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Want to follow me? Great!

If I know you, it's probably a no-brainer accept. If I don't know you, pls send a DM why you want to follow me - or a random detail about you - call it Bot-/Spamprotection ^^'

A fantasy novel called "Pendragon", about a dragon who has a steady job working for the Daily Mail but wants to be a paperback writer.

What do you mean? There is nothing wrong with my code. My spaghetti meets all your standards.

I love how freight companies are always, even if accidentally, very :heart_trans:

Now that code camps are virtual, we should rename them to Sempai as a Service

i love to oppress cis people, nothing brings me greater joy than denying them healthcare from my position of institutional power

TIL: Das NIST hat im April folgende Richtlinien zu inklusiver und diskriminierungsfreier Sprache beschlossen, und die IETF haben sich dem seit gestern angeschlossen:

types of computers startups 

- "our primary product is a website"

- "our primary product is a website (electron)"

- "i read your front page and i still have no idea what you actually do"

- "i talked to one of your marketers for 20 minutes and i still have no idea what you actually do"

- business model: existing popular startup's business model but focused on an area where it doesn't make sense

- business model: enter a space that regulation hasn't caught up to yet (most of the ones involving computers) and then just do blatantly evil shit that is not yet illegal

- commercialization of a concept developed in the 60s

- commercialization of a 20 year old open source project

OH NO! CARMEN SANDIEGO HAS STOLEN YOUR idea for a new cryptocurrency!

The clock maker studied the plans.
"This is... Not right."
"Can you build it?"
"Of course! But I can't promise it will work."
It worked, if you were close. Every hour had 61 minutes, every minute 61 seconds.
"48 minutes per day. What will you do with the extra time?"

oh wait am I building a software defined network thingy? :O

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oh and it's building a mac table per switch port but not using it yet, had three machines running .. so probably a bit more possible x)

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It does 100MBit/s with a single core, but is CPU bound x)

I mean, for a hacky perl script thats not that bad :D

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Very much like what Qemu already does for type=user network, but outside the qemu binary - with type=socket

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A network switch. In perl

Qemu can connect to it and I plan to add virtual services to it, like a DHCP server for PXE booting

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