"I put my hammer down," Thor said, "knowing only someone worthy could lift it,"
"Did someone steal it?"
"Would a worthy person steal?"
"So where is it?"
Thor stared into the distance. "A dog took it."
"Won't it return to you?"
"Not while it's held by someone worthy."

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Eben gelernt: Am Anfang der Automobilgeschichte war das Elektro- dem Benzinauto überlegen. Ersteres wurde zudem im Car-Sharing-Modus angeboten - und unterlag dem Benziner dann nicht zuletzt aus Gründen des Gender-Marketings. (aus: The New Yorker)

the idea of this being a scam is baffling to me. who would scam you for $20 worth of groceries other than someone who actually needs $20 worth of groceries???

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Do good recklessly.

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Im Internet funktioniert Sarkasmus ja am besten.

Irgendwie bin ich mit der Antwort von Fujifilm auf meinen Hinweis dass ich Spam an die für sie verwendete individuelle Adresse bekomme nicht so ganz glücklich.

Und warum zum Henker antwortet mir unter der Datenschutz Adresse jemand aus der Marketing Abteilung.

GitHub repo of form letters/emails for routine trans stuff:
• coming out to your parents
• coming out at work
• changing your name
• getting your insurance company to stop deadnaming you
• telling your health insurance liaison at work that your insurance company keeps finding reasons to deny trans care and mental health coverage, and that they should get ready to explain to the CEO that one of their most senior engineers quit because the health plan is useless

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"Wieso fahrt ihr eigentlich IPv6 only?"
"Hast du dir mal handelsübliche Malware angeschaut? Die können alle nur legacy."

The year is 5019. Humans, as we know them, are long gone. The Earth is inhabited chiefly by advanced, sapient machines.

For legacy reasons, everyone's name starts with "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible;".

It probably needs said again that the RPI is not an open product, is not designed for being hacked on itself, and is full of proprietary closed code. If you're use an rpi and think you're throwing up your middles to The Powers, you're not. You're funding Broadcom.

:heart_pride:​ I would like to have no gender
🇺🇸 No, you must have a gender
:heart_pride:​ Fine, I would like to form a corporation
🇺🇸 Okay
:heart_pride:​ This corporation will represent me in all things
🇺🇸 Okay
:heart_pride:​ This corporation has no gender
🇺🇸 Wait-

you ever just discover you own domains you don't remember getting or why

"Wait," said the alien, "I have heard this story before."
The human paused. "Oh, maybe I have told it-"
"How can this be? A story is given, from teller to listener."
"How can you still have this story?"
"Oh! Humans do not lose a story once it is told. We share."

Everyone is hating on windows on my TL but idk personally I like having natural lighting in my house


Es fehlen Pools auf der GPN, ich wiederhole der Pool möge sich bitte auf der GPN melden. #GPN19

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