte Vielen Dank. Ich denke um Genossenschaften auf zu richten braucht man SolidaritΓ€tsgefΓΌhl. Leider gibt's dass nicht viel mehr heutzutage. Vielleicht kommt das in der Zukunft wieder zurΓΌck.