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eye contact 

so many nice funny smart sad awesome art plant animal sure I forgot sth important everything people here :blobaww:

I SO love seeing and reading and hearing from you ppl all over the world every day.

dear new fellow fedizens, I often post in german - if you cannot read these posts be glad as there is a LOT of swearing and uppercase. If you are interested just ask and I will gladly translate (omitting the 4l words)

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Rehumanize each other by connecting with shared values and sharing experiences in order to depolarize our communities. For a bit of inspiration, check out this video.

Thanks for sharing @paulhellyer and @reinderdijkhuis

Found it as soon as I started working. Yes, on the desk. Much. Spread. Wide.

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Revisiting Terry Pratchett
Shoutout @Igorlabs

Erst vor wenigen Jahren habe ich die ersten Scheibenwelt-Romane von Terry Pratchett gelesen. Ich habe immer wieder den Faden verloren; lese leider sehr schnell, was mir manchmal ein Buch verbaut.

Jetzt habe ich mit den Audiobooks von vorn angefangen (gelesen von Volker Niederfahrenhorst, ab 2013) und bin restlos begeistert. Habe einen komplett anderen Zugang als mit den Papierbüchern 😍

Now the little angel went to bed thinking


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The cat and I are in a tragically sighing competition and he is about to win

Nobel prize incoming \o/

nerdlegame 148 4/6


🎼 🎤 soap on my butt 🎶
🎵 soap on my butt 🎶

My weekly groceries 🥕

Today the local farmer delivered my weekly boxes (Kisten) with vegetables (Gemüse), fruits and some dairy products. Bread and cake for some long awaited friend's garden visits in another box.

This week with a lot of greens for salad and cold dishes and a TON of blueberries and strawberries :BlobhajHeart:

Plus endless lemon balm (Zitronenmelisse) and mint (Minze) for tea :BlobHajMlem:

It's , so Mitra (foreground) is waiting for the Gemüsekiste (background outside the window)

Please, please, please CW AI generated images

Like @hoppet said:
AI generated images activate my fight or flight response 🥴 they really stress me out

Die aktuelle Folge eat.READ.sleep ist so großartig, alle 3 Hosts kochen zusammen und sind schwer angeschickert, es gibt so viele private Einblicke wie noch nie :BlobHajMlem:

Kater versorgt
Nerdle gelöst
Wildfremde im Fediverse bedroht
Mutuals im Fediverse angeschrien

Zeit für den ersten Kaffee :BlobhajTinyHeart:

My brain hurts :toucan:

Never heard of today's heardle, totally failed at today's yeardle, but who cares :BlobHajMlem:

nerdlegame 140 3/6



This week's croissants: spelt, chocolate and pretzel (fltr)

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