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lewd thread 

Thread on birdsite where I link my various lewd media posts together, in case you want to browse them all.

"Are we sure you're not, like, just some SCP who creates puppies? Because I get the feeling that this happens *a lot*." –

She's got a point. I've honestly lost count, but add to the board 🀣

One of these will be on someone else this weekend. I wonder which one will fit best...

Is HRT the right choice for them? Besides supporting and offering what written resources I can dig up to help them be informed, *I can't know.* I'm not them.

It's their decision to make. As I'm a cis man, it's mine only to cheer on πŸ˜„


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HRT isn't about avoiding other ways of improving mental health. *Of course* it's not a shortcut.

For that matter, HRT is very frequently taken *along with* other medications that improve mental health and quality of life. There's no shame in that either! 9/10

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The mental health jab is a little more obvious though. It denies all the voices of trans people whose lives have improved. (Some who might not be here otherwise.)

Transitioning is one of the most important and positive parts of many people's lives. World-moving. 8/10

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And HRT isn't a magic wand. Physiological effects are gradual. If they don't like the effects, they can stop getting HRT. It's really that simple.

Just as it's someone's own choice to go on HRT, it's their own choice to stop if they want. 7/10

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Sure, T can raise the risk of some long-term medical issues. Prescribing physicians who specialize in gender issues should be able to talk about these risks in detail.

Informed consent means exactly that. Understand it, make the decision, see how it goes. 6/10

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Afab bodies are still assumed by a lot of common culture to be the property of (cis)men.

Bodily autonomy, from the right not to be leered at, to surgical procedures on reproductive organs, to abortions are assumed by (cis)men to be *their* decisions, not the individuals'. 5/10

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This is how transitions are treated under institutionalized transphobia: Find any possible reason to deny that someone's body is their own.

My friend is getting it with both barrels though. After all, as they're assigned female at birth, this attitude is also misogynistic. 4/10

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This friend has spent more than a year going through identity self-discovery and learning about this stuff. It's not like they're going to be the first transman in the world, or that knowledge about T hormone replacement is zero.

So why push fear of medical complications? 3/10

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Paraphrased: "You could lose your hair and you could get massive zit-cysts! Are you totally sure you want this?

"You could do other things to improve your mental health, and you're not giving THOSE a chance first. You aren't thinking all this through." 2/10

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🧡 Systemic transphobia intertwined with systemic misogyny against transmasc people.

A (transmasc enby) friend's father went on a rant in response to them going on testosterone HRT. It's not just parental doubt; it's the *assumption* of control over afab bodies. 1/10

Looks like curiouscat is back from hibernation and the spam is even worse this time. (Someone's sticking my userid in spam messages to random accounts.)

After an anecdote about how my tools took up new home in the back of the car (when they came to the rescue, in the middle of a road trip, after being lazily left there)...

Atlanta will have snow mixed with freezing rain Sunday morning and afternoon, with a hard freeze Sunday night.

I don't think I'm driving *anywhere* Monday. And I don't have ice skates 🀣

Never invoke the operating system that dare not speak its name. Now that's harsh 🀣

(chuckle today from and

I thought stepping on a Lego brick sucked.

Nope. This little motherfucker is the modern carpet hazard from hell 🀣


Someone pointed me back to this short film that I haven't seen in 5 years. But it feels SO RELEVANT now.

If you're a kinky gearhead, this WILL make your eyes leak. (Might work on others too now, given the circumstances of the world.)

I finished this list early so I could get to sleep, but yeah, that's a pretty good high level overview of my relationship to the fandom, silliness and all πŸ˜„

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17. It's worth plugging run by Gear was my first major kink and one that I built an early online community around, and it will always be my kinky home.

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