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Loa @Loa

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New camera settings, new mic settings. Hopefully we've improved the production value of our stream.
I'd love to hear some feedback though! If anyone wants to come by.

We are currently on a tiny break, but you can come hang out with us in chat until we come back live! :)


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It would appear that @Loa is much better than me at talking about what we're doing right now!
Stream is live, first with Loa streaming on our channel!

Wait you are not Loa, I am Loa!



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Yey, @Loa really seems to be getting into this streaming thing.
And jeeze you can hear my keyboard through the mic...

Game of Thrones! Come say hi and good morning

First test stream on OUR Channel with some Game of Thrones

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Twitch Stream Announcement: @Loa is going to become a regular streamer on my channel, our channel now.

We're in this together now!

If you wanna come by the stream and say hello to both of us you're welcome to do so:


Tonight we're playing Path of Exile

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I don't wanna <insert everything here>

Quantum Mechanics make easy, with ducks. You're welcome. youtu.be/lstXHHlLrKo

Describing a 4 dimensional object using a 2d picture, with 3d equations. So confusing!! #physics

@arcans currently studying currently exhausted. Should pbbl reset my brain. It's always the solution to everything :D

Do you ever get that feeling when your brain is too tired to read and all the words become a blur, but you have several more papers/articles/chapters to read...?

Bed time now.
Inner-child "but I don't wanna, can't I say up and game?"
This adult business is hard...

@maloki who did bae? I will have a picture soon tm.

I made a thing, Kappa