Externer Servicetechniker eines Storageherstellers letzte heute morgen:
"Wir machen ja auch offiziell Homeoffice, was aber normal ist, da wir mehr bei Kunden als an der Arbeit sind. Hatte vor $Tagen einen Call mit meinen (16) Kollegen (Deutschlandweit)... dort haben sie gefragt, wann wir wieder zu Kunden können...
Sind $anderer Kollege und ich die einzigen, die in den letzten drei Monaten gearbeitet haben?!? Das erklährt zumindest, weiso ich durchgängig aus-/übergebucht bin."

whoops one of my utility methods became public, time to give it a doc

*accidentally writes this*

when did i become good at writing docs, exactly?

„Einstellungen“-Dialog für ungefähr jede Software seit 2015:

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Ahh, wieso triggert es mich so hart, das die PCBs vom RAM leicht unterschiedlich Farben haben...

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Genderstuff, trans 

This is a completely 100% personal thing that probably doesn't apply to many others but I feel like gradual gender experimentation is healthier than going "am I [binary gender opposite from what I was assigned at birth]"

If you are, that's awesome, but for many people that's a huge and extremely scary change, and a more gradual one might help ease them into the idea? Like, trying out some different clothing styles and accessories and such?

I dunno, I guess what I'm trying to say is, normalize gender experimentation and stopping where you find you're the most comfortable I suppose

Beneath the ruined temple of some long-forgotten god, it's cellars remain.
A heavy door. A corridor, dank and dark. You find it: a well lit library. In one of the comfortable chairs, a Fear Eater sits.
"Welcome. Do you mind me eating while you read?"
You smile, and nod, at peace.

So, to make ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ render in markdown, you have to do ¯\\\\_(ツ)\_/¯ and that's pretty meh tbh…

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hey so

i'm 1 week out from my grs consult by video

does anyone who's been thru this have questions i should ask? re. complications, recovery, procedures...

Straight people: So, you're a girl?

Me: Yes.

Queer people: So, you're a girl?

Me: Weeeell...


tfw you have big warrior lady gf

Took me today years to realize "ASP: Schwarzes Blut" is about ink.

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