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And speaking of absolute units, by the way, check out this data-nerd rider's stats on their road 'bent.

And now to get back to my brand, as it were: Check out this ABSOLUTE UNIT of a custom 4x4 recumbent quad, with electric drive and independent rear suspension. Apologies in advance for the music, I didn't make it. ;)

Hey Mastodon? I've got another e-bike to show you - and it's not a recumbent, just for all y'all who can't give up your weird triangles. ;)

That particular model is set up for a kid-size passenger, but the cargo bin is still a cargo bin and the electric assist is still electric assist.

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lionesses with manes are good [other hyenas hear me] uhh what! no! lions! can't stand 'em!

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CHICAGO/ILLINOIS FRIENDS: There's voting today! GO DO THAT! (Please boost.)

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Happy Equinox, everybody! Spring is here, or Autumn, take your pick!

If you're in the Northern Hemisphere, please do not pick Autumn, terrible terrible things will happen to the Earth's axial tilt. Likewise if you're in the Southern, please do not pick Spring. Choose your seasons responsibly!

Dear Mastodon,

Have you heard of Earthship homes?

Well, you have now. Have a ten-minute tour of one from the higher end of the finished spectrum.

oh shiiiiit

I just realized something

tesla battery modules are only gonna get cheaper as teslas get more common and as a result are scrapped more often

and two of them could easily power a 48v e-vehicle that can structurally put up with the extra 110lbs/50kg of weight

dear future lexi,

proofread, then toot.

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what I'm getting at here is recumbent trikes and quads exist, are readily available, and can do basically anything you want them to do.

if you don't mind going a little slower, and want to Just Not Care about hills? bam.

and for those of you who prioritize being able to go anywhere and do anything:

haul along a solar charge solution and that beefy boi will take you anywhere you want.

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petition to make "fwoop" the term for hastily deleting, editing and reposting a toot after posting

Echolalia: The Mastodon Story

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