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Hi there! I'm Roxy, and I'm creating a game! It's a top down action platformer about a cat who spins his tail and throws his shield to fend off foes! I have no financial backing besides what people give me on Patreon, so please check it out 🧑

It's not the newest keyboard so the samples sound lofi but that's perfect for me

Big question: can I record samples from my musical keyboard? Is that legal lmao

I've been trying to use snes samples and whatnot in renoise and plugins and all this but instead I just decided "What if I did what I do in Famitracker but a little bit better?" it's not finished though

(original in next post)

I was sitting down watching doctor who but the urge to create was too strong so I'm back on the computer (also it was kinda boring, it was one of the matt smith specials)

so I decided to try to draw the square/triangle/sawtooth waves into Renoise and

yea got about the same result, I can create all kinds of electronic sounds this way I think

combining them with effects, this is real interesting

Decided I didn't really like the whole "super limited color" thing but it kinda remains, as seen here I use a different method of selecting colors while keeping them limited

The original is presented as well for reference

now I'm gonna try something else

I've been trying to find something with the colors and everything but I just haven't found it yet

a reminder, in the wake of the Sonic reveal, that Mario Odyssey literally puts three distinctly different species of "human" in the same shot and it's still less horrifying than the mere silhouette of Swole Sonic

Adjustment to what I posted a little bit ago, with a redrawn color scheme instead of a quick recolor (The quick recolor and full colors are also presented)

The idea is each area would have its own color palette

(lance has not been adjusted yet)

What do you think? Yea or nah?

Something I'm thinking about: Low color stuff (vs the original colors on the right)

What do you think, should I continue in this direction or forget about it?

Me: *this*
People: yea ok that's great

Me: it makes the game not look like shit
People: oh ok!!!

It's like when I was talking about how the game does an upscale multiplier to the first multiple above the game window resolution and then downsamples it to have some interpolation and no shimmering, at the cost of making it non-pixel perfect and smoothed but it's not noticeable

Almost everyone probably glazed right over that

People probably think I'm talking a lot about the graphics of the game but I think it's more interesting to people than if I talk about movement and button inputs and boring stuff like that

People like to see a pretty picture and go "ooh that's pretty"

I've actually considered a "Gameboy color playing old Gameboy games" approach, where background elements are all one kind of color scheme and interesting stuff is all some other color scheme

With more colors than the Gameboy of course, but it could be interesting

Next thing I gotta think about is harmonizing color palettes in my game

My idea is that I can use a shader to recolor Lance to match the mood of his environment, so he doesn't just stand out awfully

Who's been sleeping a lot (Roxy that's who, I've been real tired lately)

*draws 1 genderbend of your fursona* you know, for fun!

*draws 2*
Yea, for fun!

*draws 5*
Oh I drew it before? I forgot

*draws 10*
Well it's just silly you know?

*draws 20*

*draws 50*
Ok maybe I'm trans

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