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Kyna, Seeker of Caffeine

Anyone know what happened to

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Yeah, seriously if you ever end up in Ogden Utah, see about going to The Store there.

It's on Washington blvd between 24th and 25th. You can't miss it. And if you're going north bound on Washington blvd, you can park right in front of it. Say hi to the owners, they're mighty friendly.

Good Morning Mastodon. I hop ya'll are well!

Red eyeliner and resting bitch face.

How awesome am I?

Gosh, the responses you get for wanting to throw a bath bomb into a fountain and then run like a goof is telling.

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Oh, hey, update on the job hunteroni.

I got one.

So, @rachel @Nikon our trans masc flatmate and I went to a diner and the waitress saw my "I want to be a magical girl" sylveon tank top and commented they need to get that shirt for their daughter who's trans. There was a brief pause as we all looked at each other going "Well, who's going to tell her."

A very pleasant trans encounter

Cold Shower, facial scrub, washed from head to toe.

Water, melomel, rice, and flame.

I wonder if you know what I was doing.

I wonder if you will get it right.

That song from Night in the Woods, I Just Want To Die Anywhere Else is speaking to me today.

Bad idea for my startup: Employees partially compensated in lootboxes

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Solidarity with #WV teachers #strike!

Come you ranks of labor, come you union corp; And see if you remember the struggles of before!