When the first astronaut to Mars was about to board her ship, her husband gave her a book.
"I have lots of ebooks to read," she said.
"Open it," he said.
"Wait, it's a library book?"
"Take it with you. So I know you will come back to Earth."

The Big Bang was caused by a billion time machines from all over the continuum that had for some reason or other their time parameter accidentally set to zero.

Hey Fediverse,

was möchte man denn als Supervectoring/VDSL Modem gerade so verwenden? Ja, wirklich nur Modem. Routing macht ein EdgeRouter.

Hat jemand Erfahrung mit dem DrayTec Vigor 165?

Birds are weird but at least they have a sens of (bad ?) fashion which is pretty cool 😋

time to log into the online and moonsplain to Buzz Aldrin

one time i got so mad at a gender form i made a website about gender forms garbados.github.io/hall-of-gen

Yesterday we did something cool and low-effort at #hackerspace, called "Tauschrausch" – everybody brings the project parts (Arduinos, chips, speakers, motors, …) they always wanted to use but never did, and offer them to others. Shop around for cool stuff and get rid of your old parts. Make some waffles/popcorn/drinks, and you have a really enjoyable evening.

"Please state the nature of your Troubles?"
"I accidentally summoned an... evil god.. I think?"
"Swedish furniture catalog or breaking an ancient artifact in your care?"
"No, nothing like that"
"Hm. Reading aloud of an ancestor's journal on a lark? Trying to resurrect a beloved pet or human?"
"I'm out of guesses; tell me."
"I tried to... download a car."
"Ah, digital demon. Rarer than you'd think. Help will be dispatched shortly."

Diese ganze "unpolitischer CCC"-Diskussion klingt an vielen Stellen genau wie die "Kernthemen"-Diskussion damals bei den Piraten...

The sign said "Agents Wanted", and the person under it had modern clothes.
"Agents for what?" I asked.
The person looked at me. "Hm... Napoleonic war, British rifles?"
"Uh, yes?" That was my uniform for the History Festival.
"Sorry," they said, "we have no missions in your era."

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@enum @schaf Und auf die Bändchen! Kleine Antifa-Fläggchen.

@schaf Antifa-Flaggen auf die Tickets aufdrucken!

"Der war mir zu radikal mit der Antifa-Flagge im Eingangsbereich, ich geh da nicht mehr hin."

Ach so ein Mist aber auch, was machen wir dann nächstes Jahr? Zwei Antifa-Flaggen?

There's 10 types of people.

* Those who understand binary
* Those who don't understand binary
* Those who didn't expect a base 3 joke.

Hab ihr euch gefragt, wie das Tribünensystem in Halle 1 auf dem #35c3 funktioniert? Nicht? Egal - hier die Werbevideo dazu:
Was mich beunruhigt: Die Fahrzeuge dazu haben Funkfernsteuerung - nicht die Bühnen auf dem #36c3 hacken! x3

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