new expansions of government. About the cost - to the tune of trillions - that our already unsustainable national debt will bring to bear on our children and children's children. We don't need more of the same. It's time for a new perspective. Join us. 2/2

Another night of old party politicians offering bold, grand ideas. Ideas for expanding government, growing the reach of the state, and curtailing individual liberty. What we didn't hear is how Americans will suffer under these 1/2

Our foreign entanglements and military presence around the globe are prohibitively costly in lives and dollars, and tend to destabilize more than improve the situations where they are. It's time to come home.

The Democrats are right - did make many promises he hasn't kept. But the Republicans 4 years ago were also right that failed to keep many of his promises as well. It's time for something different.

Criminal Justice Reform is long overdue in this country. Too often non-violent, minor offenses have mandatory minimum sentences that lead to ruined lives and communities. The least advantaged in this country deserve better.

The separation of families against their will at the border is both disturbing and ethically wrong. Government should not engage in activity that allows the separation of children from their good parents ever, period.

Health insurance isn't working for Americans, but not because of a lack of a taxpayer funded program. It's because of dramatic over-regulation of the insurance industry. Choice and competition WILL ensure better healthcare in our lifetimes

The Libertarian Party is America's fastest growing political party.

One of our newest members, Eliott of California, just joined because he wanted "to support freedom. Freedom isn't free."

Thank you for your support, Eliott!!

Yesterday talked about Libertarians and immigration on and completely misrepresented our views! We STRONGLY believe in immigration, with many of our candidates supporting clear paths to citizenship, a more humane asylum process, and work visa programs.

My name is Ronald and I am proud to be a member of

You can join me and thousands of Libertarians as LP members by joining through this link:

The LP will send you a personalized membership card, subscription to the LP News, and a gift!

We heard a lot of ideas tonight. Bold suggestions to expand government, grow programs, and increase spending. But we know these ideas don't work. We know that larger government leads to inefficiency, waste, and lack of care for those most in need. It's time for a new voice.

It is beyond time that we brought our troops home from the Middle East - and many other regions around the world. The cost to our country in dollars and lives is reprehensible. End the wars.

"Forgiving student loan debt" doesn't make the debt disappear - it moves it into our nearly $23,000,000,000,000 federal debt for those students to be on the hook for with their tax dollars later... after the interest has accrued.

Free trade has lead to greater prosperity in the United States and around the world than any form of protectionism - tariffs included. The we're engaged in is an immense barrier to American prosperity.

Private innovation has done more to reduce carbon emissions, decrease deforestation, and address climate issues than any government efforts. These innovations are crucial to addressing this complex topic.

Gun violence - and the deaths caused - are tragedies. Yet too often, tragedies lead to bad policies in an effort to address those hardships. Our reps must be wary to respect individual liberty, and not create a new class of criminals from innocent people.

Border security and the free flow of trade and labor are not mutually exclusive concepts. America can have security, while offering clear paths to citizenship, asylum, and visas. We're a country of diversity, and we can find a humane and safe solution.

"Free healthcare" is NOT free. It is paid for by tax dollars and deficit spending - spending that's already ballooned to near unsustainable levels. This is a blatantly irresponsible set of proposals.

Free Markets, deregulation, and a focus on consumers will create better healthcare for Americans - not more big, crony, government.

Instead of talking about policy proposals for the country, the Democrats have spent their opening statements focusing on Donald Trump. We deserve better.

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