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Hey you! Don't forget your daily dose of . It is good for you. Trust me, I am a professional. ;)

AWSW started a webcomic in July apparently. When it's done they're expecting it to be 200-300 pages. 10 pages on the site so far!

... Oh. I totally forgot I have 1 TB of free data on my phone this month... XD

Okay I know I said I like wind power, but a hurricane? I think that is a -tad- bit too much. Not to complain or anything, but... Seriously, do we really need hurricane level winds in Scandinavia? XD

They should stop calling facebook and twitter "social media" and start calling them what they really are:
A l g o r i t h m
c u r a t e d
t i m e l i n e s

"Oh this highly successful person has a lot more money and success than I have. He/she must therefore be an idiot whole and through!"

An all too common thing I see among social media users these days.

Radio on in the car and the music right now is... Acceptable? Even good?? What is this? And it is a "normal" national channel.

What happened?!


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You Don’t Really ‘Own’ That Movie You Bought, But Pirates… -

> In this day and age ownership of digital media is often an illusion. When you buy a book or movie there are severe restrictions on what you can do with these files. In some cases, purchased content can simply disappear overnight. These limitations keep copyright holders in control, but they breed pirates at the same time.

#copyright #p2p #torrent #pirates

Good news: might be going away soon.

Bad news: Each country can decide which to keep, winter or summer time. Individually. Oh good lord please don't do this.

So, I never really thought of as anything especially interesting until I looked more into .

The Energy Gang: Will Electric Buses Take Over the Transit World?

Why are people adding the phrase 'eye-contact' to their Selfie CW?

Asking for a friend, who is a pathetic cis-white-het male with no clue.

Mmm, I had almost forgotten how delicious honk wool is for breakfast.

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