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On October 30 (i.e in two days) I turn 40. I wish nothing special, but it would be fun to get postcards from all corners of the world. My address is:
Rebecca Lagerstedt
Flintvรคgen 4B
90740 Umeรฅ

If I asked you for a favour - lets say I wanted you to take care of my cat for a week. And you say no, but then ask "can you take care of my cat so I can take a spontaneous trip" back, wouldn't that be odd and completely unappropriate?

I am incredibly messy. I do spontaneous things and don't consider the consequences. I have a hard time waiting for my turn in conversations. But I am also a person with ideas (both good and bad), sponataneous, have a wild side, am for the most in a cheerful and happy mood. And all this @drbjork accepts. And it makes me so happy to have someone like him. That loves me for who I am โ™ฅ๏ธ

Watching at work with client. In the past 30 minutes I've seen one rape and one lgtbq sexscene. I like some aspects of the show; but it mostly consists of sex and war and that gets kind of tedious..

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So now I have lots to take responsibility for, phone calls to make, a lot of unnecessary expenses, and a security I thought I had just disappeared. It feels a bit like diving into a hole without end. I don't really have the emotional resources to cope with two setbacks in a short time. Feel drained. How do you cope? Where do your emotional resources come from?

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emotional resources 

Emotional resources. How do you cope with adversity? I had a bicycle accident (was hit from behind by a cyclist who did not see me). Then workshifts suddenly disappeared without me being notified, so I had to call my boss and get pissed (which is hard for me).

What's your self-care routine? Do you have anything that you do daily to take care of yourself?

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Just saw an episode of and a girl in the series has an abortion. I had one myself a few years ago. After the abortion she lies in bed and looks sad. I can remember all the confused feelings and sadness I had. But today I'm happy I did the abortion. My life would have looked completely different if I didn't. So everytime I'm reminded, I feel melancholy but I don't regret having it.

Just saw #SpiritedAway (ๅƒใจๅƒๅฐ‹ใฎ็ฅž้š ใ—) by #Miyazaki (2001) with @Linuxtjej and my kids. A wonderful film that strikes a perfect balance between joyful fantasy and psychedelic experience!

@Linuxtjej The scene when Paulo Roberto puts his seatbelt on during a carchase with the bad guys always cracks me up. Like, when would he have the time to do that?

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Watching the Millenium-series, and am still in awe over how good it is. One of the first shows that I watched that seems to depict hacking 'as it is'.

Listening to a podcast on functional communication. This is how they suggest one should do with concrete feedback.

1. Sorted feedback
Concretely recount what happened.
2. Tell the other person how I felt.
"When this happened these feeling awoke in me - then I felt like this".
3. What is it that I need from you (suggestions for change - but the receiver must not change, it is not an order / invitation - they can choose).

1. Behavior
2. Experience
3. Proposal for Change

Two hours later and I bought a pair of Nikes and a springjacket for 800 SEK (80 euros). I'm kinda pleased with that :-)

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Hey Mastopeeps! Need some help buying a springjacket. Should be warm enough for windy days, and be able to have layered clothes underneath. Do any of these fit me?

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