Hey, I finally decided to reset my password & try this account again!
Yep, still barely anyone I know using this site. Maybe one day...

Just realized that next March will be the 100th straight month of doing the blog... Maybe I should take a break after that; something like a month, just to relax.

Sent in three panel applications for AnimeNEXT, and so far one is approved, while another is waitlisted. Would be nice to know which ones are like that, but at least they're responses, unlike last year.

Oooh, the work I commissioned is in my e-mail box. I want to read it so much right now...

Okay, so March (Idea Factory anime), April (Monkey Turn), & August (Saint Seiya/KotZ & Ages of Jump Redux) are planned out for the blog this year. Only seven more to slot together for the Year of Unfinished Business.

Six episodes of Gundoh Musashi left to make notes for, and the translation of that director & producer interview is on the verge of being translated. Progress!

Note to self: Don't watch 50 episodes of a series, plus a movie, in the span of half a month, only to then have to watch a 3-episode OVA & then another 12 episodes. Too... Much... Anime...

Looking it up, there are about 10 anime reviews I did back in the day solely off of memory, plus two manga reviews, so there is something I can potentially work with.

It's been 7 years since I started the blog, so I wonder if I should eventually try rewatching some shows I reviewed way back when, and see if I still feel the same. Not another review, but rather a more general feature. A number of the earliest reviews were done primarily by memory, too, so rewatching would be "new", in a sense.

New 12 Anime List: Anime That Deserve a (Literal) Second Chance in SRW
All of these anime saw a single moment in the SRW spotlight, but they really should be given second chances
Part 1: bit.ly/2A6dsN2
Part 2: bit.ly/2BxVm4t

Odd how my Mastodon account on computer hasmy proper icon & backdrop, but Tusky on my phone shows neither... That's annoying.

New Review: Robotech/Voltron
The crossover over no one really wanted winds up with some good potential, but doesn't exactly give readers what they'd want.

Man, Robotech/Voltron, though solid & delivering some cool character development, really dropped the ball on, you know, actually having the two main mecha of each show crossover. The most you get is Voltron & Roy Fokker in his Veritech. Should be a neat review to write.

New Obscusion B-List: Video Game Publishers' Last Stands
A look at when the likes of Hot-B USA, Enix, & even LJN rose from the dead to make one last stand at relevance!

Got the first order of Knights of the Zodiac DVDs yesterday. It always astounds me how immediately that DiC dub failed conceptually. It used a cover of "I Ran (So Far Away)" for the OP, which is thematically the exact opposite of the general theme of Saint Seiya. Morons.

Remember the video game company Electro Brain? Just the name alone guaranteed that it would only live throughout the 90s.

New B-Side: The Death Crimson Retrospective That Destroys Your Soul!
Happy Halloween! Let's look at the Kusoge King!

Taking the first steps towards eventually reviewing DiC's Knights of the Zodiac. Maybe I can time it for when that new Netflix series eventually comes out...

It's my first new piece toot here on Mastodon!
New Demo Disc: Vol. 11: Gaussian Guardians
The original Tetsujin 28, Jushin Liger, Metal Jack, & BB-Daman get their test runs!

So I go to a video training at work, only to see people talking in front of shelves filled with books... I guess YouTube reviewers have infiltrated the professional world, too.

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