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Want to follow me? Great!

If I know you, it's probably a no-brainer accept. If I don't know you, pls send a DM why you want to follow me - or a random detail about you - call it Bot-/Spamprotection ^^'

Do people have recommendations for backup / file hosters where I can sync Borg backups to ?

What happens if you try to run Office 365 on February the 29th

The temple ruins seemed thoroughly plundered, but after days of searching, they found a hidden room. Inside, they found a book.
"Cool! Can you read it?"
"Maybe, let me... Oh no!"
"What? Is it cursed?"
"It's a library book."
"Centuries late."
"Oh no!"

Hey people, I want to make music

Problem is, I only have my Linux laptop, Bluetooth headphones, no additional input devices and not a lot of fast internet - recommend me anything I could use with this?
I worked with a backup copy of FL studio in the past, something like that?

Fun > quality, free Software preferred

Retoots welcome, any idea even if not fully usable right now, too

Please don't comment on the problems I have here, I know this isn't a good music making environment ^^`

audio things, cassettes, :boost_ok: 

Anyone got experience with cassette recorders? I have a pretty old one and trying to record Type II tapes. I have a "Cr" and "Fe" button and I think I can push in both for Type III cassettes?

Mainly my issue is that the level is just extremely quiet, with occasional peaks into the red. Is this an issue from inputting audio into the recorder from my phone?


Cool. Cool cool cool

Corona case at another section of this house in hospital - more safety measures again

"This email requires a modern e-mail reader" hahaha nope

literaly anything: *has spiral*
everybody: "DEBIAN!!!!"

Why don't Android ToS forbid begging for app store ratings?

"Hinter Mauern aus Angst
einer Festung aus Furcht
sperr ich mich ein,
versteck mich gut
Hab mich dir gestellt,
dafür sitz ich jetzt ein
hinter Mauern aus Angst
mit mir allein"

Saltatio Mortis, Mauern aus Angst


I blogged about writing my own CNI config thing for my cluster

Maybe it's interesting for someone :)

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