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I have started a new blog to write down all my new experiences with moving to a different part of the country and to sort out the mess in my mind.

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Time to do another , I think! :-)

I'm a part-time leftist politician and a lgbtq-activist. I identify myself as a cis feminine/feminist bisexual woman who prefers the pronoun she/they. I have , and own a cat. I am interested in

I dabble with composing music, love going to concerts and writing stories. I am very fond of @skalman ❀️.

Don't be shy, follow me! πŸ˜‰

One thing I've come to learn in life is that if you look hard enough, you'll always find what you're looking for. If you spend all your time looking for things which you despise, soon enough you'll see them everywhere.

You can choose to do that if you wish, but it'll bring no joy to you or anyone else.

Life is far more enjoyable if you look for the beauty in things instead.

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Every time I look at my bank-account during this time of the month, I always feel a slight nausea coming on...

i love u all. i love this community. i love that people feel safe sharing here. ur all beautiful humans who deserve good things and good relationships and love and joy and light.

❀️You are all worthy and interesting and beautiful and you deserve happiness and safety and kindness❀️

Captain Frasier!

I've never seen Frasier. But my wife tells me it's Captain Frasier.

naming my son google and starting every conversation with "okay google"

First break of the day. My feet and some sheepskins, ready to make it's way through the factory.

@Linuxtjej Makes me think of The Art of Noise rather than Jean-Michel Jarre.

does anybody else enjoy staying up late because you feel like its the only time of day when the demands of life arent being forced on you and time seems to stand still for a bit and your problems recede into the background. is that just me
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