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Do you like and use ?

Consider joining for a dragon delivered to you, every day! With credit to the source!

I don't know if I am doing something wrong, but is essentially without any functions at all?

All I ever saw was the ability to use Google Maps (which I don't use), Voice Assistant (which I don't use) and the ability to call contacts (which I can do anyway with regular Bluetooth pairing).

I thought the point was to be able to use other apps? But I see no way of adding them.

For a lot of people out there, whatever happened with sitting down and trying to have a civil discussion about a subject you might have initial disagreements on? Somewhere there has to be common grounds.

Going out of your way to provoke, no matter what it happens to be about, is not particularly socially competent.

Suggestion of the day:

Let's not use nautical miles. Or the aviation variant too, for that matter.

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The game of rock-paper-scissor has some weird... Logic, in English. Maybe I am missing something, who knows?

I get that the rock cannot be cut by a scissor, but that scissor cuts paper. But how the heck is a rock countered by paper? In my native language, paper is substituted for a bag, which makes a lot more sense, to me anyway.

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With all the recent events, I've decided to enable my braindumping online activity as an another coping strategy element. Hoping it'll help me and maybe others even though if my story isn't particularly dramatic. Might as well post some random life's journey highlights.

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And the winner is… Ukraine!

Congratulations to the Kalush Orchestra for their emotive winning song ‘Stefania’, which captured the hearts of Europeans tonight.

Europe stands with you tonight and always.

#Eurovision #StandWithUkraine

Now we have uhh... Furries? and bananas on stage.

Yeah, it is alright.

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Tonight marks the long-awaited Grand Final of Eurovision.

40 countries brought together in song and conviviality; we wish all the participants the best of luck in this joyous event followed by millions of Europeans.

We'll be watching and cheering alongside you.


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So... This ended up a bit more ambitious than I first thought. I learnt both recording a project using my phone and a mini tripod, used TrebleShot for video transfer, editing videos using Kdenlive and rendering them out. Technically the video starts ⅓ into this project since I already showed some progress here, before.

But I am quite happy with the result. Both video, and the actual product. :>

Video is too large for direct attachment, so:

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I am honestly wondering what changed to cause this sudden appearance of phishing texts to mobile numbers. Really, I never heard of it, ever, until sometime last year. Now it is not uncommon I get one-three every day.

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Back in the tank for another few days should dissolve the stubborn inside bits. I could scrape it harder to get more off now, but it is unnecessary work.

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Progress after ~2 days of it submerged in my small lye tank. Now we can read clearly it is made by of Sweden.

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