We have new key art!

Also, we are still gaining steadily, but we would love to hit 10k if possible! If you have any streamers you think would be into Calico, please (politely) let them know! We'd love for more people to learn about our cuddly cat game. 😺

Our game Calico is on Kickstarter! If you like cute games about having fun and collecting cute animals, please check it out! And please retoot or spread to other socials if you like it! :blobcat: :blobmiou:


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my friend @Kells's super cute game 'Calico' is up on kickstarter this month, please check it out if you like cats, magical girls, cafés, and combinations of those :blob_cat:


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Special announcement!


Calico, a game about magical girls running cat cafés is launching a demo alongside a Kickstarter October 1st of this year!

You can learn more about it and sign up for our mailing list at calicogame.com 💖

The first of many toys to come, and you can fully control the movement with mouse or analog stick!

I'm offically claiming the hashtag on here, I dibs it, everyone saw.

More Calico things! This is Kiva, the town magical girl mayor.

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I just found out about "Calico" by @Kells and I'm already in love with this game 😍

#fanart #CalicoGame

More Calico characters. <3 This is Autumn. This witch runs the local potion shop! One of those potions happened to turn her part cat... but she's not bothered!

Also, you can ride magically enlarged kitties around town for faster travel in Calico, so there's that.
(game still in early development, so forgive any unfinished assets!)

This week I'm working on the cafe itself! We've designed it a certain way so that when you enter it, you can see everything for better decorating! I still need to texture it.

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There are two player characters you can choose from in the Calico demo! This is Flower Girl.

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New day! Time to post some actual !

The game I'm developing is called Calico. In Calico you are a magical girl running a cat cafe in a cute, magical town! You can learn more at Calicogame.com ❤️

We're working to finish a demo in the next couple months for a kickstarter!

Hello sweet Mastodon. I am a game developer, and I'm going to start posting here as well! Hoping for a warm and welcoming community. <3


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