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If you want to play some classic BBS role-playing games, I'm having a session on my Juicy HQ BBS this sunday, 12:00 BST. Come join me at

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S. Sha et al., “M-Oscillating: Performance Maximization on Temperature-Constrained Multi-Core Processors”

[Paywalled so SciHub link]

This paper is truly interesting as it discusses how to maximise performance on multi-core processors when you are faced with temperature issues. Can you schedule load to remain under T_max and maximise performance? Spoiler: yes! :)

[Please excuse the cross-post from the birdsite -- I'd put my arXiv/IACR digest here but it is unwieldy]

Ha, right on cue there is now a more affordable Power9 system by Raptor Conputing Systems called Blackbird. Key specs:

- MicroATX
- Single-Socket 4- or 8-core Power9 CPU
- Two DDR4 memory channels (ECC)
- Three Gbit ports by Broadcom BCM5719

/cc @cynicalsecurity

So @DesChips made a thing that got featured on the interwebs: running Ada on an Risc-V softcore (FPGA):

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Crazy news keeps on piling: the Turkish police believe that Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi has been killed after entering the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul.

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Clarifying my point of view:

* I believe the story contains a nugget of truth, i.e. supply chain attacks exist,
* I also believe this story was run for a different purpose than informing people.

My belief stems from:

“Bloomberg News Acknowledged That It Pays Reporters More If They Write 'Market-Moving' Stories”

which I did not have a link to until this morning but I knew of the practice.

Nadia Murad‘s statement on her winning the nobel peace price:

„We must support efforts to focus on humanity, and overcome political and cultural divisions. We must not only imagine a better future for women, children and persecuted minorities, we must work consistently to make it happen - prioritizing humanity, not war.“

Interpol released a statement regarding the disappearance of its president.

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my hobby: spending dozens of hours cross-stitching representations of reference documents so that I can then point to them wordlessly during technical discussions

So apparently the president of Interpol has gone missing after leaving France traveling to China. They have not received sign of life after he left at the end of September.

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Feeling a bit sad to be stuck in this cold and wet autumn weather and not being able to attend the hack retreat in sunny Morocco this time around. Have a great time you all! @hannesm

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The 90s, when DEA agents bought drugs because a president’s speech had already been drafted:

“In fact, when first contacted by an undercover DEA agent posing as a drug buyer, the teenage suspect seemed baffled by the agent's request.

"Where the {expletive} is the White House?" he replied in a conversation that was secretly tape-recorded by the DEA."

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That's what I suggest too. Just get some hands-on with sculpting OSes.

Sculpt OS with Visual Composition (VC) by Genode Labs is available:

Ready made images and documentation:

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