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Just rewrote from scratch and deployed Fiction Hub:


It is a publishing platform and a community for fiction writers and readers. I think it turned out really awesome, though it needs some feedback and beta testing.

I would really love it if you guys would look at it and let me know what you think.

Baby with a gun!


(new sketch by TomSka, my favorite youtube comedian)

I'm pretty sure at least half of these views are mine =)

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Following internet marketing advice is awesome, but you need to balance it with your vision.

Because if you split test and optimize it for long enough, any web page will eventually turn into a photo of naked Natalie Dormer.

Master the fundamentals of Screenwriting in 2 hours:

Just created a youtube channel for Writing City and uploaded an amazing lecture. Everyone who's interested in writing - come check it out!

How to combat the Writer’s Block
Oh Writer’s Block, how you stump everyone. Even those who claim you don’t exist. But you can be beat! Let’s see some tips to beat it:


Hey, aspiring fiction writers! Come check out my new newsletter:


Writing City is a newsletter where I'll share awesome advice and best learning resources for Fiction and Screen Writers.

If you're just getting started on your writing journey - I'm sure it will be very useful to you!


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Wrote a complete tutorial on writing fiction with Nulis.

Step by step Story Writing process:
Using Nulis and /r/WritingPrompts to overcome writer’s block,
write fiction daily, have fun, and rapidly improve your skills


Turns out you can kill multiple process by name with 'pkill'.

It came in handy today as I had a mistake in a python script that ran other python scripts and I needed to kill all processes named "python":

pkill -f python

I feel like this is something I should have known about sooner, but better late than never I suppose.

NaN (not a number) is of type "number"

From the REPL:
typeof NaN
> "number"

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Created a story template:


Wrote an article on how to use it to get better at writing:


And wrote about the fundamentals of the story structure:


This is by far the coolest thing I have ever done in my life.

Nulis + this framework = culmination of everything I have learned in the past 3 years.

Aspiring writers - come read it and let me know what you think!

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Keeping up with my obsession to gamify writing, I'm reading "Actionable Gamification" - fantastic book with a lot of insights and ideas. Highly recommend it to everyone!

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Also - come check out:


It is a list of the top /r/WritingPrompts authors and their best stories.

It's one of my old projects that I've updated because I think it's awesome, and will be interesting/useful to Nulis users.

It also contains a weekly leaderboard - because writing is even more fun when you can compete with other writers and use it as extra feedback on your progress =)

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Added some awesome features to Nulis, really proud of those!

- There's now a github-like calendar of your daily wordcount and a writing streak, allowing you to track your progress and develop good writing habits.

- There's a pretty cool tool for browsing writing prompts - nulis.io/prompts, it is not a part of the Nulis app, but is super useful for my fiction writing process.

- And also you can export trees as markdown now, so that's nice =)

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99% of startups fail. But there's even scarier stats - 99.9% of startups are not build to begin with, they never graduate from the idea stage.

99.9% of stories are not written, never get to the point of where they have a chance to succeed or to fail.

This is the first and the biggest thing to be afraid of - never fucking doing anything, because this is the biggest threat to your projects.

To get ahead of the vast majority of aspiring writers - just make something that exists.

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Don't solve the problems you don't currently have.

If you're a startup founder, you wouldn't worry about scaling to millions of users before you have figured out how to build a website, let alone the kind people like.

If you're an aspiring writer - your first problem is to write, regularly. And until you've solved this, it should be your ONLY problem. You get to care about originality and creativity and quality later, now it just slows you down.

Now - JUST win writing.

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