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the best domestic dog breed is the cat

"lexi why are you linking to designs for ryobi batteries are you being paid"

nah nothing like that, just that ryobi's been using the same damn interface and locking mechanism for their 18v batteries for *years* now so why not take advantage of that existing supply?

Hey, nerds. Y'know how cordless power tools have gotten so common?

Have a 3D printed project that will let you turn one manufacturer's battery pack design into a 12v power source you can use anywhere. You'll need to supply your own electronics, but the required parts aren't hard to find. Suggested pairing: A solar-charged battery pack with a 12v output and an OEM car charger for the power tool battery to plug into it.

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Over 300 kids are still displaced, & often left without some of their family after the disastrous fire.

if you have a little extra spare over the holidays, please donate to this effort to give children who've been through so much over the past 6 months a little extra lightness & joy over the christmas season. :>
(also heck yeah satan # of donors)

why yes occifer i do encourage people to continue down interesting trains of thought whereever they may lead, whyfore do you ask

mood: "gee lexi why does your mom let you have two crystal pepsis"

GSV Who Needs Gravitas When You Have Jorts?

Whoof. Okay, that book I found at the library is dense like a neutron star. That sucker's goin' back. I do not have the requisite root knowledge to jump headfirst into that.

genderposting (it's like shitposting only about gender) Show more

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Hello! I’m Crow!

Commissions are open for lineart, color (w/ simple shading), and Art Cards

Lineart : $15

Color : $30

Art Card : $20 (shipping)

Contact me at: or DM/PM me for more details

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Re: SFPol

I was saving this for the last day of inktober- but never continued posting past day 11

This is Big Fucking Mood.

oof. okay, I haven't read a book in bed since before my back surgery. this is gonna be interesting. and probably achey.

In case anyone is interested, the book is "Introduction to Energy in California," by Peter Asmus. I saw it while looking for a related book, which turned out to not be at all what I was looking for, but this dense little bundle of ink on sheets of dead tree seems much more my speed.

Today I:

Put on pants!
Walked to the library and found an interesting non-fiction book to read!
Got lunch on the walk home!

...and was understandably done with things after getting home, because that was like four miles. Even at a slow walk that's a decent amount of exercise compared to my baseline.

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because the joke never gets stale


"You would prefer another target, a military target? Then..."

[Tarkin and studio audience together] "NAME! THE! SYSTEM!"


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"Comcast is injecting 400+ lines of JavaScript into web pages"

Good time to remember that the EFF's HTTPS Everywhere extension is a great way to avoid ISPs tampering with HTTP pages: