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Want to follow me? Great!

If I know you, it's probably a no-brainer accept. If I don't know you, pls send a DM why you want to follow me - or a random detail about you - call it Bot-/Spamprotection ^^'

my partner and I saw you from the other side of the bar. we really like your vibe, can we buy you a drink?

RLRT: "Soll ich dir mal meine Server zeigen?"
"Und dann?"
"Machen wir Dockerspiele 😏"

Tired: Laser hair removal

Wired: Laser hair replacement (all your hairs are replaced with lasers)

So, i was wondering...
If there's a Comic Sans...
There HAS to be a Comic Serif...

And there is!
And I hate it so so so much!

"Amtliche Warnung vor extremer Hitze"

"Kommt davon dass du anwesend bist..."

If you travel faster than light, you can in a sense go back in time.
If you have a sensitive receiver, and go to the right place, at the right time, you can hear radio transmissions sent years ago.
I listen to your side of our conversation, until:
"I love you."
And I cry, again.

bilingual genitals joke 

Cockburn Street (Edinburgh) <> Willy-Brandt-Straße (Hamburg)

"hi excuse me is everything in this jewelry store insured? Oh great! Okay, I'm gonna ask you not to ring the alarm please, i won't hurt anyone but this is a robbery. Okay can everyone get on the ground for me real quick? Thanks! Alright could i have all that jewelery and the money in the cash register? Thank you very much, hey apologies everyone if any of you want a specific piece of jewelry or something feel free to ask I've got a lot and I know a lot of you were probably eying something you couldn't afford, consider this a thank you for not calling the cops, okay have a great day everyone bye now!"

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Ranting in chat over the authors of LF OS and design choices they made

Stuck in the 90s, only pthread and not C11 thread. Also, no thread local storage ... who could have known?! Now my lib does not compile anymore because I use that :<

accessibility tech 

yet another example for the fact that accessibility helps everyone.

My hearing is pretty great.
When I've got my headphones in, I set the volume to the lowest possible setting.
I can still hear CRT hiss and bats.

And still, this setting is helping me enjoy music a lot more.

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video game 

Shiny trans Pokémon ❤️🏳️‍⚧️

Wir verkleinern unseren Serverpark, wegen gesunkener Nachfrage, um kosten zu sparen.

Wenn ihr Kund*innen bei #Hetzner seid: wir können euch 2x AX41-nvme übertragen. Bei der Übertragung spart ihr euch die Einrichtungsgebühr. Serverstandort Deutschland, nähere Infos findet ihr hier:

Meldet euch per Direktnachricht hier, first come first serve, keine Garantie.

Und wir löschen die Daten natürlich vorher ordentlich. ;) :boost_ok:

Wie, HRT ist keine bestimmte Art von Resonanztomographie?

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