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Want to follow me? Great!

If I know you, it's probably a no-brainer accept. If I don't know you, pls send a DM why you want to follow me - or a random detail about you - call it Bot-/Spamprotection ^^'

gender shitpost 

Räume für Frauen und Enbies, auch bekannt als *innen-Bereiche

Ich habe eben ein DisplayPort-Kabel bestellt und da kann man mehr falsch machen, als ich vorher dachte:

Viele Kabel verbinden Pin 20, was zu einem Kurzschluss führt. O.o

(Wikipedia dazu:

open for a fun fact 

u? reading this? cute and good.

my executive function is enterprise grade, i efficiently fail many things in parallel

pisscord, everyone probably knows this already 

wow what the hell, TIL you can just send sed expressions on discord and it will edit your last message with it 😳

bad Stardew valley mod idea, mental health 

Stardew Valley mod that renames energy to spoons and makes it so that talking with people also costs spoons (less if you’ve got a high friendship level) and you wake up with a semi randomized amount each day.

This would actually be terrible if I think about it.

"hot" take 

Legality and morality are completely detached concepts that happen to have some overlap in what they apply to

fuck jobs. i dont want to 'work'. i want to contribute to something useful. be an equal part of something useful.

markov chain generated toot 

Nyarlathotep is canonically transfem enby and no hot chocolate around

After long, hard work, the message we intercepted from space was decoded:
"We apologize for being silent three millennia. We are still here."
Fifteen years later another message was caught, going the other way:
"We are always glad to hear from you, no matter how long it takes."

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