hey so i've gotten a LOT Of follows over the last few days and many are from names I don't necessarily recognize

if we already know each other lmk so I can followback

@kadybat I'm extremely terrified of the way your avatar vibrates in my notifications

I guess I should get an ACTUAL profile on here instead of just "hi"

...for a year or so it was "hi this is dog"

i wonder how many ppl will see it if I make a post

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terfy ppl 



twitter xpost:

So after reading @zandra's latest light novel last night I felt WAY TOO MANY FEELS and I had to draw her adorable protag who just needs all the cuddles mastodon.social/media/0ANbgzny

You grasp the magic brooch, closing your eyes, and the special words that will transform you into a magical girl form crystal-clear in your mind:

"Stick m'legy out real far"

hi masto sorry im too lazy to ever like, use you

listening to this song on loop all day

finally animating again after ages of programming

today is a good day

one of the interesting things about federations is that multiple separate people have taken the handle "@dog" and it's impossible to tell at a glance which one is being tagged XD

based on the fact that NO ONE had replacements ready I'm going to guess they didn't give anyone a reasonable enough lead time to fix it

i'm so grumpy about firefox's new version knocking out ALL my plugins


its the weekend!!! time to do things!!!!

*lies in bed*

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