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hyenas: if you're not laughing with us, we're not trying hard enough.

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will spout philosophical bullshit for food, housing, and cash

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chronic pain fucking sucks, tbh

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any appearance of competence on my part is merely problem-solving at a speed too fast for the human eye to follow

in that way, and in only that way, I'm like goku

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What if Star Wars were actually set in the Edo period?

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One of the two things I painted up today. This is a drawing from back in January, and I finally used it to try out some ideas today. #painting #pulp #zombies #cliffhanger

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June 2018 update: new tier, and the future

* Pay upfront enabled

* New archive tier for previous months' $5+ posts

* New tier where you can have me made a melody for you

Boost please. :dragnpats:

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The myth that artists have to “suffer” in order to create great work comes largely from the perennial human fascination with disaster porn, with a soupçon of militant Puritanism thrown in.

And it pisses me off.

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tips would also be wonderful, i apprecaite the boosts. support. outrage. be angry.


paypal: $thefishcrow


link to support legal funds directly:

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Just a little reminder that Google's "Holidays in the United States" calendar includes Black Friday... but not Juneteenth.

Draw your own conclusions.

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hey plushes are price cut!!!

I want to donate to RAICES to help with legal funds to fight the caps, as well as have a day pass to attend protests in Downtown PDX