losing my mind because a download engine gives a file name with 'LNP Package' in it, and LNP stands for Learning Management Package.

I think I have terminal brain damage. I can no longer engage in any kind of online conversation without it descending into madness.

just realised I hadn't re-opened my mastodon tab for a few weeks. Hello everyone.

@liamvhogan out of interest (since I'm re-reading it for my video chat this arvo) - what's your main grievance with the 28 Articles?

@liamvhogan Rich is disappearing up his own bum now with crazy knots. The tyranny of daily content.

we just finished reading Against The Grain and hoo boy, I can strongly recommend that if you want to have your mind blown about the origin of The State.

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Hey folks - me and a couple of mates have embarked on a revolutionary reading club. We read something then link up on a video chat to drink beer and talk about it. We're open to newcomers, so if you feel like reading an essay on counterinsurgency then talking about how it applies to local politics get on board. This week we're reading David Kilcullen's 28 Articles:

Oh god, just opened an 'approved template' doc from a new client and it's in Calibri. END THE LOCKDOWN

@liamvhogan oh no, Richard is doing insane rethread knots now.

@liamvhogan the last comment in Richard's 30sec video today had me in stitches.

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Incredible, the AI meme generator is way better than I am at making up funny stuff

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three beers and DJ Shadow is a good Sunday arvo.

my brain is mush so you might as well see what I've been using it for today

Can be hard to make yourself safe on some of these jobs. Just an 8m drop...

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