Today my salarydemands was sent into the system. As of today, I have an intermittent employment as a "fritidsledare", which means I get to work with kids from 13-25 ! 😀I'm so happy 😀😀

selfie ec boosts +++ 

When I sleep alone these days, I have difficulty falling asleep and wake up during the night, and have a hard time falling back to sleep again. When I then wake up, I am dead tired. This does not happen when someone sleeps next to me. It baffles me sometimes...

At a local partymeeting, where we're supposed to elect partymembers to certain positions. When other partymembers resumés are talked about, my mouth dropped. It's like I'm the kid in the grown-up room again, despite all my years of political experience.

Laundry, dishes, shower , and now peddle to the meddle to study before climatelecture and meeting with partymembers. Wish I didn't have this nasty headache though.

You are at a university.

You go to the toilet to pee.

You see this beautiful depiction of a workers song on the door.


Young men think old men are fools; but old men know young men are fools.

Deciding what phenomenological approach to use in my dissertation pitch via casual conversation is pretty exciting.

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