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At work, my first night-shift. Kind of nervous. I know what's experted of me and I know how to do it, bit I'm still a nervous wreck. The guy I'm working for is really chill. When things don't work or when I'm a bit slow; he's patient and calm.

I just found out my friend leaves the music to study to YouTube channel playing all day long for her dog while she’s gone and I’m just losing my mind thinking about what if the dog absolutely hates chillwave

She's gotta have it season 2 is released today! This show was the show I watched over and over in december 2017. I remember the main character; she felt real to me. She was both very confident, vulnarable and immature at the same time.

An operating system that does this currently dominates the desktop market. Let that sink in.

Frances Borden, prize winning contemporary British painter based in Devon #womensart

"I was hoping you wouldn't see me like this
I hate to fall before your feet again
I'm the rocks they weigh down the angels with
Help me see, it won't always be like this

You said you got to let me escape myself
You said I don't know how not to want something else
If I held your hand again
Would you be here down on your knees like this?"

"Something's leaving me behind
It's just a feeling in my mind
What was it you always said?
We're connected by a thread
If we're ever far apart
I'll still feel the pull of you"

"I know, I get it
I'm either at the bottom of a well or spinning into somebody's outdoor glass furniture
Is this how I lose it? Everything at once? Carried to space by a dolphin"

It's almost like you’re not afraid of anything I do
How I want you here
Do you think you can carry me over this threshold
Over and over into oblivion?
It's the way that you're gonna stop needing to tell me
You want me as much as I want you to tell me
I'm over the threshold
If nothing scares you about me and you, never put me down..
It's still always you every morning I think of no matter what
How I want you here

every shape is a triangle if you think about it wrong

Sitter pΓ₯ min balkong, skriver utredningar och ser hΓ€ggen blomma.

you don't hate Mondays, you hate capitalism
you don't hate commercials, you hate capitalism
you don't hate your shoddy internet service provider, you hate capitalism
you don't hate shopping, you hate capitalism
you don't hate your job, you hate capitalism
you don't hate standardized learning, you hate capitalism

oh my god idea

minecraft mod that adds the TF2 voice commands?!?!

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