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This account has:

* NSFW posts and adult media (must be 18 to follow)

* Politics sometimes β€” I try to keep this minimal

* Lots of snark

So be warned if you venture further!

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lewd thread 

Thread on birdsite where I link my various lewd media posts together, in case you want to browse them all.

Public service announcement:

Invest in a dash cam. One of mine paid for itself this week.

After using one a bit after my laptop backlight quit, I highly recommend the Lenovo Chromebook Duet if you're looking for a convertible tablet. For the price it's really good.

Has only one USB-C port, but fully supports typical hubs with USB-PD passthru, HDMI, Ethernet, USB-A.

Finally stopped second-guessing myself and found to render Commodore the cockatoo. Love it!

The colors are inspired by the Commodore logo, but also reflective of the male gang-gang cockatoo, which has red head plumage with a distinctive curl, and bluish-gray body.

Every once in a while we all want to feel safe and protected.

You're going to be okay.

White friends watching Watchmen and Lovecraft Country and saying "why didn't we know about Omaha or 'sundown towns' or ...?"

Those are the blinders of privilege, folks. You have to be willing to shed your cultural training to learn beyond those walls.

Over two years and I finally commissioned a ref sheet to explore my 'sona character. Procrastination over. 🀣

...stay tuned

...little do they know I *am* a dog

(and yes, I know one co-worker follows me 🀣)

I saw an ad for distributed personal data systems and first thought it was a drone post

"What do you think of decentralized identity?"

Oh lord the punctuation war is on again. Link is to 2015 story but it's showing up in new fluff-piece news articles last/this week.

tl;dr: If I end messages with a period, I seem "heartless." Guess I should use it only when I'm feeling Dommy, then.

Great, the Twitter promoted tweets have discovered that I'm a mutual with and now they all want to advertise beer related products to me.

Did an emotional and mental dissection of sexual impulses that ended up being a sexual rp of exactly those impulses because of the process of analysis itself...

Is that sceneception? 😈

telling someone "the 1990s was a simpler time"


Sometimes I wonder why certain accounts, which are quite specifically "SFW", follow me.

...Well, enjoy the occasional kinky porn and really tasteless jokes. You were warned. 🀣

I've seen some weird bot spam, but this one... WOW. πŸ˜†

Watching the first two eps of the Netflix docuseries "High Score"... And I think that, for the first time, I truly feel "old." Nostalgic, but not exactly pleasant.

That was not exactly the reaction I expected to get from it. Good show though, I'd recommend it.

Unblocked an account because it was a friend of a friend, and I wasn't sure why I had blocked originally.

Find a post advocating for condom stealthing. Then another. And another.

That's perhaps the fastest re-block I've ever done.

Oh look another meme is circulating again.

Your debit card PIN is your phrase of the day

I was reminded today of a conversation where someone with a fairly niche kink realized, after my horny commentary on a different and otherwise mundane subject, that the kink rabbit hole goes *far* deeper.

Those moments when the inner light bulb switches on are awesome.


As promised, another clip of (actually earlier this year, not last year, but it sure feels like a lifetime ago!)... this time being good for in a desert camo suit, with me watching intently 😈

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