So check out this cool project: “Tomodachi X2 - A modern retro system, compatible with the C64 and others”.

The Tomodachi ('friends' in Japanese) X2 project intents to capture all that makes such retro systems (Commodore 64, Sinclair and Atari) so attractive to use along with all of the nostalgic bits, while adding a dose of modern electronics that nevertheless should not get in the way of enjoying all the good that 8 and 16-bit systems had to offer.


There is going to be a Systems conf called „Säntis Systems Summit“ in Switzerland on June 14. It will happen on top of Mount Säntis which is situated in the eastern part of Switzerland. I will definitely be attending!

Birdsite reference:

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experts: is there any DNS query which rcode is _not_ NoError? (AFAICT, only reply may have any other rcode than NoError)... pointers to specs are welcome, I went through some RFCs but didn't find a sentence "a query must always use rcode = NoError"!?!??

Does anybody know of a ScummVM FPGA implementation?

ScummVM is the engine behind such wonderful LucasArts games as Monkey Island 1-3, Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max etc

ScummVM project site:

Since I asked the same question on the birdsite, I will include the link here for reference:

Norman from @genode wrote a post on about C++ and SPARK.

“By regarding C++ and SPARK as a continuum rather than an black-and-white decision, we can use SPARK at places where we regard formal verification as most valuable while not restricting Genode components to be entirely static.”

Thank you for the Muen reference! I hope our application of “social pressure” was always done in a well-spirited way 😄


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The project report from their sprint retreat! Amazing how many projects they touched --

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oh, and btw next retreat september 23 - 29th 2019! same location, similar projects ;)

Google AI ethics board: what a shit show, pardon my French.

„One member resigned. Another is under fire for saying the trans rights movement is trying to “change the definition of women to include men.” Another has reignited Google’s internal fight over drone warfare. Google’s AI ethics council is only a week old.“

Birdsite reference:

IIT Madras is running OCaml/#MirageOS straight on their Shakti RISC-V CPU!

“As a first step, we have managed to get OCaml programs to run on directly on top of the Shakti processor running in simulation under QEMU and Spike ISA simulators...”

“... next step will be getting the code to run on a Shakti softcore on an FPGA. ... we will also be targeting the $100 Arty A7 hobbyist board and release all of the software under liberal open-source licenses.”

Blog post:

Apparently I coined a new phrase: Security through Stupidity.

Birdsite reference:

So if you haven’t seen this, this is awe-inspiring: the latest PoC||GTFO 0x19 is out and it’s a polyglot file:

It's a PDF, a ZIP, and an HTML page:
If you drop it on itself in a browser, it can give you a PDF viewer, a video and a PNG explaining the whole file structure.
All these files have the same MD5.

You can get it from the EU mirror by @cynicalsecurity here:


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I am thinking of learning #ocaml, would anyone be willing to share his recommendations on where to start from?

Thank you :flan_smile:

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The post mentions Neil Gaiman, Nassim Taleb, puts forth the question wether we should encourage more tinkering instead of increased R&D funding and takes a swipe at „smart folk in high places“. Pretty good combo in my book!

Came across a thoughtful essay on Gene Wolfe, Sci-Fi, technology and innovation. „There are many questions we have yet to ponder and many things we have yet to invent. And if you don’t invent it, there’s a chance no one will.“

I feel like the following quote applies to CS/ITsec as we are very good at forgetting the field’s history: „...there are inventions we once had—potentially life-changing, history-altering inventions—that are now lost to us.“

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@phessler @adams yes, this is caldav. we tested interoperability, with some modifications it can push to a git repository (still waiting for release of some dependencies for that). I use it since November 2018 (with iOS/android/thunderbird/KaiOS interoperability). There's also CardDAV support (not yet published), initial support by @PrototypeFund - joint work with @linse :D

“A general lack of awareness and education relating to all of these issues, requiring considerable rethinking of these issues.” (h/t @Pvineetha)

“A lack of understanding of the short-term and longterm risks by leaders in governments and business, which is becoming critical, as is their willingness to believe that today’s sloppy systems are good enough for critical uses”

“A lack of discipline and constructive uses of computer science, physical science, technology, and engineering, which hinders progress in trustworthiness, although new applications, widgets, and snake-oil-like hype continue apace without much concern for sound usability“

After reading something which left me sighing I went to the other side of the spectrum: people like Steve Bellovin and Peter G. Neumann give us great papers like this: “A system-oriented view of trustworthiness”

“We consider here certain overarching and underlying concepts that must be better understood and more systematically confronted, sooner rather than later.”

The listed points are 🔥 I present a selection but you should really go read the paper it’s only 3 pages.

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