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I'm new to Mastodon, so an is appropriate!

Hello! I'm Susanne, a and designer, as well as a . I really like designing and knitting shawls, but am also branching out in garments. Things I also like and may post about, are , , and other kinds of things, as well as , , and .

It's wonderful to meet you! 😃

And last, but not least, the Twilight Disco made by Samyra! The picture shows it before blocking. The yarn used is a fingering weight acrylic by Woll Butt (@buttinettekreativ), I really love the color pairing!

With my Olive Puff, I separated the sleeve stitches and am now knitting in the round for the body. This going to be such a lovely sweater! 😊

Last week I was at the beach in Noordwijk. It was quite windy, but fun! And yes, I did get some knitting done 😁

It has been a while since I posted about the spiral sock for Kristof: the first one is done! Time to start the second sock 😉

The next Twilight Disco project is by GaApp, as usual she has chosen such bright happy colors! In this project, she paired a bright green yarn by @atelier_zitron with a teal blue one by @frida_fuchs_yarns. The combination is a true pick-me-up on a dreary day!


That striped border is getting rather deep already, this is now just working garter stitch until the yarn is gone... So it's knit knit knit.... And then knit some more! 😁

This new post is about working seed stitch patterning. Because it alternates knits and purls, seed stitch creates a fabric that does not curl. This makes it a very lovely alternative for garter stitch or rib stitch to create non-rolling edges for your project. Take a look at how it's worked! 😃

My earrings from @millieandtilly have arrived, aren’t they cute?! I was afraid they had gotten lost in the mail, but it appears they were held up at customs. I’m very happy with both the earrings, and the service. Thanks Natalie!

As you can see in this picture, I've made some progress on the Estonian lace stole. Here, I'm about halfway of the body repeat 😃 I haven't made much progress, because I've been distracted by the green sweater I'm working on for myself 😄

It can be fun to decorate the edges of a scarf or shawl with fringe. However, the traditional way to make fringe can be tricky to get right. Why not try this crochet alternative instead?! 😃

The fox red yarn is all knit up, and the other 2 skeins are wound: time to start on the striped garter stitch border! 😃

One of my co-workers will become a dad, so I made a little hat for the little one. It has been gifted by now, so I can share the result with you. It's the Super Stretchy Baby Hat, modified to a CO of 88 stitches 😃

My Olive Puff (pattern by Skeindeer Knits) has been cast on! Here I’ve just joined in the round for the neck. I’ve decided to work columns of purls instead of yo’s for the front patterning, because I want to wear it without a shirt underneath. Otherwise, I’m following the pattern as written 😄

With the Autumn colors shawl, I have progress to show you. In this picture, I have about 8 rows of the lace repeat left in the ball of yarn, plus enough to do a single garter stitch ridge in the same color to tie it all together! 😃

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