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@Klaxun Looks as if it fails to solve any problems I have, and probably creates new problems that I don't want.

It's all based on a morass of past bad decisions anyway. Propping up a broken system doesn't fix anything.

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@Klaxun Time for the punk aesthetic then: Do It Yourself, and don't expect any crumbs from the table of power.

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Oh, that? We keep a cardboard cut out of Pence around at all times. Trump can't tell them apart, to be honest.

This is the best album of all time. If you disagree with me, it's because you haven't heard it.


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well holy shit this is about as good as it gets

(from birdsite @hellodabwood)


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@Klaxun you can spend far too much time treating your room and saving for good speakers and replacing all your cables and not nearly enough time "doing music"

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@Klaxun this is the only reason i can think of, i'd always advise checking the space on speakers. but mixing on good headphones is better than mixing on good speakers in a bad room (or not mixing at all)

Who is lying to you, and why do you believe them?

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I finished something. I'm not super proud of it, but if you're interested, here it is.


I made this as a Kickstarter reward and I hope my backers don't feel cheated. The game needed less music than I realized.

Kickstarter is a strange beast. So much pressure to deliver something that meets backer expectations. Makes it hard to make pivots that would be natural on most other projects.

Anyway... what do you think?

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Having one of those days where my brain is just completely empty. Having a lot of them recently. Constantly either being ill or recovering from illness gets you down ๐Ÿ˜•

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probably the most very british problems shit I've ever said Show more

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Hi! This doesn't come up often enough, and I don't have a landing page or anything for it, but!

If you want to host a #website, and you need some help getting started, I'll be glad to teach you what I know or answer any questions.

Mostly, websites are easy! I'll be glad to help you make one!

You want to host a #podcast or just a #blog or whatever, I'll be glad to help! (For Free!)

If you want someone to do the hard parts, or even do *all* the work, my rates are pretty cheap.