Si vous voulez avoir un aperçu rapide des principaux événements du Moyen Âge (5e au 15e siècle) -- pour le contexte général ou les points d'entrée dans la recherche future -- ce n'est pas mauvais.

Ulster is British, Theresa May's deal is rejected, Johnson has no deal at all, Parliament voted against a no-deal. And the EU still doesn't know what the British want. Well, yes, a brexit without a backstop but that's unacceptable to the EU. Oh, mai.

Can you tell me if a Librem laptop is suitable for me? I have always used Macs and I have no experience with Linux.

Discussion between the boss of Alibaba and the boss of Tesla: 'BBC News - Elon Musk and Jack Ma disagree about AI's threat

My new Sony XA2 Plus with Sailfish. Not as advanced as ios and android, but far more elegant and a pleasure to use.

Pernkopf's Anatomical Atlas, still used, based on victims of the Nazis: BBC News - The Nazi book of anatomy still used by surgeons

If I want to be able to play Wordfeud on my Sailfish device I will get ads all the time, because I only can install free, unpaid Android apps. The paid version doesn't have ads. Same with e-foundation . What the Librem 5 will bring us still has to be seen.

Huawei admits it cannot or will not beat Google service/Google Play Store.
That is the problem of all alternatives: no paid apps possible. And so these alternatives do not attract the best developers, the best game makers. Because everything has its price. (I am using a Sailfish phone for nearly 6 uears and an ipad.)

Veganism as colonialism 

Ever heard of tardigrades (or moss piglets or water bears)? They are brought to the moon, which probably isn't a good idea. Tardigrades: 'Water bears' stuck on the moon after crash

Idee voor reiken jullie de Datalekmelding van het Jaar award uit? Als jullie dat niet doen, dan vraag ik het wel even.

Some butterflies I photographed looking very pretty whilst in the process of making more butterflies today:

@BartG95 Hallo, ik heb een vraag m.b.t. de Librem 5. Tijdens de crowdfunding heb ik me opgegeven (hoewel ook tamelijk enthousiast over Sailfish). Maar ik weet niet meer of je toen een overboeking moest doen. Kan daar niets meer over terug vinden. Ging die order gepaard met een betaling?

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