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Inaugural Post for Lemmy, a decentralized, easily self-hostable / link aggregator alternative, intended to work in the :

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Lemmy is a free open source federated alternative to Reddit. You can follow their official account at:

➡️ @LemmyDev

You can try the flagship instance at

They have now introduced federation between Lemmy instances, so people on one Lemmy instance can interact with people on others. (They are working on federating with the rest of the Fediverse later.)

#Lemmy #Fediverse #ActivityPub #FOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #SelfHosting #Reddit #HackerNews #Alternatives

We have released a new lemmy version (v0.8.7), which fixes all the federation issues reported so far. The test instances are already updated, so give it another try :)

Wir haben eine neue Lemmy-Instanz auf gelistet: ist antifaschistisch, emanzipatorisch, steht für sexuelle und geschlechtliche Vielfalt (LGBTQIA+).

Making lots of progress on converting lemmy's UI to an isomorphic one this week, which will allow non-js clients, preview thumbnails, and archivability.

We just released a javascript / typescript client for lemmy, useful for any app / lemmy site developers:

Lemmy Pre-Release v0.7.40 - Customizeable site, user and community banners and icons, display usernames, and an Active sort.

Oh and preferred usernames (your display name can have spaces and whatever you want now)

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Customizable site icon, a site banner, community icons and banners, and user banners coming soon!

Users of the banned community /r/ChapoTrapHouse have now launched their own instance.

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Lemmy doing having feedback Fridays is a fantastic way to get the community involved in the project. Kudos to the devs on fantastic work they've been doing with the project!

For any devs hacking on : we changed our primary branch name from master -> main. So change your upstream branch pulls :)

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