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My landlord has once again asked to enter my apartment with zero notice in order to give painters access to the front door frame. I’m incredibly frustrated by this, and just now realized my apartment will now be full of bugs when I get home.

Finally blocked and unfollowed a member of my immediate family on birdsite. They’ve been pushing garbage into my timeline, and not making any effort to relate to me. Boundaries are exhausting, but needed.

some many days after i wore an oldskool durrburger t shirt to willy wonka rehearsal, one of the kids asked me if i worked on fortnite, and before I could even answer, demanded vbucks from me. the only recourse was to drop-kick him into the chocolate river

Aw. My first toot. Hello, world. I’m currently sitting in an office in downtown Chicago, tired as heck. Heckin’ tired. Heck.


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