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Hey you! Don't forget your daily dose of . It is good for you. Trust me, I am a professional. ;)

Anyone else having problems with not respecting whether to use the built in browser or not?

Mine uses it, no matter if I tell it to or not...

Noodles are just disappointment spaghetti, really. :P

~560 kilometers later behind the wheel... I am done for today. XD

Driving through Norway, the Skyrim OST is pretty suiting. :P

Yo, if you text a lot with your friends anyways?

Get them on Signal instead of Messenger or normal sms (it can do sms and internets).

It's encrypted, and just works.

I guess the point is that even after many years, there is inherent value in a desktop computer, but a laptop basically loses all of it's value after a couple of years.

But I have gone through... At least three laptops in these years, and every time I have the "pay" indirectly for a new monitor, keyboard and so on. The battery is done for, the power cable has some damage on it and the screen has shown signs of dead pixels on occasions. These things, if it got worse, would basically render it useless as I cannot fix them with any reasonable cost.

My desktop and all the peripherals are slowly upgraded over the years, but almost all of them are fully functioning even though some are ten years or even older. Even if one part has broken, which happened very occasionally (like a dead CPU), it was super easy to replace it and just continue as usual.

The value differences between a desktop and laptop computer is insane. I am not even talking about absolute performance, but rather value and usability over time.

While trying to convince us all that they take user seriously, Google is prohibiting ad blockers in Chrome. Trackers will be able to follow your activity across the Internet - and Google will be able to continue collecting its ad-based revenue.

Okay, today is a lot better so far! I think it is the weather playing tricks with me.

Oookay now it is way too hot, I am -not- made to operate above 30°C!

An absolutely lovely evening tonight. Really enjoying the warmth!

Annoyed at being sick, I would have gone to an annual meetup today otherwise, but I am simply not in condition to be out in the cold rain at the moment. :(

Oh great, my second battery for my laptop is now dead after ~2 years.

This is why I want a charge limiter! 90% of the time I am plugged in, so I don't need my battery to sit fully charged and degrade week after week.

It's done!!! And before the end of May too! This is for the #Mermay2019 AU where Wheatley Tibenotch is a sea dragon. I wanted to push myself to do backgrounds and environments more and thought I was starting simple but nah. I put a lot of time into this! ;u;

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