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Hi I'm Loa, just another human here.
My parents are Vietmanese, but I grew up in England and now live in Sweden. Jag behover trana mer svenska!
Not great at social media or rather the first part, but trying.
I love playing games and experiencing another world, me and @maloki stream our
experiences over at twitch.tv/maloki if you want to come by and say hi o/
I chose to studied physics at uni and dont know what to do with it now.
Also books. and Esports (mostly 2).

No stream tonight, me and @maloki gonna get some extra rest and enjoy the sun ☀️
take care of yourself everybody!

cold brewed coffee 👍

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Stream time! Lets explore all the things and playthrough Deus Ex: Mankind Divided today. Did someone say side quests?


(running a bit late, but music will start now!)
#twitch #gameing #gameingparty

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Also, @Loa is the more visible face of this avatar :D

But it's so cute of us, and we use it on our Twitch Channel, so I felt it was appropriate to use here for a while :)

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Hey folks who Use Twitch, And Have Twitch Prime!!

Twitch has a SALE going on for Prime Users: 500 bits for $0.99 (one-time per account).

That is cheaper than buying 100 bits!!

Take this opportunity to get some cheap bits you can throw at your favorite streamers on #Twitch

Thank you @ishara for the tip

#gameingparty #tipyourfriends

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Ohhh, @Loa is starcrafting today for stream! \o/

Soon, in 15min he goes live (I noticed that he's warming up right now).

Reminder, we stream over on twitch.tv/maloki

Eventually all stream related toots will be over on @maloki (private account for now)
But you can also keep an eye on @Loa (open account) as we stream together, and both of us post about the streams!

Hot food, Hot weather.
no bueno.

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Jag är svenska nu! :D

Tooting is like a conversation. If you aren't there to read it when it is posted good luck finding it!

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[LIVE on ]

It's time for some

Gonna go check out the ranching update properly! :D


Stream time again! Trying to learn this ridiculously hard game, RTS still a thing huh? Starcraft 2 time.


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Stream going live \o/ I'm playing some more Surviving Mars today!

Time to see if I can salvage this colony, or if I'll have to start over.


Good morning o/
Time to find out what is happening in the world today.

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As it's my birthday, if you want to send me a little something towards my health investment fundraiser, the goal is £350 and we're already at almost £100 since the fundraiser started.

Any little bit would go a long way. I'm trying to invest in alternative pain killers (cbd oil) and physiotherapy mainly.

Donate via this link and it will show up on stream streamlabs.com/maloki

And stream is live on twitch.tv/maloki

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"What is Mastodon?" an animated video by @dopatwo and @Nigma: youtube.com/watch?v=IPSbNdBmWK

Share with your friends!

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Birthday cute with unicorn 🦄 bacon 🥓

Stream starting now, we're going to Mars

Boosts are welcome! 💞