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Came out alright @Kels_316 though the fan i had spare is not exactly whisper quiet!

convo turned to the fires. Apparently the firefighting agencies are a "scam" and "rorting money from the government" so that's a thing.

incredible boomer energy in this convo with my mum (who has just been to Singapore):
"they're reclaiming land everywhere, that must be changing the sea levels. How are they allowed to do this? We can't even breath in the wrong direction but they can just do whatever they want"

Does she think reclaiming land changes global sea levels?

hey if you're over on the bad bird website a new account is up and running to spruik safety-through-tech or somesuch. @DronesSafety is the handle. Seems like a super cool guy....

Maybe makerspaces could people assist with the printing and wiring? Maybe someone knows of a community org that could help fund some hardware? Idk, this isn't my wheelhouse, I'm a nerd with a 3D printer.

can't recall if I posted this already, but here's the github repo for my DIY air purifier. If anyone has ideas about how we can get this out to people who might want one but don't have access to the tools or knowledge I'd love to hear from you.

what if bushfire emergency information....but on the blockchain?

you know what I haven't done in ages? Just go fly a drone for fun. Last year I clocked a lot of hours on my fixed wings but it was all development, testing and operations. Need to make time for just getting out and zooming around for fun.

second night where I deployed all the prototype air purifiers in our bedrooms because it's pretty smokey outside. The loudest one is in our room but still slept through just fine. Kids don't seem to be bothered either.

alright so I'm getting about 2m/s airspeed through the housing. My dodgy calcs (I'm not an HVAC person) tell me that's about 160 CFM, which seems ok because the fan is rated to 186 CFM. That would mean my 25m3 office is getting 10 air exchanges an hour - about right for what we need. I'm sure this is too good for this shonky device.

ok, up and running with the airspeed data collection. Shonky af but it works

right, airspeed sensor shonked up. Now to set up the software and calibrate.

now I just need to print a fan housing with an insertion point for the pitot tube and calibrate everything. Will return in many hours with the results....


I found all the parts in the correctly labelled parts boxes! Cleaning up a few weeks back really paying off.

Right, I think I've worked out a way to measure the airflow through my DIY air purifier. Going to use a drone airspeed sensor inserted into the filter housing to measure airspeed inside the unit, then do some maths.

Just need to find an airspeed sensor and pitot tube in my very messy workshop.... (I have at least one of each somewhere)

a gronk at dad drinks last night tried to tell me that India was shooting nuclear waste into space in the 90s. Because I said "no, that's bullshit" he emailed me a PDF of a 1978 NASA study about the concept (at 1159pm). Dude, I fucking worked on the committee that wrote the COMDISPLAN for radioactive space reentry debris, but go off I guess?

last post on it for now: the print takes ~8hrs and uses about $5 worth of PLA. Its a very easy print, I played with the design so there's no supports required. You do need a decent size build area, I'm using an Ultimaker 2+.

so my goal here is to somehow get this out to communities that can't afford a $500+ 'single room' air purifier. If you have any contacts or ideas about how to do that, let me know.

so over the next couple of days I'll tidy up the design files and upload them to github with the BOM and some instructions. You do need to be able to solder to make the connector plug, and have access to a 3D printer for the top piece.

here's a clip of it clearing smoke from a plastic box. This was a 2min test to see if the fan had enough static pressure to draw through the filter. I sped up the clip so it takes 10sec.

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