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I don't fully understand it, but I've come to realize that I find photos taken of the open pages of a book to be very pleasant. It helps if the pages have something aesthetically pleasing on them, of course.

Here's a Patreon reward I actually post to this account, for GoldPikmin.

I tried to put a slightly new spin on Lugia's design. It turns out that this was a really difficult angle to try to draw its head from.

Hooray, my internet is back up after being down almost all day yesterday

Boy do you think we'll ever get autotranslation from Japanese that isn't just complete gibberish

Oh cool, His Dark Materials is getting a show on HBO

Reading through the Final Fantasy Tactics mechanics like: "Huh? What? ...Really??"

Hoo boy, going to be a really long day today. Work doesn't stop until everything's done, and there's a whole lot to do.

Sheesh, how long is it going to be until text editors start letting you ctrl + drag so you can format a lot of non-consecutive text at once?

I've started watching Tuca & Bertie. It really is wildly different than BoJack.

It's kind of refreshing that the characters can just say fuck whenever it feels natural.

I've been pretty heavily addicted to watching BoJack Horseman lately, I like it a lot. I just watched an episode that was 100% him giving a eulogy for someone, and honestly, it was great.

It would be cool to try animating again. Also, to give music a decent shot. But lately, I haven't even had time for my usual art.

Ugh I don't know what it is about the Netflix website, but it really does a number on my computer. Netflix makes my computer hitch all the time, and I think it has caused three hard freezes now which required manual shutdowns. And my computer has pretty good specs.

Anyone else have trouble with Netflix?

I'm giving Disenchantment a shot, and I like the character Lucy a lot more than I expected. He's like an ugly Snivy.

In general the show seems pretty tepid, though.

I think there's an interesting study to be done somewhere about the connection between Americans having trouble spending consumables in games and how our economy sucks and being poor leads to hoarding mentality.

I only recently gained access to Netflix and finally watched all of Devilman: Crybaby, and... oof. I think I'm just going to watch a boring let's play for a while, now.

Shoutout to that one fucker who actually has a Mikiri Counter counter

I was looking through Android's sensor documentation and these constants sure are pretty... esoteric.

What is the island??

I kind of want to be a Viera

Not necessarily in FFXIV, just in general

Trying to get that free copy of Morrowind today but it keeps telling me the code is invalid

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