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also, awoo is (wild guess) something like 20 times less active so no wonder it felt dead. somehow i was expecting "has as many people as mastodon but they're all posthuman" and, no, not quite that.

even the furries I know are more like than the furries on awoo are. the person who got me into pf is a schemer

...okay, regardless of whether any of my friends stay here long term or not I think it's pretty clear masto's public tl is WAY better for me.

awoo: nonstop bad sandwich jokes, people noting how dead the place is, awoo jokes, an admin telling us all to donate money to someone i have bad personal history with

mastodon: jokes I actually laughed at, functional programming usually above my level but when not, really neat, altcoin futures watch, that APL person excited there's another APL person

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<the clock strikes midnight> Ah yes... I have read of this phenomenon... "The Devil's Noon"

just looking at awoo vs mastodon public timelines to decide which one I feel more comfortable on

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the Gillette safety razor company definitely delivered on their 1910s slogan of "no stropping, no honing" given that we now aren't sure what those words mean

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1st brain: qwerty
2nd brain: dvorak
3rd brain: furry bondage stenographic power glove system
4th brain: abcdef

what ass called it expropriation of the expropriators and not cash invalidation

people asking the important questions on the skyblivion stream

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(googling that gets me an article called "why you should never use mongodb"... I'm not gonna say she's wrong)

have to admit i still can't start up the mongo daemon without thinking "today i put.............JELLY on this mongod"

@forestservice dragons also like to cuddle. fact

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@forestservice I should do more picking up (or offering of such) whilst dragon. ngl I hadn't thought of it in a while but I totally, totally see why people would want it ^.^

Useful as hell thing I just learned: to reset keyboard/mouse input that's gone weird in Windows, hold LeftShift+LeftCtrl+LeftAlt+RightShift+RightCtrl+RightAlt briefly.

I know it sounds like a fucking bizarre pokegod trick but it just worked, so.