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Idee für eine Sportart:
Biathlon, nur statt schießen müssen die Teilnehmenden SMD löten.

i just don't get how so many people seem to be capable of saying "we need to artificially create work that doesn't need to be done so that people have jobs" with a straight face

"automation is bad because people will lose jobs" excuse me? you may want to consult your nearest 6 year old on this one

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capitalism being bad 

ugh capitalism really do be like okay do some shit you probably don't want to do for 8 hours a day, then be too exhausted to do things that actually interest you
every 5 days we'll even give you some time to recover, because you will be exhausted enough to need them
oh and btw we don't care if you're entirely nonfunctional outside of work (e.g. only being prescribed 8 hours worth of medication)

She invented the time freezer to get time to catch up on reading, TV shows, and sleep. At the press of a button, time froze outside a bubble centered on the machine.
But the more she used it, the harder she found making herself turn it on again.
We'll never know if she doesn't.

Working on a video about Xenia, Linux's trans mascot, can't wait to get this uploaded :D

Avatar (the cartoon, not the 3D Movie tech demo) and real world politics, minor spoilers for legend of korra 

I just finished reading the shadow of Kyoshi and one thing I noticed is that all nations are the manifestation of different parts of fascism.

The earth kingdom is bureaucracy (and corruption.)
The fire kingdom is authoritarianism.
The water tribes are incredibly sexist.
The air nomads are religious fundamentalists.

All nations are.. well, filled with nationalism. (The air nomads aren’t as much as the rest but they still make up some pseudo elite that is distinct from everyone else)

If that’s the normal order that the avatar is supposed to uphold or rebuild, it makes sense that the antagonists in Legend of Korra are caricatures of different leftist ideas.

The world is inherently fascist.


Ich hasse dieses Framing. Alleine das ist für mich schon ein Grund, Discord absolut abzulehnen

do you consider cat(girls|boys|bies) to be furries? asking for science. i'm happy about explanations in comments too!

shitpost, lewd, sex related 

Robot porn is just two roombas bumping into each other until all the dust falls out.

Sometimes you just need a package called org.example.hacks in your project.

As a child I really wanted "a website" without actually knowing what to put on it.
I think if I knew that there would be a time where I'd launch multiple websites in a single week, I'd be hyped.

Since that child still lives inside me I know because I am kind of hyped :D

Medikamente, nicht ernst gemeint 

Schwer enttäuscht, dass buscopan plus nicht pluscopan heißt.


CMake Error at src/libutil cmake_install.cmake:62 (file): file RPATH_CHANGE could not write new RPATH:

to the file:

The current RPATH is:

which does not contain:


as was expected.
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