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Get on with reversing the calamity of Brexit.

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.@Die_Gruenen Co-Chair @Ricarda_Lang at the #EGP35

„One concrete example of how social and climate policies go hand in hand is the #9EuroTicket that makes public transport accessible and attractive for everyone.“

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What happened to the principle that justice must be seen to be done?

Is it normal that the public doesn't get to know who was convicted for crimes?

Or why they were convicted?

The outcome of #Partygate leaves a sense of impunity for the powerful damaging to the rule of law

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La hausse des températures touche même les lacs écossais

Une nouvelle étude conduite par le centre britannique d’expertise pour les eaux (CREW) révèle que le changement climatique anthropique est à l’origine d’une hausse rapide et importante de la température de l’eau des lochs et réservoirs d’eau douce écossais. Cette hausse des températures risque de considérablement dégrader la qualité de l’eau de ces écosystèmes


Weird that these Elon Musk fanboys think he’s some kind of freedom fighter taking on the establishment. I’ve got news for you, kids. In 21st-century America, a billionaire oligarch devoted to protecting his wealth from taxation is the establishment.

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In a $250,000 settlement. Also, call me when billionaire Elon Musk who gets billions in tax breaks thanks to his money and political activities is not "establishment." twitter.com/TaraBull808/status

Remarkable how well Kremlin fascists and American Republicans have synced up their messaging.

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Kremlin propagandists on Russian state TV give a warm welcome to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. This revealing clip features racism, sexism and homophobia. It's pretty typical for bigoted Russian television, but don't watch it if you have high blood pressure.

When I learned in third grade how our government works, they left this bit out.

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With Schumer headed to Buffalo tomorrow with Biden, Senate Dems move their weekly caucus lunch to Wednesday. Both sides hope to pass the Ukraine aid package by Wednesday but will need consent from Rand Paul to do so

RT @AdrianRamsay: Clear message from Suffolk: we need to invest in renewables and energy efficiency, not new nuclear. I was delighted to join the vibrant rally against Sizewell C.

Hundreds march against Sizewell C nuclear power station independent.co.uk/news/uk/size

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Question for tomorrow’s papers.

Republican politicians have promoted a racist ideology that inspired a horrific act of terrorism and mass murder on American soil. Are they reckoning with their responsibility, or doubling down?

“The only constitutional freedoms ultimately recognized may soon be limited to those useful to wealthy, Republican, White, straight, Christian, and armed males— and the corporations they control.” slate.com/news-and-politics/20

Today in Author Problems

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My cartoon for yesterday's @GdnSaturday@twitter.com / @GuardianBooks@twitter.com. Many more here: theguardian.com/profile/tom-ga

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Starting this summer, the largest floating ☀️♻️ solar park in Europe will be activated in the Alqueva reservoir in #Portugal 🇵🇹

The 12,000 solar panels of the 🌞 plant are visible in the #Sentinel2 🇪🇺🛰️ image of 6 May


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