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I have started a new blog to write down all my new experiences with moving to a different part of the country and to sort out the mess in my mind.

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Time to do another , I think! :-)

I'm a part-time leftist politician and a lgbtq-activist. I identify myself as a cis feminine/feminist bisexual woman who prefers the pronoun she/they. I have , and own a cat. I am interested in

I dabble with composing music, love going to concerts and writing stories. I am very fond of @skalman ❀️.

Don't be shy, follow me! πŸ˜‰

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With the rain comes this song, one of my all time favorites, a contender for the best song without a chorus ever written, and a song that has been a part of my life forever.

Mastodon just doesn’t have enough #SimonAndGarfunkel, wouldn’t you agree?

β€œKathy’s Song” #PaulSimon

Found an interesting book a few weeks ago that I could finally collect at the library! :blobaww:

"So you got all the answers
Hold the reigns, I'm your dancer
Pull me underwater
Tell me nobody gets hurt

Cold, cold, cold, cold hands over me
Fuck, fuck, fuck some sense into me

I've got my way with words
Don't believe me
Pretend like I don't hurt
I don't, I don't, I don't
I've got my way with pain
Don't believe me
I numb myself to blame
I don't, I don't, I don't
Don't, don't

The struggle is real
When you don't tell me how you feel 'bout this love"

Looking for a decent #laptop that can manage some #gaming. Priority is disk, memory and GPU. Display must not be perfect, neither must speakers.

Any suggestions?

Exactly one year ago I came into contact with @Linuxtjej on an online forum and she immediately turned my world upside-down.

This morning, I woke up beside her and we discussed how to make everyday life work.

Life slowly turning downside-up.

I love you, @Linuxtjej. ❀️

β€œOf course I fit in this box, why wouldn’t I?!”

Well, I finally did it. I quit my job. I feel like I can breathe again...

Today I've been told I'm useless and worthless and the only thing I did good was to put my patients pillow in the right position. Oh well. Good to know, I guess.

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On my way back from work. Just want to come home and be with @skalman. I haven't seen him for almost a week! 😭

On the agender agenda for today: abolish gender.

Also every other day.

Telling myself: vacuum, not Masto. Then after vacuum, eat lunch, study and get ready for work.

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