Did... did my tweet on the bird site and Twitterrific's push warning about the deprecations just double the rate of new users here in the last hour?! Hey @Gargron, I brought some friends! 😂

@Lapfelix I wonder what people think of me when they see me vigorously swing my left arm while walking

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Apple Watch: you should go for a small 10 minutes walk to close your green ring

Me: *walks 15 minutes*

Apple Watch: haha you call THAT "walking"? I'll give you 3 minutes for it

@Lapfelix ah, it's the first setting in the timeline settings 🤦‍♂️ (I don't remember enabling this)

Not sure why it used different voices

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Omg the Tootdon app has been randomly speaking out toots with random iOS voices.

It's not even reading the ones from my timeline, but from the "local" timeline.

Not sure how I enabled that 🤔

Huh I need to toot to remove my avatar effect, so this is a toot to remove my avatar effect.

@Lapfelix okay looks like a Tootdon feature. It's not animated on the website.

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Wait, animated avatars are allowed? 

Also this content warning thing is pretty cool.


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