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The ECJ has just declared blanket data surveillance illegal in Europe! A big win for privacy, yet we need to keep fighting for privacy around the world. 💪💪💪
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Do you use the "I don't care about cookies" extension? It was acquired by Avast.

You might want to swap over to Consent-O-Matic, which is free and open source - consentomatic.au.dk/

Chris Pine on how finally upgrading to a smartphone changed his life

FFS! This will do nothing for energy bills and will simply drive even more obscene profits to fossil fuel companies, while trashing the planet!

Exclusive-UK to announce dozens of new North Sea oil and gas licences


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Every couple of years we get a new Tory Prime Minister promising to fix the mess the last one created. If we had a representative voting system, then there wouldn’t be any Tory Prime Ministers because more than half of people don’t vote Tory.

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After the fall of the Roman Empire, elephants virtually disappeared from Western Europe.
Since there was no real knowledge of how this animal actually looked, illustrators had to rely on oral and written transmissions to morphologically reconstruct the elephant, thus reinventing an actual existing creature. This tree diagram traces the evolution of the elephant depiction throughout the middle ages up to the age of enlightenment.

This week we opened the new EU Medevac Hub near 🇵🇱Rzeszów for medical evacuations of 🇺🇦patients.

It will play a key role in the swift transfer of patients to hospitals across Europe, providing 24/7 nursing care, screening, vaccination & mental health support.


"Boris is supporting Truss. Why? 1) He thinks it’s the best way to stop Sunak. 2) He knows Truss is mad as a box of snakes and is thinking, ‘there’s a chance she blows, there’s another contest and I can return’."

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It's called the Metaverse because it has mostly been Met with Averse reactions

🛰️ Another satellite has joined the #Galileo constellation!

Satellite GSAT0224, launched in early December 2021, has entered into service today! More satellites mean more availability, more robust navigation to users everywhere and even more #EUSpace market opportunities.

The satellite has been named Shriya after the Norwegian grade school student that won the #Galileo drawing competition, organised by the European Commission and the Norwegian Space Agency.


This is a very good piece and I highly recommend it. However, this quote did remind me of the economists who insisted the UK would have to be part of the EEA post-Brexit because anything else would be economic suicide.

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New on Value Added.
Gas prices are no longer conveying any useful information than we don’t already know.


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A rise in companies fleeing the UK stock market is another blow to London’s status as Europe’s top financial center, adding to the gloom around a lack of initial public offerings.

“There’s no denying that Brexit made the admin and expense side of a London listing more of a problem. While the UK would love to rebrand itself as a haven for fast-growing, stimulating tech stories in particular, we are some way from that happening.”


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Wow. Look how openly they describe the illegality of the referendum across the pond! Makes you realise quite how muted our media has become.

"When Johnson is driven from office, and it won’t be long now, he will be the first British prime minister to leave in disgrace.

Johnson, I predict, will ultimately be seen as a conman or a fraudster rather than a politician."



"...there are no borders, we are one planet and one people. The clown is there to show you nothing matters. Laughter takes you away from the pain of everyday life because when you laugh, you forget.”

– Alvaro Rodriguez

For 15 years, the Sea Clown Sailing Circus has been sailing wherever the winds take it. Each summer, its acrobats, musicians, clowns and jugglers perform free shows around the Aegean and Ionian Seas.

[via Huck magazine, March, 2022]

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