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Microsoft alone does a lot more for open source than all the Microsoft-hating Linux users out there.

While I am excited for things like DarkSouls 3 being in the newest proton whitelist, the title Primordia makes me even more excited.
It's that kind of game where it feels like it was made just for me.

@SolusProject reinstalled a fresh Solus but I can't seem to find the itch package in the software center or eopkg search.

While it does look overkill, this is a build I've been planning for a long time and need it to last. Even splurged on a larger case with more bays just so there is room down the road years from now.

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My build is finished for now and all snug in the closet rack. Running on a SUPERMICRO MBD-X10DRI-T with a single (for now) Intel Xeon E5-2620 V4. A LSI 9201-16i is running the 4 bottom rows of drives. Case is a Norco RPC-4224.

Been planning and saving this build for 2 years. Just waiting on the cpu cooler but because I can't wait to install the OS I've McGyvered a spare cooler for now.

Live on Twitch with World of Tanks running with DXVK. It runs impressivly well with the Vulkan wrapping paper! twitch.tv/lockdonnen

Final episode of Daikatana! Extra long video to make up for delays and also credits at the end are a classy delight. youtu.be/jZQeWOSRJXc

Taking a full tour of the lab in episode 24 of Daikatana! I get lost a couple times, naturally. youtu.be/woKzTAPB-S0

Episode 22 of Daikatana is up! I do a lot of yelling at the bot with "pathfinding" youtu.be/BLnDtuVCpw4

Episode 20 of Daikatana is up! Extra long intro off the top with B-movie level animation. youtu.be/pAzSbd7RLcE

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